Ida's Beautiful, Considered Southern Sweden Home (And 7 Tips On How to Create an Environmentally Friendly Space)

Remember Ida Magntorn? I first met the Lund-based photographer at an event a couple of years ago and I've been following her work ever since. Ida has always been passionate about creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly interior - which she demonstrates beautifully in her own Southern Sweden home. And now she has written a book dedicated to the topic: Ett Hem Med Omtanke - Hållbar och Miljömedveten Inredning (which loosely translates to 'The Considered Home - Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious Interiors'). The tome is dedicated to everything Ida lives by and covers  everything from buying second hand, managing your appliances, plants and flowers and growing your own fruit and veg as well as a room by room guide - arranged around series of dreamy Swedish interiors. Here are some recent snapshots of her lovely living space - and most importantly:

Ida's 7 tips on How To Create a Considered Home: 

1. Use what you have: it doesn't matter how environmentally friendly your new kitchen is if you rip out something that was already working. 

2. If you're tired of something in your home - think of ways to change it, upcycle it, paint it or even use it for something completely different!

3. Look for items that can be recycled - such as solid wood instead of veneer. The easier it is for you to care for, the longer it will last. 

4. Buy second hand - if you need anything new for your home. 

5. If you can't find something secondhand - invest in a design classic since they are often better quality and have a good second hand value. Of course, these can usually be found second hand on auction sites too! 

6. If you choose to buy something new - make sure it bears an environmentally friendly symbol - and check what components of the item are included in this. 

7. Take care of what you have - by looking after your furniture and other belongings, you will prolong their life and save energy and materials.  

I'm so excited to dip into Ida's book and discover her room by room guide!

Ett Hem Med Omtanke - Hållbar och Miljömedveten Inredning is currently available in Swedish. However, an English version will be available soon. Keep an eye on Ida's website and instagram for updates! 

Is there anything that stood out to you? I love the tip about looking after what you have. Sharing my studio with upholsterer Carina Grefmar has taught me a while deal about restoring furniture to make it look as good as new!

Also - isn't Ida's home beautiful? You'll likely recognise it from this feature, but I couldn't resist sharing a few more snaps! 

Looking for some more inspiration today? Check out these vintage-inspired Scandinavian homes: 

On a separate note - my youngest daughter has just started piano lessons. I have to confess that I was particularly excited about this idea as it meant we'd have an excuse to buy a secondhand piano (such lovely pieces!). Of course, I love the sound too, though being tone deaf I think the family is relieved it's not me learning. The only place for a piano in our home is on the third floor - and I've heard these things weigh a ton. Pianist friends - do you think this will be possible? Please say yes! 

Happy mid-week friends!


Photography: Ida Magntorn - shared with kind permission

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A Swedish Home With a Magnificent Fireplace!

I have one word for this charming Swedish home: fireplace. It's so incredible, it's hard to see anything else. And for many of the people viewing this former brewery this weekend, I'm sure it will seal the deal. I mean, who wouldn't like to spend a cold, grey January day huddled around it with a great book? Styled by the talented Studio In team, the one-bedroom property just outside Gothenburg dates back to 1850 and is one of a pretty cluster of buildings not unlike an Astrid Lindgren tale! Välkommen in

If you close your eyes you can see the tree bursting with leaves and lunch laid out in the dappled sunlight. And I'm sure it would look equally pretty in the snow! 

Could you imagine living here?

I'm thinking this calls for a trip down memory lane to all the other 'conversions' I've shown on My Scandinavian Home. Get cosy, and tap into the archive - or take a peek inside some of my favourites below: 

My friend Louise's former home in a converted school (check out the snapshot I took of her cat in the last pic - I'd forgotten all about that!!).

And the one I'll never tire of....

And with that, the sun has just come out here in Southern Sweden. It's a sign! And a crew to get out there and soak up some much-needed Vitamin D! 

Vi ses imorgon! 


Photography: Janne Olander, Stylist Therese at Studio In for Stadshem

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Welcome to Emely's Calming Swedish Sanctuary

Well, hello there friends. It's the start of a brand-new week, and although we haven't seen much sun lately (in Stockholm they haven't actually had one single hour of sunshine in a month - and Malmö's not that much better! Pfuh!), I have a feeling this is going to be a good week! Let's kick off with the beautiful home of Emely Crona Stenberg.  Why have I chosen this particular Swedish home? It has everything I love - an abundance of art, a blend of old and new, tactile natural materials, a traditional masonry oven and a wonderful sense of calm. But so much more than that besides. It's a place from where Emely runs the incredible Heja Livet female network with over 85000 members. And above all else, it's her sanctuary. Photographer Mikael Lundblad was there to capture it. 

The wooden kitchen cabinets: one of 2020's biggest trends and only set to rise in 2021. There's no denying how beautiful they are either! 

I spy products by ByRedo. A friend gave me the Bibliothèque fragrance candle as a present and it is absolutely divine! 

Did you notice Emely's dark wood floor? You don't see these so often right now, but it adds a wonderful richness to the entire space as well as a great contrast with the lighter shades on the wall. 

I also loved that big fluffy rug in the sitting room and the glass coffee table. My Mother has a glass coffee table like this - and they are perfect for coffee table books (but not so good for little fingerprints from the grandchildren!).

Is there anything else that stood out to you? 

See more of Emely's lovely world over at @emmecrona and read an inspiring interview in which she opens up about the loss of her parents, and how she copes with her anxiety. 

Come here looking for Scandinavian Christmas inspiration today? Check out the archive! And stop by tomorrow for a touch ion festive spirit! 

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the week! 


Photography: Mikael Lundblad, shared with kind permission.  

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A White Swedish Apartment in Stockholm In Winter Time

Not many cities are as beautiful as Stockholm in winter. And there to enjoy it is Marta Vargas, her fiancé Graeme and their English springer spaniel Summer. Located in Midsommarkransen (I love this name - it means 'Midsummer wreath'), the family of three (soon to be four!), live in a little apartment overlooking "a tiny forest, with deer, beautiful sunsets and many types of birds." Originally from Barcelona, Marta is a graphic designer, photographer and art director and combines her position in the design team at Spotify with other freelance endeavours. The one bedroom flat offers a pared-back yet warm and inviting base from which to explore the city and its surroundings. Here are some snapshots from Marta's wonderful snowy world in the Swedish capital! 

Marta and Graeme used their time during the pandemic to renovate their kitchen - investing in cabinets from Skandinaviska Shakerkök.  

Source a similar wooden clothes dryer* from River Bend Roes. 

A 'snöblomma' advent star* lights up the window, and you can catch a glimpse of the small forest beyond. 

A small space between the open-plan kitchen, dining and sitting room area provides the perfect spot for a Christmas tree, simply decorated in tones of off-white, gold and brown.

A cot from Baby Bay has been set up beside a Jotex headboard for the imminent arrival. 

How lovely! 

It makes me want to relocate to Stockholm, how about you? 

FYI the last picture is actually in Undersåker, 7 hours North of Stockholm. It was taken during a stay at a cottage overlooking a frozen lake for Marta's 30th birthday. Imagine! 

Feel inspired by more photos over at @imartavargas and today. 

And here are a few other lovely Stockholm homes: 

On another note, I mentioned that things have sort of piled up my end. I hope you don't mind that I skip tomorrow's post in order to catch up (and breath again!). I figured that Marta's lovely home and the landscape surrounding it offers enough dreamy Scandinavian inspiration to carry us through to Monday, what do you think?

If you're doing some final touches to your Christmas decorating (or just getting started), take a peek at the My Scandinavian Home Christmas archive - there are thousand of Scandi 'Jul' ideas in there! 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 


Photography: Marta Vargas, shared with kind permission.  
*This post contains affiliate links

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The Stockholm Archipelago Home of a Swedish Stylist Could Be Yours!

Lately, I've become more and more intrigued about the large islands that surround Stockholm such as Ekerön and Färingsö but even slightly smaller ones such as Dalarö, in the Stockholm archipelago. The reason? You can enjoy all the peace and tranquillity of island life, yet you're still a short hop away from the capital. My interest was piqued years ago when I featured the dreamy home of Swedish stylist Mari Stengheilm. Old (it dates back to the 1800s), impeccably styled (of course!)and with a view over the islands  - it has just about everything a girl (or guy!) could wish for. The living space has changed a lot since then - moving with the times from a whiter, lighter touch to a muted, earthy palette - but the incredible bones remain the same! And guess what? It's for sale. Be still my beating heart! The catch? It's a little, OK, waaaay over my budget. But hey, a girl can dream - and I thought perhaps one of you might be interested...

Check out this floor! I love the addition of the hand painted flowers.  

The traditional kitchen has been given a lick of earthy green paint. A series of flat dishes / rattan baskets have been displayed on the wall giving the space a relaxed, homely vibe. 

Although muted, the sitting room is alive with textures such as leather, velvet, linen and wood. Mari has used mineral paint, which gives the walls a rich patina. 

Mari's home is full of vintage treasures and small treasures gathered from around the world. It's worth mentioning that when a home in Sweden is styled for sale, the owners are generally asked to clear away personal items including photos etc, so that the viewer is more easily able to imagine themselves in the living space. This is why it looks a little sparse. 

A clearing at the top of the stairs provides a perfect spot for a home office! The office chair is actually an  IKEA piece (I thought I'd share this since nice looking, ergonomic office chairs are hard to find!). 

The view! 

Naturally, I've shared the pictures of this house with Per  - even if it's 500 kilometres away and out of reach! You never know, right? 

Well. Actually I do know. It's not going to happen, but it's certainly given my Monday a lift . I hope it has yours too! 

Is there anything that stands out to you? 

You might be interested in taking a peek at Mari's home back in 2015 here (also captured by Lina Ostling).  

And dream away the morning with tours of other inspiring houses and cabins in the Stockholm archipelago: 

Gah! Whisk me away there now! 

Have a great start to the week! 


Photography by Lina Ostling courtesy of Alexander White.

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