Ida's Beautiful, Considered Southern Sweden Home (And 7 Tips On How to Create an Environmentally Friendly Space)

Remember Ida Magntorn? I first met the Lund-based photographer at an event a couple of years ago and I've been following her work ever since. Ida has always been passionate about creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly interior - which she demonstrates beautifully in her own Southern Sweden home. And now she has written a book dedicated to the topic: Ett Hem Med Omtanke - Hållbar och Miljömedveten Inredning (which loosely translates to 'The Considered Home - Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious Interiors'). The tome is dedicated to everything Ida lives by and covers  everything from buying second hand, managing your appliances, plants and flowers and growing your own fruit and veg as well as a room by room guide - arranged around series of dreamy Swedish interiors. Here are some recent snapshots of her lovely living space - and most importantly:

Ida's 7 tips on How To Create a Considered Home: 

1. Use what you have: it doesn't matter how environmentally friendly your new kitchen is if you rip out something that was already working. 

2. If you're tired of something in your home - think of ways to change it, upcycle it, paint it or even use it for something completely different!

3. Look for items that can be recycled - such as solid wood instead of veneer. The easier it is for you to care for, the longer it will last. 

4. Buy second hand - if you need anything new for your home. 

5. If you can't find something secondhand - invest in a design classic since they are often better quality and have a good second hand value. Of course, these can usually be found second hand on auction sites too! 

6. If you choose to buy something new - make sure it bears an environmentally friendly symbol - and check what components of the item are included in this. 

7. Take care of what you have - by looking after your furniture and other belongings, you will prolong their life and save energy and materials.  

I'm so excited to dip into Ida's book and discover her room by room guide!

Ett Hem Med Omtanke - Hållbar och Miljömedveten Inredning is currently available in Swedish. However, an English version will be available soon. Keep an eye on Ida's website and instagram for updates! 

Is there anything that stood out to you? I love the tip about looking after what you have. Sharing my studio with upholsterer Carina Grefmar has taught me a while deal about restoring furniture to make it look as good as new!

Also - isn't Ida's home beautiful? You'll likely recognise it from this feature, but I couldn't resist sharing a few more snaps! 

Looking for some more inspiration today? Check out these vintage-inspired Scandinavian homes: 

On a separate note - my youngest daughter has just started piano lessons. I have to confess that I was particularly excited about this idea as it meant we'd have an excuse to buy a secondhand piano (such lovely pieces!). Of course, I love the sound too, though being tone deaf I think the family is relieved it's not me learning. The only place for a piano in our home is on the third floor - and I've heard these things weigh a ton. Pianist friends - do you think this will be possible? Please say yes! 

Happy mid-week friends!


Photography: Ida Magntorn - shared with kind permission


  1. Small pianos weigh about 400 lbs. I traded my grandmother's piano for a difficult elderly cat rather than move it again. As an architect, I can't imagine finding people who would agree to move a piano up two floors, and in many older houses, doubt that the staircase is sized to hold that plus the two burly guys required to do it. Instead, what about a keyboard?

    1. Love that you traded yours for a difficult elderly cat! A cue that perhaps the keyboard option is the best, even if they're not as pretty! Thank you for sharing your advice :)

  2. Hello Niki! What joy you bring me with these lovely Swedish homes! Gorgeous! Thank you so much! As far as a piano on the 3rd floor goes...I bet it will be no problem whatsoever! I have my childhood piano. My mom went back to work, when I was 8 years old, to buy it for me. I took lessons for years. When my mom suddenly passed away, years ago, she was leaning against this piano when she collapsed. This piano will never leave my side. I have moved it 6 times. This past move, it needed to be on the second floor. I hired professional piano movers (really not that expensive) & they made such quick work of it & made it look so easy!! I was very impressed! I can't imagine you'll have any trouble in the land of Vikings. ;) I actually have my childhood piano right by my bed now & that's exactly where it needs to be. Warm hugs!

    1. I found this so moving. What an incredibly valuable piece of furniture! Your Mother sounded like a wonderful person, I'm so sorry for your loss.

      Thank you for the words of encouragement on getting one hoiked up to the third floor - it sounds like I need to be on the look out for burly vikings!

  3. oh yes - that home is gorgeous! and cosy too!
    but the best for me is the environmentally friendliness. i try to make the most smallest eco footprint with my own lifestyle - and all our furniture is second hand/antique. only the beds are new - but classics without synthetic materials and in a timeless design...... so they will last for the rest of our life.
    thanks for sharing! xx

    1. I love your approach and am so happy you found this post inspiring.

  4. I keep telling my husband (and I mean I KEEP telling him!) to hire an expert because they know all sorts of tricks that the average person doesn’t know and what seems difficult to him is no problem whatsoever to the professional. I recommend finding a piano mover!

    1. There's no way I'd even attempt to try to move or tune a piano myself (actually laughed out loud at the idea of tuning a piano myself as I have no musical skill whatsoever!). Judging by the other comments here and on FB, it seems your husband definitely needs to take heed of your advice!

  5. This home is absolutely gorgeous ! Thanks for sharing it :-)

  6. What a beautiful home! Do you know the source for the bedroom wallpaper? I just love it!


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