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A Swedish City Apartment in a Converted Car Workshop

Do you live in a city? With 56% leading urban lives the chances are high! We all know that high density populations mean rent / house prices can be high, and in many cities new dwellings are carved out from old businesses. Warehouses, factories, bars and even a welding plant have been repurposed into houses, flats and maisonettes - and the history of the building adds an entirely new dimension to the interior. 

In Vasastan, Stockholm an old car workshop has been transformed into a beautiful street level apartment. Great big doors that open out onto the street and polished concrete floors unlock the secret to its past life while a white wood floor, beautiful kitchen and floor to ceiling shelving provide clues for its new life as a contemporary home.  Step this way for the tour! 

When the double doors are closed the frosted glass means only a small amount of light flows through to the living room, something that large mirrors help to counter. 

Contrast in the form of dark blue cabinets add interest to the space. 

Warm wood shelving and concrete floors add an interesting contemporary touch to the space. 

Floor to ceiling wardrobes in the bedroom provide plenty of storage and help to create a clean and contemporary look. I love how grey has been used on the cabinet doors and back door, breaking up the white. 


Glossary; vardagsrum - living room, kök - kitchen, sovrum - bedroom, bad rum - bathroom. 

What a really cool urban home! I love the way it's been decorated. 

I wonder how practical having doors open out to the street like this would be in most cities around the world? In Stockholm it could definitely work on a warm summer's day like today, in fact I can already hear the music floating out from the transparent speaker and the buzz of the city life outside. 

Do you think this would work in your city? 


Photography and floor plan courtesy of Historsika Hem

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Smart ideas for Small Spaces in a Stockholm Flat

A friend of mine recently transformed a tiny outhouse into a living space and asked me about small dining space solutions. I've been on the lookout ever since! And this Stockholm apartment popped up just at the right time - who wouldn't like to enjoy a morning coffee by the window? And then, as I took the tour, I discovered more exciting features which help to make a small space (50 sqm 540 f2) fabulous and practical. Keep a look out for clever tricks such as the use of mirrors, raised beds with storage underneath and a hidden washer-dryer. Välkommen! 

A small table, bench and chair tucked into the corner are all that's needed to carve out a quiet spot for breakfast! 

Carefully placed mirrors can brighten up a darker space and visually enlarged a room. 

A dining table by the window in the sitting room serves as a work and more formal dining space. 

Using the full height of the room is important in small spaces. This wooden shelving system provides open and closed storage. 

In a small space, it's important to keep the home as clutter-free as possible. Hiding appliances such as washers and dryers can help to keep the space looking clean and serene! Plus no one can see your smalls spinning away when they stop by for a visit. Major bonus! 

A raised bed makes way for an entire under-the-bed storage system. 

Loved some of these ideas. And the kitchen too - such a beautiful design! 

Is there anything that stood out to you? 

The sun has returned here after a very stormy week on the west coast, so I'm very keen to head out and enjoy it while it lasts. Plus, I have two girls here waiting to go for a morning dip! 

I hope the sun is shining where you are today and that you have a fabulous weekend!

I'll be back on Monday with a very exciting 'before and after' tour, see you then! 


Styling: Studio Rydman

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A Swedish City Apartment That's Pretty and Practical!

I discovered this little gem yesterday evening and was immediately drawn in by the tiles (keep an eye out for the ones in the kitchen and hallway too). The split-level apartment is on one of Gothenburg's most well-loved streets and dates back to the 1920s.

I particularly appreciate how the owners have ensured it's both practical and pretty! Think mid-century furniture, iconic Scandinavian design, oodles of storage and plenty of plants! Ready to take the tour? 

I love climbing plants around windows - especially in the city or in winter time. It adds just the touch of greenery you need! 

I'm also a big fan of curtains in the hallway, they are a great way to keep the draft at bay. And also, if you're not happy with the look of your front door but don't fancy the investment to change it, it's a great way to conceal it when you're tucked up indoors! 

If you look closely, you'll spot lots of smart storage in the hallway, including a wall mounted chest of drawers and a narrow shoe cabinet (from IKEA), as well as open storage such as a low mounted Vitra hang-it-all for children items and a rail by the door for coats. 

All-in-all, lots of lovely ideas! Is there anything that stood out to you? 

I loved reading everyone's comments on the dreamy danish cottage yesterday - so interesting! It seems I need to work on my botanical knowledge - so grateful for all the plant and flower experts out there. 
I'm still dreaming about the outdoor shower! 

Happy Lillördag (little Saturday!) friends!


Photography: Anders Bergstedt 
Styling: Henrik Linden
For: Alvhem

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A Swedish Apartment for One (or Two) on a Serene Island

Tjena! Sweden is slowly waking up after a long weekend of Midsummer celebrations. The sun shone for us all too (usually Midsummer's Eve can be particularly dicey as the Nordic weather gods know we all want to eat alfresco!). All in all, it was a beautiful weekend of wildflowers, dancing around a may pole, singing and catching up with friends and family! Take a look at this post to learn more about the Swedish Midsummer celebrations in case you'd like to join in with the revelry! 

Anyhow, I'm sure you're here for the Scandi interiors inspiration today not to hear about my weekend, so let's crack on! This lovely little apartment measuring 34 sqm / 365 ft2, has everything a single person or couple might need to enjoy life near the Swedish capital, yet still feel close to nature. Situated on Stora Essingen, an island on Lake Mälaren, the peaceful surroundings are there to be enjoyed year-round. 

The main living space is open-plan and has been organised so that you can enjoy meals looking out over the water.

A classic Gubi semi-pendant lamp has been hung over the table. But the real eye-catcher is the striped tablecloth (it was only a few weeks back that we were discussing how much a tablecloth can transform a room and here is yet more proof!). The closest I found was this nautical striped fabric on Etsy*

A gallery wall (source similar prints at The Poster Club*) and collection of cushions add a cosy touch to the living room area. 

I love this corner with a wall hanging, Flowerpot table lamp in 'beige red' and a cabinet. The latter looks like it could be an IKEA hack using Bestå units and adding a cane front. I noticed last time I was there they now have an IVAR cabinet with cane front in the range too! 

Notice how subtle pink tones can be seen in the living room area. This is part of what the Swedes call a 'red thread' - using the same colour in every room to create a cohesive feel throughout a home. 

Swedish string pocket shelves and a row of wooden hooks create space to display an array of pottery. 

It's in the bedroom where the pink has been allowed to really shine through - seen on both the wall cabinets, curtains and bed linen! Love this, how about you? 

If you're curious about the layout, here are more details (courtesy of Historiska Hem). 

Glossary: vardagsrum - living room, kök - kitchen, sovrum - bedroom, bad - bathroom. 

I could totally see myself enjoying a slow breakfast looking out over the water, how about you? And I'm very tempted to add that lovely pink tone to a small bedroom in our house, I wonder if Albin would let me? I doubt it! 

Is there anything that struck you about this serene space? 

I also love these homes in the Stockholm archipelago: 

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See more lovely Swedish homes in this archive. And don't miss some of these tours that I've shared lately: 

Have a great start to the week! 


Photography: @jockeono Styling: Lindholm Design for Historiska Hem

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