Could This Hygge Danish Log Cabin Be Your Holiday Home?!

Dreaming of a summer in Denmark? This authentic log cabin has just popped up on Airbnb! Situated in the countryside near Asserbo and the coastal resort of Liseleje on North Zealand around 60 km from Copenhagen, the cottage sleeps 10 and comprises a main house and guests house. But the best part? It's owned by Pernille Grønkjær Taatø (who's inspiring coastal home I featured here and charming parent's cottage I captured here) - which means that it's also been decorated in the most impeccable Danish style! As per Scandinavian holiday cottage tradition, the interior is understated and designed for a simple way of life - but also immensely cosy! The fresh white and gentle blue-grey tones are true to Pernille's signature style, while the rich dark wood and stove give the space a lovely, warm, hygge vibe!

The cabin has everything you might need for a long Danish summer - a comfy sofa and chair (Söderhamn), simple dining table, wood burning stove, candles and string lights* for a little hygge on chillier evenings! 

When it comes to holiday homes, Danes often prefer to pick whatever they find in the nearby meadows or along the country lanes. 

A mattress and cushions helps to transform a little nook under the stairs into a chill out zone.

A coffee and reading spot for one - with a candle (of course!). 

 A simple rustic stool* and traditional rag rug* add a cosy touch in the sitting room.

A rattan chair and hooks provide the perfect place to build up a 'chairobe' and never feel the need to put any clothes away (it's summer after all!). 

The guest house is made for bunking down (I'm thinking all the kids!) and relaxing (those fresh white floors, walls and hammocks!). 

Isn't it charming?

I'd be so happy to wile away a summer here, how about you?

More about Pernille's summer home on Airbnb here.

Unavailable the weeks you're looking at? There's also the option of these two lovely cabins on the same coast- or why not hop over the bridge to Sweden and stay at one of these instagrammable places.

Anyone would think I'm trying to entice you to Scandinavia this summer - who me?!

If I haven't managed to persuade you - you could always bring a Scandinavian summer cottage feel to your own home - there's a load of rural retreats to feel inspired by in this archive (I think it's one of my favourites!). Can I stop by for a fika?!


Photography: Pernille Grønkjær Taatø
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A Striking Holiday House By The Sea in Rural Iceland

Iceland. What an incredible country. Have you been? Per and I had the pleasure of visiting over a decade ago and we were absolutely mesmerised! We took the coastal road South, taking in waterfalls, glaciers, icebergs, and volcanic peaks on one side, and the rugged coastline on the other. Along the way, seals would pop their heads out above the icy waters and eye us over the black sands. The nature was lit by 24-hour sunlight and was as raw, striking and dramatic as you can imagine. After four days we left feeling we'd only just scratched the surface and agreed to return one day. I was reminded of this promise when I stumbled across The Black House this morning. 
Located at the foot of mount Hafnarfjäll along the shores of the rugged Snæfellsnes peninsula, the house was designed by Icelandic interior architect Rut Káradóttir. The simple clapboard frame was inspired by the humble 18th century coastal houses typical of the area, which were often treated with natural tar to shield the facade from the harsh climate. Inside, the magical open-plan living space combines a rustic vibe with contemporary touches and the deep, dramatic tones emulate the stark drama outside the window. Enjoy the tour! 

So incredible, don't you think?! 

I think this house is a sign that we need to return and explore more of this incredible Nordic country as soon as possible!

Did I mention it's available as a short-term holiday let too?! I KNOW, RIGHT?! 

FYI - the house sleeps four and is available to rent through Boutique Homes.

Meet you there? 

If you've been to Iceland and have any tips, please do share below! I'd love to hear them! 


Photography courtesy of Boutique Homes.

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Holiday here: A Romantic Lakeside Schoolhouse In Sweden

We've had a few days of beautiful weather in Scandinavia. The plants, trees and flowers have burst into life and are all aglow in the golden sunlight (it didn't get dark until 23.30 where I am in Norway right now!). We finally dare to dream of long summer days by the water. If you're heading this way and looking for something quintessentially Swedish, I may just have the ticket! Owned by photographer Frida Edlund, this romantic 19th century Falu red and white schoolhouse in Värmland offers a rare chance to go back to basics and enjoy everything the Swedish summer has to offer.  Surrounded by lakes and acres of woodland. the secluded environment is perfect for morning dips, boating, hiking, fishing, cycling, dining alfresco by the lake or simply sitting by a log fire with a good book - and it's available via Airbnb!

Could you wile away a summer here? I certainly could! 

Find out more and check availability on here. It's available for film shoots, conferences, as a party venue or simply somewhere to switch off for a few days and enjoy everything the Swedish nature has to offer in summer! Basically any excuse to go there and you're in! Got to love that!

It's also worth keeping an eye on the @valleyschoolhouse instagram for upcoming photography workshops with Frida - how I'd love to participate in one of those, how about you?

More places to stay in Sweden this summer.



PS Coincidentally, Frida worked on the Rosenhave packaging for Skandinavisk - with whom I am touring the breathtaking Hardanger Fjord fruit trail in West Norway (more on stories!). This morning we're heading to Bergen. I can't wait to share more with you when I return!

Photography: Frida Edlund

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How To Update Your Rental In 6 Easy Steps

I receive a lot of mails from people who love the inspiration on My Scandinavian Home (thank you!) - but feel it's not always possible to incorporate the ideas into a rental space. I hear you! Having lived in rental apartments myself in the past (including some lovely ones, but also one very run down rental flat in London - where I spent some VERY happy years!) - I understand the limitations first hand. Depending on the landlord - you're pretty stuck with the architectural layout, floor, wall colour etc. But don't feel deterred - there are so many simple, budget friendly, reversible ways to transform even the darkest, dingiest of living spaces into a beautiful haven - no drills in sight! Here are 6 simple updates to get your started:

1. Let there be light! Strategically placed mirrors are ideal for reflecting natural light into dark corners and will make your rental space feel bigger. Avoid drilling into the wall by propping larger mirrors against the wall (a simple DIY stand as seen below might come in handy).

2. Get a handle on it: You might not be able to do anything about the overall colour, but you can add a personal touch to your kitchen, bathroom and other storage by swapping out the handles (try IKEA). Remember to save the original handles so you can swap them back when you move out.

3. Drape love: Not keen on the colour of your walls - or dealing with some very unsightly storage units?! Curtains (like the ones below by Gotain) are a beautiful, budget friendly way to add warmth, texture and personality to your rental while hiding a multitude of sins (including woodchip)! Plus if you have noisy neighbours (or you like to bliss out to your own tunes late at night) they act as a great sound absorber too!

4. Plant life: the 'urban jungle' movement has taken off big time in the past few years with green shoots springing up in homes all over the world! And it's perfect for rental spaces too. Plants add colour, vibrancy and freshness. Think about going big with a tree or creating a plant cluster with a selection of your favourite shrubs. See my ultimate guide to indoor climbers and hanging plants.  

5.  For the love of rugs! The floor can be a bit of a lottery when it comes to rental spaces - and it's unlikely you're going to want to rip up a plastic laminate in favour of a wood floor or wall-to-wall carpet as a gift to your landlord (no matter how tempting!). If you're floor is less than desirable look out for rugs that cover as much as the room as possible, or layer them up to create a pretty, soft mosaic. They'll help your living space feel more cosy, block-out drafts and work as a great sound dampener too. 

6. Going up! Don't under estimate the power of the ceiling! My London rental had a slightly yellow- tinged ceiling thanks to the previous tenants who were smokers and I remember staring up at it at night! If only I had thought about draping a canopy above my bed! Not only do swathes of fabric add that hygge feel but you can also pick out a colour and texture you love for a simple yet impactful update to the room! 

I hope you find some of these ideas helpful! 

Please feel free to weigh in with your own - I'd love to hear your ideas, tips and tricks! 


Thank you to Felicia Alm for all the help putting this post together! 

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Plans For The Summer? How About This 19th Century Estate in Normandy?!

Do you have any plans for the summer?! We'll likely head to our summer cottage to relax and (hopefully!) soak up the Swedish summer sun - if the kitchen is finished, of course! But we also like to find one new adventure to surprise our children with, even if it's just for a weekend. Last year we rented a VW camper van and drove around Cornwall, South West England (it was so much fun - but oh, how I loved being back in my own bed afterwards! have you ever slept in one of those things?!).  So, this year I'm thinking purely comfort (OK, and design!). Which is why this beautiful house popped up in my feed (thank you Style Files!)! Located 100km from Paris in a little village in Normandy, France, Riverside House is a 19th century estate overlooking the Seine river. The American / Canadian owner lovingly renovated the house taking inspiration from coastal California architecture and lifestyle. Rental guests can expect days "in front of a fire, sitting out in the sun under the centennial trees or walking off to explore the peaceful trails." Oh, how I could use a day or two like that right now, how about you?! And once you see inside, I've a feeling you'll be completely sold (at least I am!). Bienvenue! 

I might just have to leave this blog page open for Per to see when he comes home. A trip to Normandy might be in order!

Could you imagine spending your holiday here?

Read more about the Riverside House estate and make bookings here

In case, like me, you now have France on your mind, you might like to also check-out La Belle Vue guest house  and this idyllic holiday home in the South of France. Oh la la

Looking for inspiration for your own home? Don't miss Zoé de las Cases' Paris apartment and Normandy country home - SO incredible! 

Bon week-end! 


PS A little heads up that it's the final weekend to make the most of the 20% discount off a new room design from My Scandinavian Home Studio. If you're scratching your head about a room in your home, we can help you with a layout as well as colour, furniture and accessory suggestions, wherever you are in the world! Sign-up here! Code: MYNEWROOM :) We'd love to help! 

Photography courtesy of Riverside House with thanks. 

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