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7 Great Ways To Make The Most of An Attic / Loft Space!

Good morning friends! I'm feeling extra sleepy today after relaxing over the four-day bank holiday in Sweden. Two super strength coffees down and still no affect. What is a girl to do?! Maybe make my way to Gothenburg so I can hang out in this beautiful apartment? The wonderful space is currently on the market (any takers?) - and a great lesson in how to make the most of an awkward attic / loft space. Got a room like this in your home - or thinking of finally converting that attic? Here are 7 tips to learn from the Swedes! 

1. Skylights and dormer windows: the lower side of the sloping roof is incredibly low and could prove a real challenge, especially for taller folks. This is where the skylight and dormer window come in handy. Not only do they flood the space with light, they also help to create extra head room. notice how the sofa and dining table have been placed by the windows - capitalising on the extra height and natural light! 

2. Go high! Knocking through the ceiling to maximise height helps to add a light and airy feel to the space (which is crucial as attic spaces can feel really pokey). The beams also help to add character. 

3. Park life: I love how the space is dotted with plants (and even a small tree). It helps to draw nature closer (especially which it can feel so much further away when you're living amongst the rooftops!). 

4. Storage that blends in: shelving and other cupboards that match the colour of the wall (in this case white) will help a small space to feel less cluttered. 

5. A bespoke kitchen: Just because you have a tiny space it play with, it doesn't mean you can't have a practical kitchen. Invest in custom-made units that ensure you make use of every last inch (or if you don't have the budget, chat to the kitchen planning team at IKEA, they're likely to have some great solutions). 

6. Double skylights: placing your bed under a double set of skylights will feel less claustrophobic and help you to capitalise on the big plus of living on the top floor: sleeping under the stars! Skylight brands such as Velux do great blind solutions for them too, so you don't need to worry about losing any shut-eye! 

7. Custom wardrobes and cabinets: in small spaces, every nook counts! Get handy and build units that perfectly fit the space you have, or invest in someone to build them for you. Having lots of storage will make your home feel more practical and organised as well as less cluttered. 

We do actually have two spaces on the top floor of our home like this. They're full of stuff - but seeing this, makes me wonder if we should finally do something with them. Hmmmm. Suddenly feeling alert after all! 

Did any if these ideas spring out to you? 

In case you're struggling with a small space - or simply looking for ways to make it even more beautiful, take a tour of the small spaces archive, there are hundreds of stunning Scandinavian spaces in there! 

Wishing you a wonderful start to the week! 


Photography: Alen Nordic 
Styling: Nouvel interior
For: Bjurfors 

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Small spaces: A light-filled One Room Swedish Attic

Goddag, goddag! How was your weekend? This lovely home in Gothenburg, Sweden is dedicated to anyone who's feeling a little cooped up (err, I guess that's most of us then!), those of you who have been dreaming about knocking through the ceiling into the attic (do it!), if you're planning a loft conversion, or simply living in a small, one room studio and in need of some dreamy inspiration. Designed by Emma Fischer, the space measures a teeny 36.1 metre square (376 f2) and could feel pokey and dark had it not been for the vast ceiling height, skylights, light wood floor and whitewashed walls. I especially love the dark wood beams; they add so much character! To divide the space up a little, you could also add a curtain around the bed area and include under-the-bed storage for clothes. Another idea would be to add some shelves (or wardrobe) as a room divider between the sitting room and kitchen. In other words, the bones are there, the only limit is your imagination! I'd be quite happy to pootle around here all week, how about you?! 

I hope this has given you a little food for thought for your own home. I always think that there's something that can be taken away from every home tour (whether that's colour inspiration, furniture arrangements, or a lamp) even if the space bears little resemblance to your own living space.

Is there anything that stood out to you?

A little more small space inspiration for you today:

Do you remember 'the world's smallest luxury home' too? My nine-year-old would love to live somewhere like this, she loves it when we're altogether in a small space - and imagine the adventures you could have (someday soon)? 

Have a great start to the week friends, we're getting through this, one step at a time! 


Styling: Emma Fischer 
Photography: Annie Hyrefeldt

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A Fabulous Vintage Inspired Loft in a Former Textile Factory

Last night I was under pressure. I searched high and low for a special home tour. One that would end the blog week on an inspiring high. And then, just as I was about to give-up, this place showed up. It was everything I was looking for: packed with personality, unique, and inspiring. It's also in a city close to my heart, Philadelphia - where I spent a year in my teens (I still miss those cheese steaks!). Looking at this incredible loft, I'm wondering why I left? Could I really have lived in a 2400 square feet (222 square metres) Northern Liberties loft like Liz Sparacio?! Maybe not, word on the street is these rentals in a former textile factory are hard to come by. But I am delighted to see this space has fallen into the right hands. Liz, who works at Philly's number one second hand store Jinxed, has ensured there's something fascinating to look at at every turn: from the 'hand' chair and mannequin sculptures to the art, plants and vast array of wonderful vintage finds. I'll say no more, just leave you to enjoy the tour. Happy Friday friends!

Wow. Just wow! This totally brings out the wannabe artist in me (you know, the one wearing paint splattered dungarees with a scarf in my hair working from my own ceramics atelier in Österlen!). One day, one day!

For now though, I'll settle for admiring the fabulously quirky and delicious second hand pieces in Liz's loft. The chairs, the mannequins / sculptures, the paintings, the vintage finds. It's a complete feast for the eyes.

Anyone else feeling a tad inspired?!

If you'd like to see more of Liz's home check out her instagram feed really_really_Lizzy for daily updates (she's so funny too!).

And for more creative spaces this weekend I love:
A Former factory becomes an inspiring home
The lovely home of a Danish artist
An artist's home in a former factory
Pretty blues and greens in a former artist's atelier in Copenhagen
A Finnish home in a converted factory
A Parisian artist's home in a former button factory
An artist's studio and home in Stockholm

Have a happy weekend everyone!


PS Just heading to Copenhagen for a meeting with Skandinavisk - exciting! I might have to treat myself to an after work (or "AW" as they call it in Sweden) by the canal. I'm looking forward to it already! Are you up to anything fun this weekend?

PPS If you haven't filled out my survey yet, I'd be so happy if you could take a mo to look at. Thank you!

Photography 1& 2 Love Me Do Photography the remaining: Liz Sparacio 

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A Swedish Loft in a Former Shipyard Building

Hej hej! How are you today? Anyone else finding this one crazy week? It didn't help that there's also been a storm raging in Malmö these past few days (physically not metaphorically speaking!). And then all of a sudden it was gone, and in it's place: calm seas and brilliant sunshine. Things are looking up! This inspiring home is located on a former shipyard in Nacka, Stockholm. The listed building was originally a welding hall, and many of the original architectural features such as pillars, beams, high ceilings and windows have been carefully preserved and help to give the apartment an industrial New York loft feel (with a very strong Scandi twist if course!). I've been trying to figure out a little about the owners by looking at their (wonderful) possessions. I'm guessing they love to travel (potentially dividing their home between Stockholm and Hong Kong?) and also have an interest in photography, music, nature and strolling through vintage / antique markets. Let's take a peek...

Such a fantastic space - love the bones of the building. It would be so fun to live somewhere with such high ceilings too!

It is actually on the market through Fantastic Frank - so not an impossibility (!!) - could you imagine living here? 

What do you reckon about my guesses about the owner? Did you spot any clues?


Photography: Fantastic Frank - found via Pihkala with thanks

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A Bright and Beautiful, Light-Filled Loft

Recently I've been showing a lot of eclectic homes with splashes of colour (and even a black bathroom!). So, today I thought I'd reign it in a little and feature a beautiful, light-coloured loft in Hanover, Germany. A white, minimalist scheme is often in danger of coming across as cold and uninviting, especially in an open-plan living space, but when you have incredible exposed beams, pillars and a mezzanin floor like Sandra, a simple, pared-back look allows the architecture to sing! Oh and how this space sings!

// affiliate links marked with * //
Tobias Grau OH 9 pendant lights, basket bag* (similar), Source a chain from a DIY shop for a simple way to hang coats.

Wishbone chair*, Eames DSW chair*, Eames DFAW chair*, Hee dining chair*

AJ Floor lamp*, Menu Turning Table*Eames lounge Chair*

Samsung The Frame (how long have we been waiting for a TV that looks like art?! I've been totally in love with it ever since I worked on that Greenhouse make-over!).

 How fabulous is this Undressed tea-set?!

Oooooh wow. This is my dream loft. Can you imagine having a space like this to play with?!

As mentioned above, open-plan minimalist spaces can come across as a little cold at times - but I think Sandra's totally nailed it. 

Why the light colour, minimalist scheme works here:

- The beautiful architectural elements take centre-stage to create a wow factor
- Although pared-back, no two pieces are the same which adds interest
- The wood and concrete floors, stairs, pillars and beams add texture
- Black details and accents help to balance the look and focus the eye
- Concrete floors in the kitchen and bathroom break-up the uniformed look, help create separate zones and add diversity
- Look closely and you'll spot fresh flowers in every single picture - a simple yet lovely way to bring a space to life

Does this look appeal to your senses?!

If so, you might also like to check out Sandra's instagram feed which is awash with beautiful sand and white images, this fabulous loft in Arnhem (available to rent!), a bright and airy Paris loft, a light Danish home with a stunning bedroom.

Our family sailing tour of Sweden's West coast came to an end yesterday - boooo! Does it sound strange to say I miss the sea? After four weeks afloat it felt like an old friend by the end. On Monday I'll be back at my desk so I'm thinking daily posts again - what d'ya think? I'll also be working on an exciting photograph commission for a jewellery brand (feeling the pressure but so looking forward to it! More on stories!).

But first - the weekend. And there's an Anholt gin and tonic, sunshine and a swim waiting for me! I hope you have a load of fun plans too!


PS - to create this tour I've combined a load of images taken by Sandra over time - as a result, some items might appear twice and rooms might look marginally different in the sequence!

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