Small spaces: A light-filled One Room Swedish Attic

Goddag, goddag! How was your weekend? This lovely home in Gothenburg, Sweden is dedicated to anyone who's feeling a little cooped up (err, I guess that's most of us then!), those of you who have been dreaming about knocking through the ceiling into the attic (do it!), if you're planning a loft conversion, or simply living in a small, one room studio and in need of some dreamy inspiration. Designed by Emma Fischer, the space measures a teeny 36.1 metre square (376 f2) and could feel pokey and dark had it not been for the vast ceiling height, skylights, light wood floor and whitewashed walls. I especially love the dark wood beams; they add so much character! To divide the space up a little, you could also add a curtain around the bed area and include under-the-bed storage for clothes. Another idea would be to add some shelves (or wardrobe) as a room divider between the sitting room and kitchen. In other words, the bones are there, the only limit is your imagination! I'd be quite happy to pootle around here all week, how about you?! 

I hope this has given you a little food for thought for your own home. I always think that there's something that can be taken away from every home tour (whether that's colour inspiration, furniture arrangements, or a lamp) even if the space bears little resemblance to your own living space.

Is there anything that stood out to you?

A little more small space inspiration for you today:

Do you remember 'the world's smallest luxury home' too? My nine-year-old would love to live somewhere like this, she loves it when we're altogether in a small space - and imagine the adventures you could have (someday soon)? 

Have a great start to the week friends, we're getting through this, one step at a time! 


Styling: Emma Fischer 
Photography: Annie Hyrefeldt


  1. Brilliant tiny space. I love it but might find it a little less appealing if I had to self shield/isolate...... What days we are living in eh? So grateful for my garden and allotment (we are still able to visit our allotments in Shropshire). Green spaces are definitely good for the troubled mind and soul. Rebecca xx

    1. I agree! Love the sound of your garden and allotment! My mother has never put so much effort into her garden (in London) as she has on the past six weeks, she’s going to have enough tomatoes to feed an entire borough!

    2. I've had trouble with my tomato seeds this year, very slow in germinating but are coming now. I used to live in SE London before moving to Shropshire. My mother now lives around the corner which I am supremely grateful for. She has an eclectic home and lovely garden; luckily she is happy to potter for the time being. x R x

  2. I would happily spend a few days here right now! so calm and serene looking

  3. Hi, I would like to see how do they (in scandi interiors) store: clothes, vacuum -cleaners, washing machines, shoes... it would be inspiring to know their solutions. For instance in this apartment. Where is THE STUFF?


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