Imke's Warm and inviting Rental Apartment in Geneva, Switzerland

Hej there! I hope you had a lovely weekend! It's the school half-term this week here, and although my family and I have stayed put in a very grey and dreary Malmö, my Facebook feed is flooded with scenes from the Alps as southern swedes share their holiday snaps (not jealous at all.... ahem)! It therefore made sense for me to pay a virtual visit today with this sunny apartment in Geneva, Switzerland. 

Owner Imke and her partner have worked hard to ensure their 72 m2 (785 ft2) rental apartment in a building dating back to 1909 is as cosy and unique as can be. While they have kept to a muted and earthy colour scheme, the furniture is an eclectic blend of styles which include French bistro style chairs, a Scandinavian design table, vintage treasures as well as the occasional high street find (you might be surprised to learn the  overhead lamp in the sitting room is from H&M Home - what a find!). 

I hope you enjoy the tour of Imke's warm and inviting Geneva home and it gives you plenty of ideas for your own home today. 

Such a charming space, don't you think? 

How I'd love to sit on that window seat and look out at the greenery. Has spring arrived where you are? Or perhaps Autumn for those of you in the southern hemisphere? No sign of it yet here. 

Imke has been great at tagging items in her instagram, so if you're curious to find out more about the items you see in these pictures, head on over to @sonnenetage to discover more. 

And as always, pleased do let us all know if anything stood out to you in particular, I love to hear your thoughts and observations. 

By the way, did you know there's an entire archive dedicated to homes outside of Scandinavia? You can find it here, and it includes beautiful homes such as: 

And many more! 

I'll be back on Wednesday with a very small, yet beautiful space belonging to a single mother and her son. It's really inspiring, so make sure you pop back to take a look! 

Have a great start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of @sonnenetage, shared with kind permission. 

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A Cosy Little Swedish Cottage by the Sea

I have to confess, I dread the day my children leave home. On the one hand of course, I'll be happy that they have found their path in life and will be setting off on a new adventure, on the other, I sure will miss those crazy girls. Thankfully, there are quite a few years left. But I have a plan! 

I dream of living in a little cottage by the sea with Per one day, where I can snuggle up beside a woodturning stove with a book and a cup of tea come winter. 

With its cosy small rooms, thick stone walls to buffet the cold winds in winter, exposed wood beams, walls covered in books and art and a sun dappled garden - this 107 m2 (1150 f2) 19th century cottage is just the ticket. What's more, it's just down the road from us in Limhamn, South Sweden - and a short hop from the harbour! 

The eclectic blend of furniture, shelves that bow under the weight of books and pops of blue, red, green and yellow help to add to the relaxed feel of the space. 

I spy a stacked stereo system, just like the one I had at uni! Did you have one of these too? 

A tiny hallway space in the corner of the sitting room beside the entrance is reserved for coats and shoes while a nook in the stairwell is used to store firewood. 

The area up and over doorways is ideal for book shelves - especially in a small living apace. Lights have been added to illuminate the tomes after sunset. 

Curious to see the layout? Erik Olsson shared this along with the listing: 

Translation: Entre - hallway, Vardagsrum - living room, Matrum - dining room, Kök - kitchen, Trädäck - decking. Övre plan - top floor, Sovrum - bedroom. Kamin - woodburning stove. 

How charming and cosy is this cottage? It's certainly designed for 'njutning'! Looking back through the pictures I noticed a cat tree too - of course! I'd love to have another cat one day but I fear I've put Per off for life after the very crazy, viscous feline we had years ago! 

Are you a cat person? 

And more importantly, could you imagine cosying up in a cottage like this? Or do you prefer a more minimalist living space? 

See other cosy cottages here: 

Have a mysig (cosy) start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of Erik Olsson (this property is currently for sale). 

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Old Meets New in an Eclectic London Townhouse

I was initially drawn to the pink in this sitting room. And then when I delved deeper, I was so excited to discover an entire house with impeccable style. The London terrace features room after room of beautiful design. And crucially, it also feels wonderfully personal! 

The property combines beautiful late-Victorian architecture with contemporary interventions - and this blend of old and new is continued in the eclectic array of furniture. Think mix and match one-off pieces embodying different styles, eras and cultures as well as a blend of shapes, pattern and texture. 

Even so, the space emits a wonderful sense of calm thanks to the use of blank space between the elements, and the light that floods in through the windows and doors. 

Ready to feel inspired? 

There are so many things to love about this house - and the more I look through the pictures, the more I see! I particular love the bookshelves in the stairwell, the art and all the one-off pieces no doubt collected over time. 

I'm also dreaming about the pink - and wondering where it can go in my house. Maybe the landing or our bedroom. Not sure if Per will agree though. Can you imagine having a shade like this in your home? 

Is there anything that stood out to you about this house? 

See more of this fabulous property over at Inigo where it is currently for sale. 

Looking at homes in London makes me feel so nostalgic, and I can't wait to head 'home' in late September to catch up with family and friends (and hang out at the pub!). 

Here are a few other houses I've featured from the capital in the past: 

Have a great Wednesday! 


Photography courtesy of Inigo, with thanks.

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The Lovely Georgian Home of a Textile Artist

Good morning, friends! Today, I'm taking you on a journey to Kent, England and the wonderful Georgian terrace belonging to textile artist Jessie Cutts. Jessie and her husband have been restoring the property on a tight budget, with much of the renovation done by hand. Jessie's love for textiles can be seen throughout, as can her passion for vintage finds. Keep a look out for details such as upcycled magistrate doors, beautiful kilim rugs and a unique blend of furniture and accessories. The interior may not be incredibly Scandinavian inspired, but I love it all the same. It's everything you'd expect from the home of a talented artist - and more! 

Charming in every way - and full of surprises! 

Loving the figurines with party hats! 

I have to say, looking around this house took me straight back to my early twenties in London. My Mother worked in the art world, and we'd often visit artists homes, all of which were wonderful and unique just like this one! There's something really nostalgic about the Georgian architecture too! 

I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did! Was there anything that stood out to you in particular? 

See more of Jessie's house and follow her ongoing renovation projects over at @townley_terrace

Oh, and here are a few other beautiful English homes to peek inside: 

Have a great start to the week friends!


Photography shared with kind permission from @townley_terrace

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