12 Child Friendly Ideas From A Happy Family Home in Berlin

This wonderful turn-of-the-century apartment in Berlin is everything a family home should be. Owned by Nicki (creator of Siglinchen) and her partner (both doctors) and their three daughters (aged 6, 12 and 15), the light-filled, 120 metre square (191 feet square) home is a blend of the minimalism (that Nicki so desires) and the relaxed, colourful vibe that comes from being a family of five. The result is a calm yet vibrant space bursting with happy colours, playful touches, music, books, art and plants. I clocked 12 great things to take-away from this delightful family home (scroll all the way down for notes on how to get the look too!). Enjoy the tour!

1. Research has shown colour affects emotions, and can have a significant effect on a child's development. Warmer colors like orange and yellow bring happiness and comfort and red has been known to increase the heart rate and therefore increase alertness and the appetite (according to Sciencing) - perfect for the kitchen then! 

2. Touches like the Donna Wilson cushions add a playfulness and help to create a home that embraces children and adults alike.

3. Children have the grubbiest fingers (at least mine do!). Using bright coloured fabric will protect your furniture (and can be thrown in the wash every now and again too!).

4. Using your kitchen windowsill as a mini garden for flowers, herbs and vegetables will help your children to learn about nature and the changing seasons -  and enjoy the proceeds too! 

5. Children's high chairs don't need to be boring! I've always loved the Tripp Trapp chair since it grows with your child - and how funky is that retro one too?!

6. It goes without saying that kid height hooks are helpful for keeping stuff off the floor - and they can't not notice these fabulous bright coloured Hang it All ones either. Perfect!

7. Who says you can't have white in a home with young children? White walls are easy to clean with a damp cloth and white furniture covers can be easier to clean than any others since you can always out tougher stains. Just make sure they're removable! 

8. Why stop at bunting when you can have pom poms and garlands too?! OK, this decor has been strung up for a party - but who says you can't totally leave it up for way longer than is necessary - especially when it looks this pretty!

"March to June is birthday season and the apartment is filled with garlands and balloons. The children and I love them so we leave them up for ages." Nicki.

9. Maps are great for helping children make sense of the world. Plus, if you're short for meal time chat, you can always start to plan your next adventure!

10. Marcel Proust once said "there are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favourite book." Words to live by indeed! 

11. Tap into the calming influence of nature. Not only do plants help to purify the air, research has also shown they help to improve memory and concentration in both children and adults. 

"Since I generally prefer a more minimalist look and feel, I try to keep furniture and 'stuff' to a minimum  - both on the floor and walls." Nicki. 

"I love colour and I think it works best against a natural background - so it becomes white with lots of pops of colour." Nicki. 

12. Art makes you smart! A recent study revealed that children who visit art galleries demonstrate stronger critical thinking skills, higher levels of social tolerance, greater historical empathy and a taste of museums and cultural institutions. Why not start with your own private gallery at home?! it'll help to brighten up the room too. 

What a truly inspiring home, don't you think? It feels loved and lived in!

f you're curious about any of the items or feel like creating a similar vibe, you might find the below helpful: 
Get the look:

1. Whole Wide World
2. Girl 1
3. HANG IT ALL wall hanger
4. High Chair in Aqua Blue
5. Meg Printed Cotton Accent Pillow
6. Nursery Decoration
7. Pamina Sofa

If you'd like to see more of Nicki's lovely home hop on over to her instagram feed here.

And for more family home inspiration I'm loving a cheerful and bright Dutch home, all things bright and beautiful in a pared back family home and a lovely light-filled Swedish family home (this last one is one of my favourites!).

If you've got any great tips for creating a family home I'd love to hear them! 

Ha det så bra!


Photography:  Nicki / Siglinchen


  1. I love the house, it looks like a very happy house. I would like to say that 121m2 equals about 1333 square feet. (Going from square feet to m2 is: divide by 10, subtract 10% from the result, for the other way around I use a calculator).
    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you - such a great tip for calculating the conversion! have a lovely day too.

  2. What a happy and original home I like it.

    1. Your description is spot on: happy and original - I'm pleased you appreciated it too, the home brightened up my day!


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