A Pretty Red and White House in Rural Sweden

When I think of the Swedish summer, I think of a charming little red and white summer cottage surrounded by forest. This is probably because that was my first experience of Sweden back in the day - but it's always stayed with me! This house in Västra Götaland County, West Sweden is somewhat larger than the one in my head - but it's still so quintessentially Swedish! Plus, it has all the trappings of an idyllic Swedish country home - lush surroundings, a beautiful lake nearby and a few neighbours with whom to celebrate midsummer! 

Step inside and you'll be greeted by beautiful wood panels painted in a soft muted green - and a classic style kitchen to match. Wood burning stoves and traditional Swedish tiled masonry ovens help to heat the rooms come winter, and the entire space has been kitted out a blend of old and new. It's the type of place that you'd want to pull up a chair and stay for a while, no matter the season! 


I love the lighting in the kitchen, it's like a modern version of the pendant we have over our dining table at the cabin. The Frama Circle lamp is similar, but if you know who sells these exact pendants, please do let us all know in the comments! 

Oh, and it could be yours! It's currently for sale through Stadshem. Any takers? I'd love to drop in for a cup of tea - or join your midsummer to enjoy the revelry, if you're the lucky one to snap this up! 

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Have a great start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of Stadshem with thanks

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A Danish Country Home with a Striking Kitchen And Relaxing Garden!

Hello friends. Today I'm taking you to North Jutland, Denmark and the charming home of Diana Aud.                         An interior stylist, designer, and a portrait and product photographer, Diana has many strings to her bow, and her creativity shines through in her magnificent kitchen with its mix of patterns, shapes, materials and contrasting tones. True to her Scandinavian heritage, Diana's country home also has a wonderful sense of calm owed in part to the decluttered feel of the space, but also thanks to the nature-themed palette which helps draw the surroundings inside. But there are also plenty of places to relax in the shade outdoors too. Ready to take a look at some of the rooms? Another Studio paid a visit and took these pictures. 

Diana's lovely home has me dreaming of long summer days, how about you? My eyes on that hammock! 

I particularly love the large cabinet in the kitchen which is home to Diana's ceramic collection. The emerald green is so striking. 

You can see more of Diana Aud's lovely danish home over at @Diana.aud. And explore other Danish homes in this archive (one of my favourites!). 



Photography: Another Studio, shared with kind permission. 

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An Abandoned Property Becomes a Beautiful Swedish Country Home

Do you ever walk / drive passed a dilapidated house and dream about transforming it into a beautiful home? I definitely have - I was even close to dropping a note in a mailbox once to see if the owners would sell! But for Lisa and her fiancé Gusten and daughter Lilly this wasn't necessary as the property was already in the family, it just needed a huge amount of tender loving care! Here's Lisa to pick up the thread, and tell us all about the renovation of her beautiful house in the forests of Småland, Southern Sweden in her own words: 

"The house has been in my fiancés family since it was built in 1912. His grandmother's cousins used to live here so she spent a lot of time here as a child. When the old man who lived alone in the house died, my Father-in-law bought the house (and the surrounding forest) and my fiancé started to dream about renovating the house some day."

Exterior before

"When we met, he took me to see the house one June. It had been abandoned several years before, the paint was cracking, and it was in need of a great deal of love and work! 

Exterior after

"As soon as I walked inside, I fell in love with the old floors, original double doors, large rooms, fireplaces, porch and big garden. We were only in our early twenties, but we started to discuss buying the house some day."

Porch before

"In the fall of 2016, we applied a small loan and were able to buy the house. We had just finished our studies and recently started working. We hadn't had the time or means to save any money, so we needed to work with what we had, which meant do everything ourselves."

Porch after

"We started working on the house on the weekends, but quickly realised it would take up all of our spare time, so we started to work on it every evening after work too. We'd stay until sunset, head back home for the night, go to work, before returning the following evening. We spent every weekend, evening and holiday working on it. We also saved as much money as we could - which meant no fancy cars, no vacations abroad -everything we had went into the renovation."  

Kitchen before
"We did everything we could ourselves: changed the windows, renovated the wood on the exterior, changed the water pipes, put in a new bathroom, kitchen etc. We had to learn everything from scratch - I'd never even painted an item of furniture before! We also received a lot of help from family."

Kitchen after

"We renovated in this way for two and a half years, the last nine months of which I was pregnant with our first child. I was painting the house when my waters broke!" 

Sitting room before 

Sitting room after

"It was very  important to us for every detail to reflect the age of the house, while ensuring a modern standard of living. We chose windows in wood - which were specially made to look like the old ones. We restored the fireplaces and renovated and painted the porch in linseed oil so it would last a lifetime." 

Bedroom before 

Bedroom after

"I would describe our style as a mix of Swedish country with touches of mansion glamour. We decorate with lot of second hand furniture and I like to invest a little more in accessories and paintings that will last a lifetime - instead of needing to replace them in the near future. Sustainability is key."

Lilly's bedroom 

"My fiancé and I and our three-month-old daughter moved in to the house in the spring of 2019. It wasn't ready but it was in liveable condition." 

Bathroom before

Even though we've lived here for quite a few years now, the house still isn't finished. We have a lot of projects left - for example, there's a lot of work left to do on the garden, and we need to renovate the outhouses. We see this house as a lifetime project. It's our dream home and the place we're looking forward to raising our children. 

Bathroom after

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Lisa! Truly inspiring! 

It feels all the more special looking at the pictures, knowing that so much work has gone into it. 

For more information about Lisa's country home and to follow her latest projects, head over to  @faggemala1912

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Are you tempted to take on a project like this? Or perhaps you already have? I'd love to hear about your experience below! 


Photography and words courtesy of @faggemala1912

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