A light and airy Finnish space

Looking through the pictures of this Finnish apartment is like taking a deep breath in, counting to three and a long exhale! The whites, light greys, and wood (love the white shelves against the light wood) create a calming, light and airy feel. I would need to add more rugs for the cosy factor (which I'm discovering are the hardest thing to buy - does anyone else find that?) but other than that I could totally spend a few days here, how about you? 

MUSTA OVI via Riazzoli

What's your favourite thing about this home? I think I'll go for the kitchen trolley.....

For more information about this beautiful home (and many more beautiful images) check out the MUSTA OVI blog (in Finnish). Trust me, you'll get lost there!

PS A huge warm welcome to Tjockt  my fabulous new Finnish sponsor who sells THE MOST incredible handmade chunky knit rugs, throws, cushions, stools and cosy items of clothing as well as 'knitted by me' kits so that you can create your own woollies this Autumn (I'd even buy the wooden knitting needles and 100% wool yarns for decoration!)..... you'll definitely want to check out the Tjockt website here and Facebook page here! oh and 15% discount with code SCHOME :)

Have a lovely day!

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The lovely new home of Elisabeth Heier

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you had a lovely (sunny?) weekend. Do you remember the home I showed a few weeks ago belonging to Norwegian blogger and photographer Elisabeth Heier? I was having a look through Elisabeth's lovely blog over the weekend and came across images of her new home. I can't believe how much she has done already, it's looking wonderful. And just how cute are her little ones?!

Elisabeth Heier

So light and lovely! I particularly love the concrete floor in the bathroom, the Ay Illuminate Z1 Cotton Lamp in the sitting room and the pigeon light in the children's bedroom, so cute! I've got the same tent for my girls which I found at Swedish shop Granit. I love the picture of her little ones and their outfits too. I'd definitely recommend Loja Dada my wonderful sponsor for similarly cool little outfits.

I hope you all have a lovely Monday.

PPS Is anyone else on Keep?! It's a little like Pinterest except you decide whether you 'keep' or 'buy' things. I joined yesterday and it's soooo addictive dangerous! I love it. You can find my keep handle here, do you have one?

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A pretty, white Swedish apartment

Hello people. If your spirits need lifting this week, this Gothenburg apartment is like a breath of fresh air. Of course it's been styled but in such a pretty way and just look how much art can do to a space?

Alvhem Mäleri
What do you like about this apartment?

London friends...The Clerkenwell Design Week starts today, it's free and a square mile of street carnival!  If you're going a long stop by and check out The Reclaimed Flooring Company (located on the first floor of the 'Open Studios' in the Root 5 collective).

Have a lovely afternoon!

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A wonderful white Norwegian loft space

Hello! How are you today, on this 'Lilla Lördag'? I have a beautiful Norwegian apartment to share today. Situated in Grünerløkka, it's fairly small (61 m2) but because of the white, open plan space it looks a lot more spacious. For me, it has everything my (interior) heart desires a few Scandinavian designer pieces, wood beams, a fireplace and a walk in wardrobe, all I would need to add is my family! via Do you fancy this
What do you think? Anything that stands out to you? The jury's still out on open wardrobes. On Facebook I asked the question 'open clothes rail do or don't?' and a lot of people said a 'don't' since they look too cluttered. What are your thoughts?

A little exciting news - do you remember the give-away to win an industrial pendant light I held a few weeks ago (now closed)? I am really excited to announce that ML-Design are now a sponsor so for those of you who missed out, you can buy the beautiful, environmentally friendly pendant light in all colours here.

And finally, if you're on the hunt for some cool new wallpaper you might want to check out this new Scandinavian inspired wallpaper.

Hope you all have a lovely day!

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Whites and greys in a Swedish apartment

I woke up this morning to a thunderstorm. I love thunderstorms as long as I'm tucked up all cosy indoors. I once sat playing cards with with my family in a summer cottage while a thunderstorm raged outside and it was so cosy! What are your thoughts on thunder and lightening - exciting or frightening?! Do you have any happy memories from one? I hope the weather gets better though as it's actually a four day holiday here in Sweden so we're off for the weekend soon - yoohoo! Before I head off I wanted to leave you with this little gem of an apartment in Gothenburg which has been styled by Alvhem. It's so beautifully arranged and home to so many lovely pieces.

Alvhem makleri
I absolutely love the Flos 365 wall light. I was keen to have it in my sitting room and then I saw it in real life and realised it's actually really big! Perfect if you have a lot of wall space and looking to make a bold statement.

I also love the clothes rail. I've been thinking about buying one from Annaleena's shop for our guest bedroom. She has a lovely blog too.

Anything that catches your eye?

So guys, lots to do before I head off - hurry hurry hurry! I hope you all have a fab weekend and I'll see you Monday!

Ausbau apartment by Studio Oink

Hello Monday!! How are you all? I hope you had a lovely weekend. For those of you struggling with the start of the week, don't worry, I have the perfect home tour; the Ausbau apartment in Wiesbaden, Germany. The brief was to create a quiet and bright space and designers Studio Oink (love the name!) have achieved this using whites and pale wood for a calm and bright atmosphere. They have also added a touch of nature, and a mix of Scandinavian designer, mid century and vintage pieces for a relaxed vibe.


Studio Oink with kind permission. Via This is Paper

I spy the Vitra panton chair, the EA117 office chair (15% off with code MYSCAN). The industrial style Hay lamp in the kitchen (I've got one of these here, it's fab!), String pocket shelving , and painted dining chairs (just like mine! I picked them up for 30 quid at the local flee market - bargain!). Have I missed anything?

What do you reckon? Do like the light wood touch?

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Keeping it simple in white and wood

This apartment is great inspiration for someone who likes to keep it clean, or is simply a little colour shy. The white and wood theme is so relaxed and warm in this Swedish apartment for sale through Fantastic Frank.

Fantastic Frank via wonderful blog 79 ideas
I think my favourite picture is the last one thanks to the beautiful Swedish 'kakelugn' in the corner and the pretty collection of glass bottles used as candle holders on a perspex side table - clever!

What about you? Could you do white and wood?

Sorry if you had a few problems entering the give-away yesterday (there was a technical problem for a few hours and me and technical don't mix very well!). The problem is solved so if you'd like to enter to win a fab Vitra L'oiseau worth 100 euros stop by here, I'd love you to join in the fun!

I hope you have a lovely day (20 degrees and sunny here in London - now that's more like it!), let's hope I take it back with me to Sweden tomorrow.....

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