A Warm Swedish Family Home Full of Texture

While yesterday's home tour was all about a Swedish cottage that has been moved to Australia (sounds crazy I know, but it's not the first time I've heard this. Even so, I still marvel at the logistics. Does someone spot a house, fall in love with it, and think "Hmmm, I'm not sure about the surroundings, I'll move it?"). Today I thought we'd take a peek inside a Swedish home IN Sweden! Caroline Borg is a Mother of two: Sam (6) and Lykke (2) and lives in Gamla Enskede, South Stockholm. The freelance PR manager, creative consultant and photographer / stylist has decorated her home in calm, neutral tones, while blending vintage and antiques with the occasional contemporary piece.  Welcome to Caroline's world! 

Caroline has used Jotun Lady mineral paint which adds a lovely patina to the walls. I have used something similar on my kitchen wall (but by Icelandic company Kalklitir) and I love how it changes with the light! 

I first came across these sofa beds by Karup at IMM Cologne furniture fair back in the spring and instantly loved them. This is the first time I've spotted one in a home! Check out their website here (they do great daybeds, beds and futons too!). 

The pretty duvet cover is from Swedish brand Garbo and Friends. This porcelain pendant lamp is similar. 

The children's room has been decorated with a bed canopy and an Afroart 'nature' garland. The basket is from Olli Ella

I hope this lovely home has brought an element of calm before the weekend! 

The mineral walls kind of make me want to go all out in my own home too - I love the texture! Are you tempted too? 

If you don't already follow Caroline on instagram, it's a must! I love her blog too, it's a real feast for the eyes (mainly because she shares some delicious recipes like these 'flower biscuits'!) - check it out over at The Way We Play (Its written in Swedish). 

Looking for a little more inspiration? These beautiful homes have a similar feel and are also full of inspiration:

A charming farmhouse in Piteå
A rundown house becomes a fairytale Swedish country home
The earthy green home of a Swedish interior designer

Wishing you a wonderful weekend friends!

Vi ses på Måndag!


Photography: Caroline Borg

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Galleries Galore In A Creative Danish Home

'Copencabana' that's what everyone is calling Copenhagen right now due to a scorching summer finale! After work and school, adults and children alike are flocking to the water's edge for a cool dip in the Öresund. Further West in Fredicia, Jutland, Anne Romedahl and her family are no doubt doing the same. I featured Anne's wonderful townhouse back in 2017 - but as someone who loves to update her interior almost daily, so much has happened since then that I felt it was time to revisit! A teacher, Anne is passionate about interior design and her home is filled with flea market finds, Danish classics, art and many DIY items. She has also created an inspiring sunroom and outdoor space with which to enjoy the balmy evenings with her husband and three children. Ready to take a peek? Velkommen!

What a beautiful home! It has to be one of my favourites.

Danish style at its finest. 

I'd quite happily chill in one of those rattan chairs for the rest of the week too - how about you?! 

BTW the pretty floral cushions in the sun room are by Mette Frank (I looked them up as I thought they would be perfect for Allie's room!). Mette also sells fab liberty print eye masks laced with lavender - I spotted them in a shop in Hornbæk last week. 

Take a peek inside Anne's home back in 2017 to see what's changed - and keep an eye on her inspiring instagram feed @morrisseymmm and blog to see her latest home updates. 

Here are a few other Danish homes I love: 

Hav det godt! 


Photography: Anne Romedahl

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The Beautiful Home and Studio of An Argentinian Textile Weaver

The loom will always remind me of my first ever visit to Sweden at the tender age of 8. We stayed at my friend's summer cottage by a lake in the countryside and they had a huge loom in the corner of the room (actually, looking back, it probably wasn't that big - I was just small!) which her Mother used to make Swedish rag rugs. I've been curious about weaving ever since. It's one of the oldest human crafts and practised all over the world. This home and studio in Argentina belongs to textile entrepreneur Carolina Sanchis. Carolina specialises in modern weaves for the home in the form of very cool cushions, slippers, wall hanging, bags, belts and even items for the office - sold through her brand Carolita Home. Look closely and you'll spot many of her creations in her beautiful home which she shares with her architect partner, Santiago. Enjoy the tour! 

How beautiful is this place? I'd move in tomorrow! 

The textiles totally make the space - adding a warm, cosy and decorative touch. 

Is there anything that caught your eye? 

Check out Carolina's online shop here (even if it's in Spanish you can still get a glimpse of some of the items she makes) and her inspiring instagram feed here

Curious about other Maker Spaces? I love:

I took a quick look through the archives to see if I've featured any Argentinian homes in the past, and this was actually the first (of many, I hope!)! However, I have shown some inspiration from South America - including a Brazilian beach home and a remote beach escape in Uruguay. It makes me realise that I have a lot of traveling to do once all of this blows over! How about you? 

Have a lovely day friends!


Photography: Magalí Saberian Styling Sil Bidabehehere  / Archicect: Estudio MASS - shared with kind permission. Found via Planete Deco with thanks.

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A Beautiful Rustic Swedish Home Where Old Meets New

Why, hello there friends! How are you today? The sun is still shining in Southern Sweden, which is just what we need right now! I thought I'd kick off the week with a beautiful home tour which could have easily have hopped straight out of the pages of The World Of Interiors. It's got this wonderful, old school, rustic, romantic feel about it. Located in central Umeå, East Sweden the house belongs to Soraya Forsberg, a Mother to six children (yes, SIX!) and the founder of Byn Collective - a creative design studio in North Sweden. Soraya is unsure when the house was built since the records were destroyed in a fire, but it's thought to date back to 1800. The living space has been decorated and furnished with a wonderful nod to both the past and present. Look out for textured walls, bare wood ceilings and a wealth of vintage and antique pieces! 

I've looked back through these images a few times and every time I spot something new. It's full of wonderful details! Make sure you take your time to linger on each image, there's so much to feel inspired by!

Did anything stand out to you in particular?

You can see more lovely pics of Soraya's home over on her instagram here.

I've searched archives for similar home tours - so if you're loving this vibe, pour yourself a coffee, put your feet up and enjoy a cosy country home in rural north sweden (the picture of Nicole watching salmon jump in the river from her atelier is etched in my mind - so beautiful!) and a Rustic mill on the shores of lake Rinnen, Sweden.

Have a great start to the week!


Photography: Soraya Forsberg, shared with kind permission

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The Eclectic Home of Jewellery Designer Andrés Gallardo

Hands up who loves an eclectic home with splashes of colour, lots of plants, art and books? Well, you're in for a treat today! The relaxed bohemian home of designer Andrés Gallardo and his husband has all this and more. A creator of jewellery, handbags and porcelain objects, Andrés has decorated his home with an eclectic array of items from flea markets and secondhand shops as well as some high street finds. Surfaces are crammed with porcelain, glassware and other treasures, and climbing plants wind their way around works of art. Make sure you look through these pictures by Eduardo Boillos more than once - you'll spot a new detail every time! 

Andrés picked up the chairs at El Rastro, an area in Madrid known for its Sunday open air flea market and antique shops.

I love how he's opted for a vintage wall lamp instead of an overhead pendant light - and this one is beautiful, don't you think?

A 40s cabinet it used to store plates, bowls and other kitchen items. The floor has been covered with various rugs including a jute one* (under the dining table) and long mats not dissimilar from Swedish rag rugs*!

The walls are adorned with an eclectic array of art including everything from Mr Men prints, oil paintings, butterflies and porcelain plates. 

An Ikea Stockholm rug covers the floor in the sitting room. 

Uneven plaster walls add to the relaxed charm of the home.

Bunches of dried floor hang over the bed, while a vintage Verner Panton Flowerpot pendant light* adds a pop of colour. This exact late 60s one is currently available here* (you need to be quick - there's only one!). 

A little red chair sits atop a myriad of vintage rugs (the one in the hallway is from Ikea)

SNOOPY! *heart melts*

I used to play with Snoopy and Bella all the time when I was a child (once I tied long leaves to their feet with elastic bands and pretended they were skiing!). Did you have a Snoopy too?  

The rule books have been firmly ripped up with this vintage bureau, and art in the bathroom, and I love it!  

Climbing plants became extremely popular in 2018 (check out my feature / get the look here). I love the way ivy winds its way up over the pictures and the shower curtain. 

If you were worried about getting something 'wrong' in your home while decorating, I hope Andrés home has inspired you to think otherwise - and just follow your heart! 

The next time I'm in Madrid (I say that like I'm a regular visitor - but I've actually only been there once!) - I'm heading straight to El Rastro! While writing my book The Scandinavian Home I learnt that it's usually no problem to pick up larger pieces abroad - post offices are always happy to help ship. Although try telling that to your husband / wife / bf / gf.....!!

If you're feeling inspired by Andrés home, check out his fabulous jewellery, handbags and porcelain here. You might also like to see more pictures over at Revistaad.

I've featured several other homes belonging to jewellery designers - and they're always beautiful! Remember the home of Malia Grace Mao in Topanga Canyon? If you scroll to the bottom, you'll also get a glimpse of their Kauai surf shack. Take me there now

Have a fabulous day!


Photography: Eduardo Boillos shared with kind permission
Originally featured in Revistaad

*This post contains affiliate links (marked with an asterisk), which means I make a very small amount of money if you click on the link and buy something! Thank you for supporting My Scandinavian Home. 

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