A Vintage-Inspired Home in a Converted Church

Kicking off the week in style - rustic style, with Cheryl's perfectly imperfect home in a converted church the scenic rim of Queensland Australia. Cheryl is a stylist and prop sourcer as well as the owner of Albert and Grace store selling 'a curated collection of worn, weathered and imperfect wares'.  

Evidence of Cheryl's work can be seen throughout her home, which is filled with vintage and antique pieces from dressers and tables to lighting and nick nacks. The architect, is of course, also incredible. Think sky high ceilings, arched windows and exposed beams. Be still, beating heart. 

Is it the weekend yet, I need to go flea market hunting pronto! 

Such a beautiful home, in every way: the blend of furniture and accessories with all their time-honoured imperfections, the architecture of the former church, the surroundings. Everything! 

Has Cheryl's home inspired you too? 

See more snapshots from Cheryls' converted church here, and visit the Albert and Grace online store

Here are few more pictures from lovely Australian homes with a vintage touch: 

Love converted buildings? Take a look in this archive for homes in everything from former warehouses, shops, barns, schools, vicarages and even a fire station! If this one pops up first, just scroll on past. 



Photography courtesy of Cheryl / Albert and Grace

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The Lovely Georgian Home of a Textile Artist

Good morning, friends! Today, I'm taking you on a journey to Kent, England and the wonderful Georgian terrace belonging to textile artist Jessie Cutts. Jessie and her husband have been restoring the property on a tight budget, with much of the renovation done by hand. Jessie's love for textiles can be seen throughout, as can her passion for vintage finds. Keep a look out for details such as upcycled magistrate doors, beautiful kilim rugs and a unique blend of furniture and accessories. The interior may not be incredibly Scandinavian inspired, but I love it all the same. It's everything you'd expect from the home of a talented artist - and more! 

Charming in every way - and full of surprises! 

Loving the figurines with party hats! 

I have to say, looking around this house took me straight back to my early twenties in London. My Mother worked in the art world, and we'd often visit artists homes, all of which were wonderful and unique just like this one! There's something really nostalgic about the Georgian architecture too! 

I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did! Was there anything that stood out to you in particular? 

See more of Jessie's house and follow her ongoing renovation projects over at @townley_terrace

Oh, and here are a few other beautiful English homes to peek inside: 

Have a great start to the week friends!


Photography shared with kind permission from @townley_terrace

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Alexandra's Vintage-Inspired Home in The French Countryside

I often think homes are like books: they all have a story to tell. In a library you'll find many genres, and it's the same with living spaces. While some might be akin to romantic novels, others are more playful and colourful - like a comic! Alexandra's home in Chanterelle, central France, is like poetry.

Alexandra has furnished her living space entirely with one-off pieces sourced at vintage and antique markets (how I'd love to visit France purely for the purpose of visiting antique markets.... and maybe the cuisine. OK, the wine too... actually, I could as well soak up some culture while I'm there too!), ensuring every single room is filled with treasures. Subtle, earthy tones, a wonderful stone floor and exposed wood ceiling as well as clever use of paint create a perfect backdrop and add to the overall charm. 

Bienvenue chez Alexandra! 

How beautiful! I almost feel like I'm there, it's a strange sensation. 

Is anyone else now planning to scour flea markets this weekend? Preferably in France, of course!

Incidentally, Alexandra sells a selection of vintage accessories online here (and you can see more of her home over at @milkandhomefamily).

Note the paintwork throughout the house. Using darker shades on architrave, doors, skirting boards and even ceilings is the trend du jour! I think it looks beautiful and in older homes, really helps to enhance period features. 

Would you like to look around a few more French homes this weekend? Here are a few others I love: 

What book genre would you associate your home with? Tricky one actually, I'm looking around mine and currently drawing a blank! 

Have a wonderful weekend friends. À bientôt!


Photographer courtesy of Alexandra / @milkandhomefamily

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