3 Beautiful Christmas Decorations You Can Make From Wallpaper!

If you've wallpapered your home in the last few years, the chances are, you'll have a few rolls left over - and its way too pretty to waste! Swedish photographer and stylist Malin Mörner (@poppyloveyou) and her daughter created these wonderful Christmas decorations using wallpaper from Boråstapeter. Think bunting, paper chains, and beautiful baubles that can be hung in the window or the branches of your Christmas tree! No wallpaper at home? Pick up some from Boråstapeter, vintage rolls*, or use heavyweight patterned paper instead! 

Bunting and paper chains

To make the bunting, gather wallpaper (Malin has used in Bloom 7203, Northern Stripes 6852, Graceful Stories 7274 and Northern stripes 6854 from Boråstapeter) scissors, string, paper, glue and clothes pegs - and then follow the step by step instructions here (in English!). 

For the paper chains you'll need wallpaper (as above), scissors, a stapler or sticky tape. The instructions can be found here

Paper baubles:

The kit required to make these baubles includes: wallpaper (these ones have been made using Thistle 7203, Harvest Stripe 6854, Rosenvinge 4501 and Dusk Green 7981 from Boråstapeter), wire, a hole punch, wire cutters, round-nose pliers, wooden beads, jute twine and scissors. Once gathered, hop over here to follow the step by step instructions (in English!).  

Aren't these pretty?!

I actually have a few rolls of wallpaper knocking about at home and might give these a whirl! Could be fun to do with the girls! 

Could you imagine making these?

See more pretty Christmas inspiration from Malin Mörner over on her instagram here - and check out the complete Boråstapeter wallpaper collection here

FYI this is not sponsored in anyway, I just loved the idea and thought you might feel inspired by it too! 

If you're in the mood for crafting, there are a load more Christmas decoration ideas here


Photography Malin Mörner for Boråstapeter

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10 Simple DIY Christmas Decorations Made From Nature!

FRIDAY friends, FRIDAY! And this weekend is going to be a cosy one - I can feel it! Not only did we have our first little flurry of snow in Malmö today (it didn't settle, but still...), the first Sunday of Advent is a hop, skip and a jump away which means we can start to decorate our homes for Christmas - OK, we all know I've already started but now it's official! This year I'm planning on making my own decorations. But there's a catch. I'm time poor and well.... I'm not super great at DIY. Also, it's still early in the game and I kind of like to start with subtle decorations - and then gradually build up to the big day. Sound familiar but on board? I've scoured the web for the prettiest, most simple Scandinavian DIY Christmas decorations I could find. Here are ten of my favourites - and they're all made from nature and super quick and easy to make! Ready to deck the halls with boughs of.... pinecones, fir tree branches and dried orange garlands?! Let's dive in!

1. These pretty fir tree stars / snowflakes look so pretty in the window. Use a little thread or thin wire to bind them together to form a star, add a little ribbon and they're ready to hang!

Beth Kirby
2. Sometimes it needn't be more complicated than a few sprigs from a fir tree and an old rope (beautiful rustic barn door optional!).

Bjørn Johan Stenersen
3. Little fir tree branches tied together with gardening twine - hang vertically or across wall to bring a wintery feel and a sweet smell of pine to your home!

4. I have pinecones all around my home at this time of the year - but I don't have any strung together as Christmas decorations. Time to get on the case, don't you think?

Weekday Carnival

5. A branch in a vase - why complicate things? (OK, you could throw in a candle and an ornament or two too).

Kelly Brown
6. Orang garlands are surprisingly easy to make, smell divine and if they look as pretty as the one in this picture, I'm all in! There's a great tutorial here

7. Got a few dried orange slices left over? Use them for pretty Christmas tree ornaments like A Clean Bee.

Louise Roe Copenhagen
8. I think I might have shared this one before, but hey, it's so pretty and so timely with the first Sunday of advent coming up that I couldn't resist including. A tray, 4 block candles and a load of cinnamon sticks, mini pinecones and eucalyptus branches is all that's needed!

9. Moving one step on from number 2 - this fir tree branch has been spruced (sorry!) up with a garland of wooden stars (source similar here*) for a subtle, festive display.

The Merry Thought
10. This one is kind of like number 3 (OK, very alike!) - but slightly more formal arrangement and I like the way it's been hung. Pine needles at the ready... here's the tutorial.

I hope you found some of these ideas inspiring and it's given you a little inspiration for the weekend!

There's load more Christmas DIY, decorating and home tour inspiration in this archive! And here's the link to the Swedish Christmas snöblomma DIY again (in case you missed it!).

I'm so looking forward to a toasty few days here in Southern Sweden and rumour has it that the sun might come out for the first time in weeks.

Have a cosy weekend friends!


*This post contains one or two affiliate links which means if you click on an item and buy it, I might earn a very small amount of money - perhaps enough for a pepparkaka ginger snap biscuit with my tea!

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Sweden's Big Christmas Decoration Trend (And You Can Make It Yourself!)

There's only one week to go before the first Sunday of advent and Christmas decorations are starting to pop across Sweden. Don't get me wrong, they haven't gone the whole hog - Christmas trees and dried orange garlands can wait. But nothing cuts through the darkness and lights your way home like the soft, white glow from 'adventstake' (7 candles arranged in a triangle), fairy lights and lanterns. Paper star lanterns have been one of the favourites for many years in Sweden, but this year there's a newcomer on the block: the 'snöblomma'. Made from tracing paper, card or even brown paper bags, these beautiful 'snow flowers' look equally beautiful hung in the window as they do strung up around the house. Last year they sold like wildfire so I wanted to give you a heads up - and spread a little snow flower love! 

Viktoria Holmgren

Aren't they beautiful?! There's a whole array available online - here are a few of my favourites:


1. Paper star
2. Paper lamp shade lantern
3. Watt & Veke Julia Pappstjärna Blush
4. Snöblomma adventsstjärna
5. Watt & Veke Julius Pappstjärna Vit
6. Kathmandu paper star
7. Watt & Veke Oslo Pappstjärna
8. Paper flake
9. Watt & Veke Juliette Pappstjärna Rosa
10. Hanging paper stars

Not available in your country, or prefer to make your own? The good news is that some of these varieties are so easy to make. My girls and I followed Viktoria Holmgren's step by step DIY tutorial below and within an hour we'd created an entire garland!

Simple snow flowers

Frida Ramstedt of Trendenser recently shared this lovely DIY tutorial on how to make brown paper stars / flowers. It's relatively simple, and if you re-use brown paper bags /recycled paper - it's eco-friendly too!

Brown Paper Snow Flowers

Alternatively, if you're a bit of a dab hand at origami (I'm not!), you might like to create your own multi-tiered snow flower. Linnéa has shared a great tutorial (it's in Swedish but accompanied by plenty of pictures to guide you through the process) below:

Masterclass for the origami gifted!

What do you think? Could you imagine hanging these in your home this Christmas?

I think they're so beautiful!

Hop over to this archive to see more Scandi Christmas decorating inspiration this weekend (if this pops up first just scroll over!).

Have a fabulous couple of days friends and see you Monday!


PS I promise I'm not going to flood the blog with daily Christmas inspiration between now and the 24th December (although there'll certainly be a few!), I just thought I'd better get this out there in case you wanted to hop on the snow flower train! I've got a great home tour to share with you on Monday - not a decoration in sight!

Credits: top picture Fanny Blinden

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All Fluffed Up: This Autumns Cosiest Trend (And The World's Most Simple DIY IKEA Hack!

I've kind of got over my end of summer angst and finally starting to embrace the chillier Autumn days, dhow about you? There's something about the idea of layering the home with cosy blankets, warm chestnut tones and lots of candlelight that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! But there's also another cosy item to hit the scene and it's fuzzier than ever. It all started with the re-emergence of the short faux furry Teddy jacket back in 2016 (so called for its 'teddy bear' appearance) - an item that has become a bit of a wardrobe staple in 2019. And now stools, armchairs and sofas are being upholstered in undeniably cosy, super fluffy fabrics too. From The Tired Man armchair to the Banana Sofa (great names!) - this Autumn's seating is akin to a big bear hug - just add tea! 

1. &Tradition 2. Oliver Gustav 3. Paustian 4. Jesper Florbrant / Lovisa Häger 5. Louise Holt Design 6. Suite NY 7. The modern House 8. RandCompany 9. Warm Nordic

Get the look

1. &Tradition Little Petra Chair
2. Paustian Arctander Chair
3. DIY Stool by Lovisa Häger
4. Flemming Lassen Easy Chair
5. By Lassen The Tired Man Chair
6. Danish Cabinetmaker Banana Sofa
7. Pierre Yovanovitch Pappa Bear Armchair
8. House of Hans Olsen Fried Egg Sheet Chair

How To Make Your Own Faux Fur Stool

Looking at Lovisa Häger's beautiful Stockholm home, you'd never guess that many of the pieces are handmade. Stools, tables, paintings - she is without doubt one of Sweden's queen of DIY! If you're feeling inspired by the fluffy furniture in today's post but a little tight on budget, Lovisa's DIY faux fur stool is super simple to make and looks fab!

What you need: 
  • Frosta stool from IKEA
  • A section of thick foam 
  • Black paint
  • Faux white fur 

What to do
  • Before assembling the stool, cut the foam so it's the same shape and size of the seat surface 
  • Glue the section of faux fur to the foam and the foam to the seat
  • Paint the legs black
  • Assemble the stool
Et Voilà!

If you love this, you might like to check out other DIY ideas on Lovisa's beautiful blog An Interior Affair and see more pictures of her fabulous Stockholm home here and on Instagram.

Could you imagine curling up in one of these seats this Autumn?! I most certainly could!


PS Thank you to the wonderful Ana Degenaar for helping me to compile this post! 

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Before + After: An Attic Becomes A Light + Airy Guest Bedroom

I'm into tricky spaces at the moment - and love seeing how they can be transformed. Today's make-over sees a cramped attic space in an 1800s farmhouse in the Catskills transformed into a lovely, bright and airy guest bedroom. The house is owned by florist turned writer Lisa Przystup and husband Jonathan Linaberry and used as a weekend retreat; a perfect respite from a more hectic life in Brooklyn, New York. The tools? A lick of paint, a selection of charming furniture and some delightful accessories. In other words - completely cosmetic and not costing the earth either! So, if you've got a spot in your home that's currently full of stuff (don't worry, we all have one!) I think you'll find this hands on DIY make-over truly inspiring!


The attic was already in quite good condition when the couple acquired the house and just needed simple updates like clearing out the clobber, a fresh coat paint on the floor and walls and some pretty pieces! 

Honestly - this is nowhere near the amount of stuff we currently have in our attic - in fact, my husband and I would be congratulating ourselves if our storage looked like this! But still, it's not quite guest bedroom ready! 


The pair wanted to keep the backdrop monochromatic to fit the look and feel of the rest of the home. They painted the floors in Tricorn Black and the walls in Extra White by Sherwin-Williams. 

A simple belgian linen blind in oatmeal with a black-out lining adds softness to the space while keeping the sunlight out and a pair of pendant lights have been hung from a single power outlet on the ceiling and hooked to either side of the bed to serve as reading lights (I love this idea - Holly Marder did something similar in this bedroom she designed). Magic Linen is a great source for linen bedding* like this! 

Although pared-back, the bedroom has a lot of charm thanks to the blend of old and new - like this chest-of-drawers left behind by the previous owners and a more contemporary leather and brass chair.  The chest-of-drawers is also perfect for guests staying a little longer, my Mother always says "you've never truly arrived somewhere until you've unpacked."

Every guest room needs a little mirror and side table and these fit perfectly against the central pillar. Feathers and other items found in the Catskills serve as a wonderful reminder of the fantastic nature on their doorstep (I was lucky enough to visit the Catskills for my book The Scandinavian Home and I've been wanting to return ever since, it's a magical place!). 

The room is entered via this beautiful reclaimed door which was already in place when they bought the house. They deliberately left it as it was in order to make it a feature. The folding chairs belonged to one of their grandfathers and serve as extra seating when guests come to stay (source similar vintage ones here*). 

Wow! So simple, yet so lovely! 

I'm already wondering if we should finally do something with our attic space - or even somewhere else in the home. 

Are you feeling inspired too?! 

I first spotted this wonderful make-over on Remodelista (read more about the room and see more pictures here).

If you love a before + after as much as I do, you might also like to brighten up your Monday with these:

Here's to an inspiring week!


Photography: Sarah Elliott, shared with kind permission. Design Lisa Przystup

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Simple Easter Table DIY: Bunny Ear Napkins

If you're looking to do something a little extra this Easter but don't have much time - these bunny ear napkins are so easy to make and look super cute on the table!

- Square napkin (any material - even paper works!)
- An egg (you may like to opt for different colours for each place setting). 
- String or ribbon
- Scissors (for cutting string)
- Baby's breath or other pretty flowers (optional!)


And that's it! Five minutes and you'll have an entire table of bunnies!

Here are mine in action on our Easter table.

Wishing you a lovely Easter break!

PS I'll be back here early next week. 

PS Don't forget to enter the spring give-away to win a TRIWA watch!

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Is Embroidery the New Avocado Toast?!

In my Lagom book I talk about the importance of swapping screen time for analogue activities such as reading, writing a diary and handiwork before bedtime in order to feel more relaxed, doze off quicker and enjoy an improved quality of sleep. So you can imagine how excited I was to see embroidery popping up more in the social media sphere! Pinterest, Instagram (6 million hits!), blogs, DIY magazines, you name it. For those of you shuddering as you cast your mind back to a cold classroom with pricked fingers - fear not, we're talking embroidery with a modern twist and a Swedish start-up has you covered! Founded by Sofia Magnusson, The Folklore Company combines the digital world with old school cross stitch embroidery, meaning that anyone who hasn't done a cross-stitch since primary school can still enjoy the mindful activity and create something wall-worthy too! How fab is that?!

When Marielle at The Folklore Company first approached me I was quick to notice you can buy ready made embroidery patterns too - the 'busy' person in me was incredibly tempted! But then I realised I'd be missing out on the whole relaxation side  plus I'd never find out if embroidery truly was the new avocado toast! I fired off a mail with my concerns and was assured: "it’s really not hard to embroider your own, it’s a little time consuming but a very soothing activity, which is made even more cozy with a cup of tea."

Being a Brit, she had me at the tea. Here's how I got on:

1.  Selecting the pattern. The Design Editor offers a large variety of patterns ranging from more traditional flowers and lace to swallows, hearts and even unicorns! I went for the The Malta pattern - which is one of their best sellers since it's a relative simple pattern (best not to run before I crawl!). 

2.  Selecting the colour: I opted for the pewter grey thread, which I'm really pleased with. On the home run I exchanged one of the birds for a pink thread which I found at home. I think it added a nice little twist do you?!
3. Adding your text, favourite quote or poem: (remember the longer it is the more hours it will take, but then again, the task is not meant to be rushed and March is one looong month!). 
4. Choosing the text style: I chose the Primus Script as I kind of wanted the juxtaposition of the modern quote with the traditional lettering.
5. Ordering the kit: The embroidery kit contains everything you need to get started right away including a needle, fabric, yarn and pattern but I kind of got carried away and ordered the pretty peacock scissors (was tempted with the Eiffel tower ones too), a wooden embroidery hoop, and a thimble!

6. The process: I was so grateful for the very straight forward instructions and the embroidery was truly therapeutic (it's a perfect activity for a long journey, wiling away a few hours at the weekend or simply kicking back in the evenings!).

Once finished I placed the fabric in a black frame and hung it on my bedroom wall! I have to say, I'm so happy with the result!

Keen to make your own? All the information you need to get started is right here
- and the fab team are offering you 15% discount with the code: 15%SCANDINAVIAN up until 31st March. You The Folklore Team girls rock!

Don't forget to share a picture of your masterpiece using the hashtag #folklorecompany, we'd love to see it!

Thank you to the fab girls at The Folklore Company for setting me on the embroidery path and sponsoring this post - I'm already wondering what pattern to create next. Something for my daughter's room perhaps?! Watch this space!

Photography credits: 1 (montage) & 2 courtesy of The Folklore Company / 3, 4 & 5: Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian Home.

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