My Autumn Bedroom Make-over with an IKEA hack

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Hejsan! I'm curious: are you a fan of change? I love change and find that surrounding myself with a new environment always gives me new energy (Per's actually the opposite, which can be, shall we say interesting!). I often make small changes at home, but with Autumn looming (dare I say it!) I felt it was time for something bigger!

As pretty as it was, I've grown tired of the 'blushing peach' wall in the bedroom and felt it was time to change up our bedroom to give it a fresh lease of life. Per and I applied lime paint to the walls a few weeks ago, and I've since been layering the room with new pieces as well as beautiful textiles from Bemz (the Swedish brand makes luxurious designer textile covers, cushions and other accessories for IKEA furniture and I've been a fan ever since my sitting room make-over way back in 2017!). So, what 's changed in the bedroom? Here's the low down: 

Overall look
To me, a bedroom should have a wonderful element of calm. It should be somewhere that's easy to switch off - and also somewhere heavenly to wake up. I consulted with the MSH interior designer Helen - and we decided to go for soothing tones of white and soft beige as well as cosy Autumnal tones of cocoa, acorn and rosemary. So pretty together! 

I've also added a new mirror (we've never had a full body one so maybe I'll no longer look like I've been getting dressed in the dark!), various vases and a reading lamp (all Ferm Living)! 

Let's get started with the bigger pieces: 


As you may have noticed, we've never had a headboard before. To be honest, I always thought it was impossible with the window. But I was keen to give it a go as I knew it would make our bed feel so much more sumptuous and 'grown-up'(!) come Autumn! 

This one is the STAVANGER / BORÖY headboard from IKEA which is perfect as it just slots between the bed and the wall leans. I then added a Bemz universal headboard cover which comes in different widths and a choice of 130+ fabrics, and it just slides on over the top of any headboard. How crazy is that? See the end of the post for details on discount and samples.

I chose a new linen fabric which launches this Autumn (more info to follow!),  however, there are a couple of other beautiful white linen fabrics available. 

Side note: the windowsill has always doubled up really nicely as a shelf for books, plants, my Anse vase and morning coffee  - and admittedly a whole host of other things like batteries, receipts etc *rolls eyes!*.  

The bed skirt

Are you a fan of bed skirts? Once considered twee and a little OTT (I am still scarred by some of the floral ones I witnessed in the eighties!), bed skirts have totally come into their own in recent years, have you found the same? 

I love them as they hide a multitude of sins under the bed including unsightly bed bases, storage and that ghostly black gap (hands up anyone who's ever checked under their bed before going to sleep). Plus, they add a wonderful element of calm to the room. 

My new one is the Boxpleat, Rosendahl Pure Washed Linen, Absolute White. It's so pretty - and has a lovely, relaxed feel about it. 

I love a throw. They make a bed look so much neater when made. This is the Loose Fit, Brera Lino by Designers Guild, Natural which has beautiful seams (if you're thinking of getting this, go big. My bed is 180 cm x 200 cm and I opted for the 240 cm x 240 cm one). 

I love the subtle contrast with the white bed skirt too. What do you reckon? 

I'm not sure how these cushions slipped through the net (Per banned me from buying more for the house sometime a go) - but I'm so glad they did! I always think Cushions are a perfect way to add accent colours (this time I went for Autumn vibes in acorn, cocoa and rosemary)- and also to snuggle up against for some cosy bedtime reading. 

I picked out four larger cushions to lean against the headboard (size 60 x 80 cm) and then smaller ones to pile on (50 x 50 cm).  

A bedroom wouldn't be complete without a 'chairobe' (your entire wardrobe of clothes waiting on a chair to be put away or worn...!), guilty of this? I am! 

We've had an IKEA Söderhamn armchair in our bedroom for donkeys, and I was keen to cover it in a retro bouclé, tweed or teddy from the new Bemz Tactile Collection. You'll most likely have spotted the trend for textured fabrics over the past 12 months and now we can all update our existing IKEA sofas and armchairs! Liking that a lot! 

I chose the Söderhamn Armchair cover regular fit, Boucle, ivory. All I need now, is a pile of books and a candle and I'm good to go! 

And that's it! 

I hope you like our new bedroom as much as Per and I do!

If you've got questions about anything you've seen just give me a shout and I'll be happy to help. I'll likely do a follow-up post highlighting the details soon (just in case you're curious about the vases, lamp, print etc!). 

If you're interested in buying a Bemz cover, I'd advise ordering samples first so that you can test out the colours and fabrics at home (it can be hard to tell online). 

Right guys, that's it from me. Wishing you all a lovely day! 

I'm tempted to go back to bed now, what do you think? 


Photography; Niki Brantmark

This post is brought to you in paid collaboration with Bemz and contains affiliate links. However, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I absolutely love and think you will too (#Ilovemyjob!). Thank you for supporting the businesses that help bring fresh content to your mail box and make My Scandinavian Home possible.

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A New Wall Colour In My Bedroom / How To Create a Textured Wall

Good morning friends, how was your weekend? Per and I have been busy painting our bedroom. Don't get me wrong, the 'blushing peach' (above) was really cosy, but with the impending (whisper it) autumn and darker days on their way (shudder!), we were keen to give it a fresh, light feel. In the past few years I've been really into lime paint and the beautiful matt nuanced / textured affect it creates. I've painted quite a few walls in my home already with this, but it occurred to me to share a little more about the process this time round- just in case you're tempted to do something similar in your home!

There's a bunch of great lime-based powder form paints out there. My go-to is Icelandic brand Kalklitir - (I've used it before in the kitchen and they kindly gifted this batch - thank you Audur!). We chose the shade 'Palladio' which is fairly light and I noticed, the same one Jacqueline Mikuta used in her apartment which I featured recently. It has a wonderful, calming aesthetic. 

How to apply it
Before you apply it, the trick is to think carefully about how nuanced / cloudy you would like your wall. Lighter colours will automatically show less affect. 

We used 1.7 litres of water for 1 kg of powder (although this varies depending on which brand you use) and applied it evenly using fairly straight / curved strokes for a relatively 'clean', subtle look. 

However, if you're looking for a more textured aesthetic, you can add more water and apply it fairly roughly, using a cross action (which we did on the final layer) - adding more in some areas than others. Or for a REALLY textured wall you can work the powder into a paste and apply it with a spatula.

Bear in mind that every wall is different and some have better absorption than others - so results will vary no matter what! 

Is it easy to apply?
When I shared the picture above on instagram I got asked a lot of questions about whether or not this type of paint is easy to apply. Firstly, I always think that when you see renovations online they always look so effortless. It's as if they appear by magic!!! But with any decorating there's always a lot of work involved - checking samples, taping adjacent walls and windows, removing appliances, cleaning the wall etc. 

However, once you get started applying chalk paint is really quick and easy with a brush - in fact I would say, it's way quicker than standard paint. But it can be very disconcerting the first time you use it as it feels like it's never going to cover whatever was underneath and looks SUPER patchy while it dries! Fear not though, it'll quickly settle and the coverage is great (we used three layers, but probably could have got away with two). 

On the other hand, applying it with a spatula is way more labour intensive - but no doubt worth it if that's the look you're going for! 

If you're using Kalklitir, there's more info about the application process here

How many layers do you need?
This always depends on the wall in question. I was slightly concerned as one of the walls in our bedroom (behind the office) is really dark - but since it had a matt (or semi-matt) finish we were able to apply the paint straight over it without any prep work. We ended up using three layers in total, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly in between.

Ready to see the result? Ta-daaaa:

As you can see, the texture is really subtle, but you can still see shifts in the colour which helps to add depth and interest the space. 

We're so happy with the result - I hope you like it as much as we do! If you have any questions about the paint please do give me a shout below and I'll do my best to help!

I'm so looking forward to sharing more pictures and info about our bedroom soon.

Have a great start to the week!


Final image taken by me and styled by Helen Sturesson

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Liv's Bedroom - All Ready For a Lie-in (+ Get The 'Linen' Look!)

FREDAG (Friday!) - woooop! I don't know about you but I'm planning on a couple of lengthy lie-ins this weekend (I've never have been much of a morning person - how about you?)! Downstairs from us, Liv will no doubt be taking a lie-in too - right here, surrounded by luxury linen. Between you and me, I'm a little envious of her room since the make-over. Hmmm, maybe it's time for an update upstairs too? In the meantime, here are a few snapshots I took of her room with Helen Sturesson for a recent shoot for the wonderful small Swedish business Lovely Linen

I painted the wall in Moln 802 by Alcro - which is a really pale blue. Over time, I've appreciated it more and more - it feels really fresh and matches the rattan headboard (from Danish brand Nordal) really well. Adding a dusty blue pillow cover to the mix of linen also helped to emphasise the blue touch. 

For the rest of the bed linen, I used 2 x Misty Meadow pillow cases (50 x 60)  1 x pillowcase light grey (50 x 60), 1 x pillowcase in dusty blue (50 x 60).  a rustic overcast, 1 x sheet, 2 x Misty meadow duvet covers (single)  and 1 x bed skirt in natural beige (I probably would have gone for the off-white actually, but it was out of stock at the time). 

In the top picture you can catch a glimpse of a side table - which is from danish brand Wild Studio and made from 100% recycled plastic! It also doubles up as a stool. Love it!  

I hope I covered most of the pieces - but in case you're curious about anything else you see in the pictures which is not listed here or in today's post, just give me a shout in the comment section below and I'd be happy to help!

Soooo, that's it from this week. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful, sunny weekend! See you Monday friends! 


This post contains press / PR items but has not been created as part of a paid partnership. 

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A Clever Small Space Solution For a Bedroom or Home Office

Homes come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes you need to get a little creative to accommodate that extra bedroom or home work space! And I love what the owners have done with this small, 44 m2 (473 f2) Stockholm apartment. Using reclaimed wood, upcycled windows and doors, they've cordoned off part of the living room to form a master bedroom.  The windows ensure natural light still flows through to the bedroom - and yet the space still feels cosy and private. All in all, a lovely, unique idea! Oh, and check out the blue shade too - 'deco blue' by Jotun Lady has a similar calming tone. 

I love how the doors open right out to give the space a light and airy feel. 

Such a clever solution! 

I see that there are curtains in the sitting room which can be drawn at night, but I'd also consider black out blinds in the bedroom area too, just to make sure you get an extra good shuteye. What do you think?

Do you have an awkward space in your home that you're trying to puzzle out? 

In my parents home, where I'm currently staying (see below), the third bedroom used to be accessed via the second bedroom. Mum was always worried that taking away a section of the second bedroom to build a corridor would make the second room feel too cramped - but eventually they took the plunge and I have to say, it's worked amazingly. The second bedroom still feels fine and it's great to have separate access to the third bedroom rather than creeping passed someone snoring away! 

If you fancy checking out the entire tour - it's still available here


Thank you SO much for all your lovely comments, I've read all of them and your words feel so comforting. Unfortunately, we didn't receive the results we wanted and I have prolonged my stay at my parents' house to be with my Dad. However, I'd love to continue coming here daily to blog, but do bear with me if I disappear for a few days! 

Photos: Svenskfast found via Planete Deco with thanks

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At Home With The Terra Collection From Georg Jensen

Paid partnership*:
In preparation for the long winter ahead, I've decided to go all out with the greenery and up my plant game at home. This has coincided nicely with the latest launch from Danish brand Georg Jensen. Created by the internationally renowned Norwegian design agency Snøhetta, The Terra Collection is Georg Jensen's first foray into indoor and outdoor home gardening. Inspired by the undulating waves and reflective flow of water and the contemplative organic forms found in nature, the nine-piece collection includes plant pots and watering utensils that combine earthy terracotta and cool stainless-steel. Needless to say, the accessories look equally beautiful on a terrace, balcony or in this case - my bedroom! Just what we need to bring out the gardener inside us this Autumn! 

The collection includes four stainless steel planters: the Terra Reversible Planter in small, Reversible Planter in medium (seen on my windowsill), and a Reversible Planter in large as well as a TERRA Pot & Saucer.

I love how the green leaves of the plants reflect in the metal, doubling their impact (you can never have too much greenery at home, right?!). The planters are also reversible, so you can combine them in different ways to create an interesting sculptural display.

I'm also a big fan of the TERRA Pot & Saucer (this is the large one and there's also a medium sized one or the option of the TERRA Tray & Set Of Three Pots). Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, the pot is made from terracotta with a touch of stainless steel and is gently tapered, giving the roots more space to grow. Clever! 

The collection also includes a sleek and elegant TERRA Watering Can made from mirror polished stainless steel which was inspired by the flow of water itself. True to its Scandinavian heritage, the watering can is a dream to use and would be sacrilege to hide away. A perfect reminder to water the plants! Look out for the TERRA Watering Globe too (sadly not pictured here... although it is my birthday coming up...). 

Norwegian design for a Danish brand in a Swedish bedroom. You can't get more Scandinavian than this, right?!

I think this collection might just be what we all need to help us let a little nature into our home and hearts this Autumn, what do you think?

Do any of the pieces stand out to you in particular?

Read more about The Terra Collection here.


Photography: My Scandinavian Home Styling: Helen Sturesson

*This is a paid partnership with Georg Jensen. All words and pictures are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too.

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5 Reasons To Swap Your Double Duvet for Two Singles (Scandi Style!)

When I moved to Sweden more than 16 years ago, I assumed Per (as a bachelor) had to cobble together two single duvets in lieu of not having a double duvet for my stay. As time went on though, I realised it was intentional, and that in fact almost EVERY marital bed in Scandinavia uses two single duvets instead of a double! Look very closely at pictures of Nordic bedrooms and unless there's been some very clever styling at play, you'll more than likely spot it. Stay at a Nordic hotel, and you'll experience it first-hand. Of course, being ever the romantic, I insisted on a double duvet at first - and Per reluctantly obliged, but as time went on, I realised perhaps our Scandi friends have a point. Here are five reasons why! 

1. Staying snug, your way! I love to have all the windows open, even if it's howling a gale or we're in deep mid-winter (the Brit in me, for sure!) whereas Per likes to keep them firmly shut even in the height of summer. The truth is all our bodies behave differently at night and feel good at different temperatures. The beauty of having your own duvet means that you can choose a duvet / bed cover thickness that works for you and be as cool or warm as you like! 

"We all have different body temperatures, and some sweat more than others at night. Some prefer a warmer duvet, while others something cooler. It's therefore a good idea to have bedding that caters to your specific needs. The type of material can also play a roll - you may prefer a warmer flannel style material or linen for a more airy feel" -  Helena Kubicek Boye, Swedish sleep expert and author of Sömnsagor (a children's story book designed to help children fall asleep more easily).  

2. You can sleep like a starfish (if you like): Still on the topic of body temperature (yes, this is all highly practical stuff) - having your own duvet means you can cool your limbs at will  - stick out your right leg, left leg, elbow from under the covers whoever. you like... whatever feels best to get that all important shut eye! Just as long as you're not encroaching onto your partners side too much, obvs

3. No more fighting over the covers! There's always someone who steals the duvet, isn't there? You know, the one who's wrapped like a swaddled baby, deep in REM while the other freezes on the other side of the bed. Well guess what? If you have your own duvet, this won't happen. E.V.E.R! 

4. You can take it with you! Snoring partner? Feeling unwell? Simply can't sleep? There are many reasons you may need to get up in the middle of the night and move somewhere else to get your slumber. The beauty of having your own duvet is you can take it with you - and when you get to your new destination (the sofa, spare bed, your children's bedroom floor, the dog basket!), it'll still feel cosy and warm! 

5. The morning wrap! You may be entirely in synch or perhaps one of you is a night owl and the other an early bird. All is fair in love and war, but if you do like to sit up and read longer than your partner or enjoy breakfast in bed while the other sleeps on, the angle you'll create when you sit up and the other is lying down is bound to disturb. If you have your own duvet, however, they'll sleep on in their swaddle - and you'll enjoy blissful silence until the family awakes! 

Sound unromantic? "Of course, you can always creep under your partner's cover and be cosy anyway, but it's great to be able to choose!" says Helena. 

These days I'm definitely in the two single duvets camp (if you look closely at the last two pictures, both taken in my bedroom at various points in time you might just spot the overlap!). And guess what? I really do sleep a whole lot better!

Which camp are you in? I'd love to hear more about how you sleep! 


PS I'm off to Norway today to meet my Mum (it's her birthday!) and younger sister for a long weekend. Feeling super excited as it's one of my favourite countries in the world! I'll be back here blogging again on Monday, have a great few days - sweet dreams! 

Credits: 1. HM Home 2. Kvarteret Mäkleri 3 & 4. Entrance Mäkleri 5. Fantastic Frank 6. & 7. Historiska Hem 8. Jotex 9 & 10 My Scandinavian Home

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A Peaceful and Calming Bedroom, Inspired by Nature

It's Friday people - FRIDAY! Boy, am I happy to see the weekend, how about you? I'm feeling so jaded - and seeing a beautiful bedroom like this isn't helping matters. It's the type of space that makes you want to climb through the picture, crawl under the covers and stay for a while! You might remember Nina Plummer's beautiful Edinburgh home from this feature. At the time it went to press (how pro does that sound?!) the bedroom wasn't ready. Today, the nude, cream and sage green master bedroom, which Nina shares with husband Craig, is as breath-taking and serene as the rest of the apartment. 

"From natural linen bedding to bare wood and a calming, neutral colour pallet, we wanted our space to feel cosy, inviting and simple, offering a warm place to rest and recharge." Nina Plummer

A lamp from Devol Kitchens and a pearwood dusting brush hang from a brass hook beside the linen Ghost bed. A little wooden stool* provides a perfect platform for a morning cup of tea! 

The bed is dressed with a Belgian linen throw blanket in raw umber and velvet jewel cushions in dappled sage. A little round table picked up at an antique shop serves as a bedside table. Nina had the curtains custom made, the brass pole is from Jim Lawrence.

Nina sells the Copenhagen pots and heritage brass water mister in her online shop INGREDIENTS LDN

A beautifully worn chest-of-drawers adds character to the room. Knowing Nina, I'm sure it's in great working order (unlike the antique chest-of-drawers I had in my bedroom as a child - I remember wiggling the drawers for hours just to get a pair of socks out!). The natural hemp palm broom is another goodie from Nina's shop. 

What a beautiful bedroom! So peaceful.

Could you imagine a lie in here this weekend?

See more of Nina's home here and also on her instagram and blog. Her online shop INGREDIENTS LDN is absolutely beautiful and well worth a visit too! 

Did you see the 18 headboards to love right now earlier on this week? This linen headboard was one of my favourites! 

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

Vi ses på Måndag! 


Photography: Nina & Craig Plummer
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