Colour Inspiration From a Lovely Swedish Apartment

Hello! How are you this bright and sunny day? In recent years, the interior world trend has edged away from a less is more white space (although they'll always feel timeless to me!) towards more of a mix and match menagerie of bold colours, patterns and prints. 

If you feel you're being carried along by the tide and looking to inject a little more colour into your home, this Swedish apartment might just serve as the perfect inspiration. Read on to discover which tones they have used and other smart uses of colour and contrast! 

In the kitchen, the cabinets have been painted in a soft shade beside a bolder blushing peach by Jotun. I used the latter in my bedroom, and absolutely loved it. Stupidly I painted over it on a whim and now I really miss it! 

A lovely mid blue has been used on a dresser by the window - which pairs beautifully with the peach - a very Scandi combo! 

Note how a shelf has been placed across the window, turning storage out of a disused area. If you have a window looking out onto a pavement, shelves like this can help shield you from prying eyes while still allowing light to come in. 

The sitting room wall (and hallway) have been painted in seashell by Becker. I would so love this shade at our summer cottage, if only for the name! So pretty, don't you think? 

Notice how they have brought in yellow as an accent colour. The trick is to bring in at least three pops for a cohesive, balanced look. Here, it can be seen in the blanket, flowers and a picture frame. 

Playing with scale is a great way to add interest to a space. Here, an oversized lamp makes a statement in the hallway. 

In recent years, paint has moved on from just the walls - and people are going wild with doorframes, wainscoting and other features. When done right, it can make a great impact! 

The wainscoting has been given a lick of 'dark teal' and the walls have been painted with 'rooibos' - both by Becker.

And finally, the children's bedroom has been painted in linen blue by Jotun - an incredibly popular shade in Scandinavia as it's incredible calming. Note the blue and pink combo has been repeated here. 

All in all, a lovely home, full of inspiring ideas!

Are there any paint combinations that stood out to you? 

Perhaps you have a favourite colour in your home that you'd like to share with us? 

In case you're looking for more colour inspiration, here are some Norwegian homes with very pretty schemes! 

Before we all shoot off, a little note to say, it's a public holiday here in Sweden on Thursday and Friday and Alice (my youngest daughter) is competing in the nationals in gymnastics - so we're heading up to Stockholm to cheer her on. It's always a joy to watch her and her team mates and the other young gymnasts in action, if not highly emotional - I'll be needing big sunglasses! 

This means there'll be no post on Friday - but I'll be back again on Monday! 

Have a lovely few days! 


Photography courtesy of Nya Kvadrat - found via Nordroom with thanks


  1. A lovely home, with cozy elements, except the sofa and chair would be difficult for an
    older person to use....since they both very low to the ground.

    1. This is true, and important to think about. I have an armchair in my summer cottage that my mother-in-law always says she wouldn't dare sit in as she'd never get out of it again!

  2. It seems every person passionate about decor has an era they are completely obsessed with, and this one has lots of 70s vibes going on from colors, fixtures, artwork, textiles to materials. Although all the color choices aren't my cup of tea, it is curated so tastefully. It's always fun to see the personality of a space's humans shine through. The collection of ceramic mushrooms is killing me - I love them!
    Lyka till to Alice. Here's some tissues, Niki. I so get this.
    Laura K

    1. So true Laura - do you have an era?
      Thank you so much re Alice. It's always such a moving experience watching their highs and lows. I'll miss it one day, I'm sure!

    2. Oh dear, personally I'm not faithful to a particular one. For me, different pieces from each era are worthy and tend to gravitate toward the classics or off-beat among them. But most who I've helped tend to choose an era as their foundation, and I never discourage this, as it can be a lot of fun researching and finding the pieces that speak to them!

  3. Patty Pederson8 May 2024 at 16:01

    Best of luck to Alice in the Nationals! You must be so proud!

  4. In this apartment, all the pieces seem to fit into place. Ingenious!

  5. I'm loving the mushrooms and the scalloped yellow pillow. It's the little things!!!

    1. I love how you always find the small details that I have missed - thank you for pointing out these charming little things!

  6. The pops of yellow are so cheerful and strategically placed throughout. I really like the shelf in front of the window. Great extra storage as well as a decor element.

    1. Yes, the pops of yellow are great - and the shelf! Made me question if I have any windows I can do this with!

  7. I am so happy to hear of Alice and Liz achievements! I wish them great success. Hope you had a lovely time in Stockholm. Enjoy these days! P.S Didn't read it all up on W-Day, came here eagerly as it was F-day, and realized you were off having a good time:-)


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