3 Swedish Airbnbs That Bring You Close To Nature

Many people flock to Sweden in summertime. Some are looking for a city break, while many others come for the beautiful nature. It makes sense. Sweden has a population of 10 million and a land mass stretching 1572 km from North to South, which makes it easy to find a secluded spot. It's one of the things I love most about living here. 

If you're thinking of visiting, here are three very different Airbnbs which will immerse you in nature so you can switch off, relax, take a dip and generally recharge your batteries, Swedish style! 

Live an indoor-outdoor lifestyle at this cabin in Southwest Sweden, and wake up to the sound of bird song while looking out over the fields of Halmstad. 

You'll feel like you're living in a treehouse in this cabin in Gnesta. And it's just a short hop to a bathing spot too so you get the best of both worlds. Sign me up! 

This unique stay in Bengtsförs invites you to cut loose - literally, and tow your floating home wherever the mood takes you. I love the idea of  waking up to different scenery every morning! The house has a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom and sleeps four. 

All wonderful in their own way. Which would you choose? 

I have a hard time deciding, I must say, but since we have a sailing boat already - I might just be inclined to go for the forest cabin! 

Incidentally, I saw a question about screens and insects on the My Scandinavian Home facebook this week, and some of you might very well be wondering about this when you see these places! In my experience, it's quite rare to get mosquitoes and other pesky creepy crawlies south of Stockholm - although they can be a bit of a nuisance around sunset in the height of summer. That's why you'll rarely see screen doors and windows in these properties. However there can be quite a few mozzies in the North, where they are attracted by the many lakes. So, if you're visiting that part of Sweden you might need plenty of good repellent - depending on the year. 

Do you have a lot of bugs where you are? 

If you're planning a trip and would like to see more Scandinavian airbnbs, check out my holiday rental / airbnb archive - there are so many good ones in there! I have also written quite a few Scandinavian travel and city guides

Happy Wednesday!


PS I had promised to share a small Copenhagen home belonging to a single mother and her son, but unfortunately I've had to move the post to April. I apologise for this, but I promise it'll be worth the wait! 

Photography courtesy of Airbnb, with thanks. 


  1. Really beautiful airbnbs! I'd love to see more pictures of the first one, but it seems the airbnb links have been mixed up? :)

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know - now updated! :)

  2. from the french woman : hello, i think i'm going to be unhappy this year given the garish 80s colors that we are offered for decoration !
    i really prefer the pretty calm atmosphere of these 3 cabins.
    i really like water, perhaps a reminder of the few years when i lived on a boat with my children in the mediterranean. maybe ?

    1. Oh wow, what an adventure! Your children must have such great memories from that. Did you have a favourite sailing area in the Med?
      We are hoping to sail somewhere warm this summer (maybe Croatia?) as we long for sparkling blue sees which you can dive into without an audible gasp!

  3. Each of them do have lovely scenery and the forest cabin would be my pick. I live in the US and spent ~32 years on the east coast. Summertime did bring some mosquitoes after rains, but not much of a problem when sitting outside on a raised surface such as a wooden deck or stone patio. Hiking could be a different story. We are currently living on a farm in the central plains and the summer months can be very dry, so mosquitos are not a big problem. Other types of critters that I find undesirable are a different matter! It’s nice to know Sweden is not plagued by the buzzing biters, especially when outdoors is such a favorite place for Swedes to spend time!

  4. All of them look wonderful. My first pick would be the houseboat--what a fun adventure! That would be closely followed by the indoor/outdoor cabin.

    I'm from Michigan and unfortunately, yes, we have mosquitoes. At certain times in the early summer, we also have biting flies. Unfortunately, ticks are becoming more common (we never had to deal with ticks when I was growing up--the awful things keep moving north). As a result, I have learned about picaridin as an effective insect repellant. You can apply it to your clothing, which is enormously helpful for hiking. I prefer the months of August through October for many of my outdoor adventures because the bugs start going away then. That being said, we have many beautiful outdoorsy places in our area which resemble the places that you featured today.

    1. Ah yes, ticks - awful things!! I forgot about them. We have loads in Sweden too (depending on where you are in the country) and we've all had to be vaccinated against TBE as a result. Both my husband and stepson have caught Lyme disease from them too.

      Even so, it sounds like Michigan is a beautiful part of the world - you're wise to enjoy hiking between August and October to enjoy it to the fullest!

  5. Amazing! The treehouse would be my pick.

  6. I LOVE the indoor/outdoor cabin...the colors are muted and so relaxing.Imagine waking up to that view from your bedroom every morning...


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