A Beautiful Rustic Home in Rural North Sweden

Do you ever romanticise about moving somewhere remote, wild and windswept? I often wonder what it might be like to live in the far North of Sweden, where the sun set marks a month of darkness, the sky lit by the beauty of the Northern lights. Maybe one day I'll make my move. For now, I'll live through others. And one of my favourite homes is that of garden designer Fanny Lindén and her family . You might recognise Fanny's beautiful, rustic home from these Christmas and Spring features. And this morning I stumbled across these images captured by Lina Östling and Mari Strenghielm (see her lovely former home on an island!) who paid Fanny a visit last year. The pictures give you a glimpse into family life and a world where the beauty is in the imperfection. Vintage and antique pieces proudly bear the hallmarks of time, and the doors are thrown open to a world where everyone is welcome - children, cats, chickens and whoever else chooses to wander in! Välkommen! 

So beautiful! 

I love the bright yellow barn door and vibrant Falu red facade, imagine how lovely it looks against the snow in wintertime! 

I can't tell you how tempted I am to live like this (maybe a gap year - as a former Londoner it would be a WAY too big step to make the move permanent off the bat, I'd need to test the waters first!). Could you imagine living somewhere rural? Or perhaps you already do? 

Other Rural Scandinavian homes to love this weekend:

Wishing you a wonderful couple of days - see you Monday! 


Photography: Lina Östling Styling: Mari Strenghielm - shared with kind permission. 


  1. Очень понравилось! Наверное иногда надо вырваться из города и отдохнуть за городом, в тишине и таком интерьере!!! Из РОССИИ с любовью!!!

    1. I dd a quick goole translate to understand your comment - I'm so happy you liked this home! I once visited Moscow and absolutely loved it.

  2. I definitely dream about living somewhere remote and quiet but, like you, I don't know if I would be able to make that too permanent. It's more of a temporary, read-100-classics-again-in-solitude type of living. But if I could, this place would be perfect. So charming and beautiful.

    1. Yes, totally with you on that! It's a shame that all the most beautiful properties seem to be rural! Maybe one day, we'll feel ready!

  3. So charming. Is the white tile item a type of stove? It is amazing.

    1. yes, in Swedish it's referred to as a 'kakelugn' - they're very common in older buildings and apparently incredibly efficient! They're pretty too, of course!


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