Tiny Home Inspiration: A Beautiful Swedish Studio With A Great Storage Solution

A tiny, one room studio apartment with lots of storage and a beautiful aesthetic? Yes, it IS possible! if you're dealing with 28 square metres / 300 square feet or less and struggling to find a place for all your things, I have a feeling you'll find this beautiful Gothenburg apartment truly inspiring - and I couldn't resist adding a few more ideas to the mix too. Oh, and I added the floor plan at the end a first from my side, but I felt it could be useful (courtesy of Entrance). Don't live in a confined space? Lots of homes have compact spaces such as a box room - so I have a feeling this tour will come in handy for most of us! 

Unless you're a true minimalist, there's no going for the trendy 'no upper cabinets' look that's so hot right now. Instead, it's all about maximising height and wall space - and in my humble opinion, upper cabinets can look just as good! If you have a lot of kitchen utensils, opt for closed cabinets for a less cluttered look.  

This kitchen could have looked a little cold had it not been for the beautiful warm natural textures seen in the stone worktop and wood dining chairs. 

The stylist behind this apartment hasn't utilised under-the-sofa storage here, but if you need the space, opt for sofas and coffee tables with built-in storage. 

Again, not seen here, but if you are a book lover or would love to display personal items, the enclave in the picture above to the right of the wardrobe (where there painting is) would be a perfect spot for narrow vertical shelling that extends the full height. See this beautiful Stockholm family home for some great 'small space' bookshelf inspiration! 

No matter your ceiling height, the vertical space in a small apartment is one of your greatest assets - use to  the full by ensuring wardrobes extend all the way to the ceiling. You can always hang a ladder on the wall to the side for access. 

The space under the bed is another great place for extra storage. For a neater look, add a bed skirt - it will add a soft touch to the bedroom area and cover up whatever is underneath. 

Wall-mounted furniture and accessories: if your walls allow it, hang lights and other furniture on the wall to clear floor space. 

And in case you're curious - here's the 27 square metre floor plan: 

I hope this has been helpful. A special thanks to all of those who have e-mailed me /  requested inspiration for living spaces smaller than 30 square metres! Please do feel free to email me anytime with ideas and requests, it's really helpful! 

Oh, and for another serene smallish space - did you see Sarah's Copenhagen home yesterday? So serene! And of course, there's always the archive too! 

Wishing you all a great day!


Photography courtesy of Entrance 


  1. This is a lovely space!
    I appreciate the floor plan at the end.
    Thank you.

    1. I'm happy I included that now, it's quite a square-shaped space so I felt the layout could inspire many!

  2. Oh, what a great space. I have always been partial to small and efficient spaces and this is definitely that. it helps that the colours keep it warm and inviting, and the choice of finishes and lighting is top notch. Would love to live here.

    1. Yes, so true about the warm colours, I agree they give it such an inviting feel!

  3. I could live here happily. I also would add the additional storage, Niki, like you recommended. The sofa would be a hide-a-bed for overnight guests, and the coffee table would have storage. Being a writer, reader, visual and textile artist, and eternal budding musician, the big plant and prints would be changed out for original art, bookshelves, and some clever and fetching storage for art supplies. My piano, ukulele, violins, and guitar would fill some of that vertical space. I love the layout and the interior design. I would consider building this size house.

    1. I love how you have made it your own in the description - particularly with your musical instruments on the wall. I can totally see you living here and putting a wonderful, personal stamp on the space!

  4. Beautiful apartment! Love the addition of the floor plan, I would love to see this more in the future, thank you!

  5. Some great ideas to add storage. Visually, I was most drawn to the deep set windows and the view reflected in the mirror. Very appealing space!

    1. I'm so hoary you pointed out the deep set windows - so appealing!

  6. This is such a lovely apartment and it's totally relatable.


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