Small Space Living: A Delightful Danish Apartment In Calm, Earthy Tones

We've woken up to wonderful sunshine here in Malmö today. But I won't be fooled into thinking it's spring, there's a vicious wind out there I can tell you! So instead, my mind is turning indoors - and I'm kicking off the week with a virtual tour of Sarah's delightful 46 square metre (495 square foot) 'lejighed' (apartment) in Copenhagen. Sarah's home is located in a salmon-coloured building dating back to 1884 in the beautiful, leafy district of Frederiksberg. The relatively compact, yet stylish and calm living space has been minimally decorated with a strong focus on recycled and sustainable furniture. Think earthy, neutral tones, a blend of open and closed storage solutions and lots of art. Oh, and don't miss the music corner! 

Sarah has recently installed the lovely rack in the kitchen, by sustainable Danish furniture makers We Do Wood. This unit is particularly great for making extra use of vertical wall space (I bet it feels lovely to touch too!). 

How great are these rails? A quick search led me to danish brand Ferm Living - available here. They provide extra kitchen storage while adding character. Love these! 

You'll often see these beautiful radiator covers in older Scandinavian houses (seen here in the corner). They're great - not only do they cover unsightlier, or even wonkily installed radiators, they also provide an extra surface for display.

Note - always check with an expert before covering a radiator obvs (speaking from experience, since the ones in our summer cottage would be lethal if they were covered!). 

These cube-shaped wall mounted shelves from Montana are extremely popular in Denmark for good reason! If you have a wall that can hold it, wall mounted furniture creates a wonderful illusion of space and helps to give a light and airy feel. These shelves in particular are a perfect height for displaying decorative items like the iconic Stoff Nagel candleholder*.  

Special nod to the gallery wall. Is it just me, or are Danes great at these? Try Curated Copenhagen (including one-of-a-kind art) or The Poster Club* for similar prints. 

Every home should have a music corner like this, don't you think? I'm imaging the sweet sound of music gently floating out of the open window and filling the street with life. There's something so wonderful about summer in the city, don't you think? Or maybe that's just the Londoner in me! 

Glass tables with a built-in shelf are brilliant. My parents have one too and they are perfect for storing your favourite coffee table books while keeping them in sight, close to hand and dust free! I'm a big fan! Maybe not so practical in a family home though with kids around (those little handprints!).

Originally, many of these Frederiksberg apartments were built without a bathroom, so the owners have had to make use of tiny closet spaces to recreate them. Bags on hooks equal instant extra storage in a bathroom that's feels like a bit of a squash and a squeeze and has limited storage.  

The iconic 'Hang it all' are great for small hallways since they don't take up much room and yet have a load of hooks in one place. 

So many lovely ideas here - for big and small homes alike! Is there anything that stood out to you? 

Feel inspired by other small spaces in this archive. 

On a separate note - in honour of International Women's Day, I'll be sharing a feature in my instagram stories this evening which includes some of the Scandinavian women I truly admire in the design world. I hope they'll inspire you too! In the meantime, here's to all the strong woman out there - may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them. 

Wishing you a wonderful start to the week! 


Photography: Sarah / @detlaksefarvedehus - shared with kind permission
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  1. This home is a beautiful, serene sanctuary.

    1. I love your description - 'serene sanctuary' is spot on!

  2. I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I keep noticing pictures on the floor leaned up against the wall rather than hung in lots of different homes. Does everyone just have something they've been meaning to hang, or is there a story behind this?

    1. That's a very good question. I'm not sure I have an answer. Personally speaking, I have frames on the floor in my studio AND at home - simply because I haven't got around to hanging them yet. I know it's the same in my parents home in London too. I guess, many of the homes I show are a work in progress. But it also might be a form of 'relaxed styling' in some cases? Hmmm. Something I will mull over!

    2. Thanks for the reply! My house has a couple of those, too. The answer must lie somewhere between relaxed styling and "I've been meaning to get to that" :) It just seems so common that I had to ask!

  3. The bathroom mirror is stunning!

  4. One thing I love is the realness of these homes (apart from the fact that some things are obviously staged). I love how cushions don't get the karate chop to the centre but are left as is on the couches. And the beds look slept in!

    1. I'm happy you noticed this, I do try to show 'real' homes where possible as I feel they're more relatable. I laughed out loud at your comment about 'karate chopped' pillows - so true!

  5. I've always wondered how one changes the bed linens on beds tucked so tightly in corners.

    1. There's a real knack to it - and it requires some slick moves, I can tell you! Speaking as someone who has several beds against the wall in my own home 8for space-saving purposes) - and as someone who used to have change a top bunk for one of my daughters (quite a lot of calories burned in the process!).

  6. Love it. The bags on hooks in the little bathroom is a great idea!

  7. This space makes me want the lifestyle that it conveys!

    1. Love that you get that from these pictures, it is indeed a lovely home!


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