My Summer Cottage Kitchen Final Reveal (+ Get The Look)!

In paid partnership with Bosch:
I can't believe we've finished our summer cottage kitchen! For a mini, 8 m2 / 86 sq. ft. kitchen, it sure was a whole lot of work! Thank goodness for You Tube and all your wonderful tips and words of encouragement along the way. There certainly wouldn't be a kitchen to enjoy without either of these ingredients! It seems a lifetime ago that I shared the before pictures, design plans - and a few nasty surprises along the way - so without further ado, here is the final reveal!

A little background

Our wooden cottage is located on the West coast of Sweden and was built by my husband's grandfather in the 1930s. It isn't insulated, so we're only there on weekends and school holidays between April and October. Life at the cottage is simple and involves a routine of eat, swim, sleep, repeat! It's somewhere we go to escape the city, kick back and enjoy everything the Swedish summer has to offer with no flights to catch and no schedules to keep. I was keen for the kitchen to reflect this back to basics way of life and create something simple, understated and comfortable.

The Colours
The house is a few hundred metres from the shores of the Kattegat sea where off-white sands meet cool, grey-blue waters. A pine forest leads down to the shoreline - and offers a perfect place to forage for berries and mushrooms. I opted for soft,  muted, subtle greys and whites with touches of lush greenery to reflect the lovely surroundings.

We chose simple veddinge cabinets from IKEA which I had spray painted by the fab guys at Swiss Metod in Malmö. We completed the look with bagganäs brass knobs (thank you for your help deciding these in my instagram stories poll!).

Above: While we tend to lead a back-to-basics life at the cottage, we still delight in a few modern comforts, and a dishwasher is one of them! We were going to go for a compact / slimmed down size but in the end went for the standard size Dishwasher Series 6 SBE46CX05E so we wouldn't be constantly emptying and refilling it! Since it's a small kitchen we integrated it behind the cabinets for a seamless look. It's also dead silent, so you'd never know it was there! 
I felt it was important to inject some of the original features. The original Bakelight fittings had been swapped out for white plastic fittings in the 70s and I felt it would be nice to reinstall replicas from this time. My Mother-in-law thought this was very amusing: "I still remember the day we installed the new light switches. They felt very state-of-the-art.". I wonder what the next generation will do?!

The worktop
If you've been following this journey, you'll know we went backwards and forwards on the worktop for weeks (thank you for all your words of wisdom!). Since it's not our permanent home we wanted something inexpensive, durable and practical. In the end we chose Ekbacken white marble effect as it covered all basics. I am super happy with how it looks and can highly recommend it. However, the 'purist' in me is pining for a natural surface so one day I might just swap it out for wood or stone, we'll see!

Oven, induction hob and fan
Having had Bosch appliances in our home for over ten years and knowing they can be integrated seamlessly into IKEA kitchens, it made sense to go for Bosch goods in our summer cottage too. I'm so happy with our Oven Series 8 HBG872DS1S and Induction Hob Series 6 PXE611FC1E, they're super sleek and state-of-the-art! We're also pleased with the fan, which is tucked into the cabinet above (allowing for more storage space above). You can read more about why I chose these appliances here.

I registered my appliances at My Bosch which allows me to test the appliances for 100 days and return them if I'm not satisfied - how helpful is that?! I also receive recipes, first insight into promotions, and a customer service VIP number - well worth signing up for!

Chopping boards!
I can't tell you how many wooden chopping boards I have (my husband has placed a ban on me acquiring anymore (along with the cushion embargo!). Fortunately, I had enough at home to donate to the cottage!).  I love that they are both practical and add instant texture and warmth to a kitchen - plus they only get better with age. Do you have wood chopping boards too?

Sink area
I think this area is my favourite. Since the house is quite old, the window height isn't standardised, so we hung a linen curtain (which my Mother-in-law found at a flea market) behind the sink to stop things falling down behind the countertop and add a hint of traditional Swedish cottage style. The sink is the porcelain Havsen from IKEA and the tap - which I LOVE - is by Tapwell (see the get the look below). The latter was a little bit more of an investment, but I completely fell in love with the rich patina and love the feel of it when in use - and am so happy I went all out with the it.

The details
Although a white and light grey colour combination helps to make a smaller kitchen appear larger, I was aware that it can also feel quite cold. I therefore added a load of natural textures in the form of linen, stone, wool and wood in order to add depth and warmth as well as draw nature indoors.

I picked up the stone vases at a local nursery (Trädgårdspalleten) in Malmö. I love the rough, imperfect nature of the surface. It's perfect for wildflowers too! Brass items with a subtle patina like the tap and nautical lamp also help to add interest to the room.

Soap dish (of sorts!)
My younger daughter brought this pebble back from the nearby beach, it makes a perfect soap dish!
Nautical pendant lamp
I am so pleased with this nautical-style pendant over the sink (from Rowen & Wren) - I got the idea from Jeska Hearne's kitchen! When lit, it looks really cosy and brings a subtle nautical touch to the room; I can imagine every kitchen window in the fishing village had a lamp like this at some point.

In a small kitchen, it's vital to make use of every inch - which is why we opted for a Fridge-Freezer Series 4 KIN86VS30 and installed it behind the cabinet doors (read more about the fridge-freezer here). Not only does it make the kitchen feel less cluttered, it also allowed for more storage (and plenty of space for our summer wine and cheese!).

The floor
When we started the floor was covered in a plastic laminate which we ripped out. The wood floor beneath was fairly low quality so we decided to sand it down and paint it with hard wearing floor paint in white (take a peek here!). The walls have also been painted in a simple, matt white to create a light and airy feel.

The Curtain
Since the house isn't very well insulated, a linen curtain helps to keep out drafts by the back door, and adds a softness to the overall look. The stripes are another subtle nod to the coastal vibe, and I love how it billows in the breeze.

Open storage
If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know I love a row of hooks (I'm pretty sure Per will put an embargo on buying more of these soon, too)! But they're soooo handy and also add a cosy feel. I actually picked up these mango wood ones at H&M Home - such a find as they have a slightly aged look. I placed three side by side. The ones nearest the door are reserved for 'hallway' stuff like shopping baskets and outdoor items, while the hooks towards the centre of the room are for more kitchen-based items.

And that's it!

I hope you enjoyed the tour and like the result as much as we do!

The space feels extra special having done it all ourselves (save for a little plumbing and electrics).

In case you're curious on where items are from, here's the complete low down:


1. Nordal Carpet with Fringes
2. IKEA VEDDINGE cabinets
3. HUBSCH Barstool
4. IKEA Brass Door Knobs
5. Byggfabriken White Photo Lamp
6. NCS Colour S 2002-Y
7. IKEA Natural Net Bag
8. Tapwell EVO184 Kitchen Faucet
9. IKEA White Marble Effect Countertop
10. Redecker Wooden Handheld Dish Brush
11. Byggfabriken Vipp Grounded Outlet
12. Byggfabriken Vipp Switch Trapp
13. IKEA Beige Curtains
14. Woven Finds Co. Straw Bag with Long Tan Leather Handles
15. Bergs Potter Helena Rose Tree Pot and Saucer Grey
16. Bergs Potter Helena Rose Tree Pot and Antique Rosa
17. Medium Hammam Towel With Fringes
18. IKEA Beige Dishtowel
19. H&M Round Straw Tray
20. Iris Hantverk Dustpan & Brush Set Black
21. Rowen and Wren Fowey Pendant
22. TOWA Workshop Japanese Tetsubin Tea Kettle
23. Nordal Chopping Board


1. Bosch Hood Series 4 DFM064A51
2. Bosch Dishwasher Series 6 SBE46CX05E
3. Bosch Oven Series 8 HBG872DS1S
4. Bosch Fridge Freezer Series 4 KIN86VS30
5. Bosch Induction Hob Series 6 PXE611FC1E

Did I miss anything? If you're wondering about any of the details, just give me a shout below and I'll do my best to help!

I am so looking forward to chilling out in the summer cottage garden in a few week's time, what do you say?! Not before baking an apple pie first, of course!


Thank you to: 
The wonderful team at Bosch who made this renovation series possible, the interior design guys at My Scandinavian Home Studio, Per for being my partner in crime and our children who spent HOURS on the trampoline while we worked! I'd also like to say a huge thanks to Sofie Lawett for looking over my ideas, my dear friends Jess Forsberg and Ullis Sjöström and the fab guys at Swiss Metod and Geijersgatan 53

*This series is in paid collaboration with Bosch. However, all words and pictures are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too.


  1. Alltså vilken skillnad det blev! Det är så sjukt fint att det nästan inte går att förstå att det är ett Ikeakök. <3 <3 Kommer att sno ert koncept rakt av när vi sätter igång med renoveringen av vårt kök. Roligt samarbete med Bosch f ö, hoppas att du får fler erbjudanden från dem framöver. :-) Ha det så härligt i ert fina sommarhus! Vänliga hälsningar, Veronica

  2. Very beautiful and functional. I love everything about it.

    1. Thank you so much, so happy to hear you like it!

  3. I absolutely adore this kitchen, what a harmonious and inviting space! That nautical lamp is spot on. I also love the brass details and those wooden items that add warmth and softness. So inspiring! :)

  4. This is spectacular and inspirational. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you, I'm so happy you like it! can't wait to be there without having to sand, scrub, paint etc!

  5. It's absolutely gorgeous, Niki!

    Now put your feet up and enjoy the rest of the summer!

    1. Thanks Barb! I can't wait to be there and JUST relax, it will feel so great! N x

  6. It turned out beautiful Niki!! What color did you paint the cabinets??

    1. Thank you! I got them professionally spray painted in NCS S 2002 Y.

  7. Oh never mind I see it now!

  8. Looks great! Phenomenal job. You are so lucky that IKEA in Europe makes doors for integrated fridge. I had to return the fridge I originally bought as Ikea in Canada doesn't sale doors for fridges (not sure why, maybe not as popular here). It looks so good with the fridge and dishwasher hidden behind doors. I hope you get tons of use our of your great new kitchen.

    1. Thank you so much, I'm really happy you like it! The door I used was a standard cabinet door and then we added the fittings / pieces required to be able to install a fridge behind it - it's worth checking with the IKEA Canada kitchen design team if they sell these pieces - they might well do!

    2. Yeah, they told me they don't. I came to get the kitchen cabinets, showed them what I needed and they said no, they can't help with built in fridges. There was a lot of panic to be able to return the fridge at that point as I got it on sale. Ah, well. Instead I also got a Bosch fridge that looks amazing so that's good. :-)

    3. That's such a shame. Happy to hear you solved it! I was in two minds whether to not have it integrated so that I could get a Bosch fridge with an ice-maker etc (always wanted one of those for my G+T's!!) - maybe next time! Best of luck with your kitchen renovation :)

  9. Wow! it is just gorgeous. At first glance your countertops do look like marble. And I have a cutting board obsession too. The one hanging on the peg rail is especially nice. My favorite one comes from here: It is birds eye maple and too pretty to cut on, so I use it as an appetizer/cheese board.

    1. I am really pleased how smart the worktop looks at a glance - and actually it's so easy to keep clean too! Thanks so much for the cutting board tip - I absolutely love it!

  10. Lucky you for working with Bosch! Love what you did with your kitchen!

    1. I did have to pinch myself, I've always been such a big fan of Bosch appliances! So happy to hear you like the result!

  11. I love your cutting board collection! There's something about well-loved tools that always makes me smile.

    1. Thank you! I love a well-worn tool too - I'm with you on the well-loved tools. It's always better to invest in something that will age gracefully over the years :)

  12. Simply stunning. I am so happy for you. I hope you will enjoy it for years to come.

    1. Thank you Alex - it will be so nice to be there and JUST relax!

  13. Hi Niki, is your fridge always that clean and neat? haha! Juste joking! Love what you did with your kitchen. I has a nice warm ambiance.

    1. Everyday! ;) ..... wishful thinking on my part, the next day it wayback to it's usual chaos!! Happy you like the new kitchen design - thank you!

  14. So beautiful and inspiring! I would love to see the rest of the cottage one day!

    1. Thank you so much! There's a lot to be be done before I can show any more of the cottage, but I'm working on it!

  15. It is an really an awesome kitchen.

  16. love your kitchen. and like the look of 2 medium drawers per stack. do you have some shallow drawers within these drawers?

    1. Thank you! Yes, there's a whole series of shorter drawers behind each drawer. At each end of the kitchen for example, there are two shallow drawers for cutlery and other utensils, and then a medium shallow drawer for slightly larger things. Under the sink there is a very short drawer for cleaning stuff (which just fits in front of the pipes). Some of the drawers are just one deep drawer so we have somewhere for saucepans etc. I wish I had shown this in the pictures, but hopefully my description makes sense!

  17. Love it... I know it's hard work. I have seen that barstool twice in two days with the differing heights for the feet, but your link in "Get the look" was to a different stool. Is it a secret where you got that one, or could you share the exact model? Would be great. Thanks Niki!

    1. Hi Luke, I love this stool. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it available online (which is why I linked to something similar instead). I know that they are handmade in Denmark - but there's no logo on the stool so I can't find the name of the brand who makes it. I bought my stools in a physical store: Geijersgatan 53 in Malmö. If I find it online I'll definitely come back to you!

    2. Thanks for the info. The other time I saw it was also in Denmark... makes sense now. I'll keep looking for for the manufacturer... and let you know if I find it. Thanks again!

  18. It's absolutely gorgeous! I love every single detail. Your hard work paid off beautifully!!!

  19. Beautiful! What’s the width of the drawers?

  20. I just found your lovely post and am curious as to if you are still happy with the whole set up - how is the countertop doing here 4 years later? And how has the painted fronts held up? Also can you recall approxiamtely how much you gave for the spray paint Job of the fronts? And at there anything you - with the wear and tear knowledge you have now, that you would have bought or done differently according to the IKEA kitchen?


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