10 Interior Styling Tricks To Learn from A Swedish Home

When I first moved to Sweden one of my friends had an apartment exactly like this - I think there was actually a sound when my jaw hit the floor! I learned over time that you can find stunning turn of the19th century flats like this - characterised by their high ceilings, large windows, period features, sweeping double doors and kakelugn (masonry heaters) - in most of Sweden's big cities (how's that for an incentive to move to this Nordic country?! Please come and join our gang!). Of course they all have their individual look and feel - but there are also some common styling tricks which give Swedish homes that enviable calm and balanced aesthetic. Here are ten I spotted here.

 1. Use the full height of a room to create balance: this space has a very high ceiling, yet by installing a Pholc pendant* (thanks for the tip Anthony!) and gallery wall, the eye is drawn upwards. It helps that the room features a beautiful original stone mason oven too, of course!

2. Choose an accent colour and place it throughout the home to create a flow: in this case the owners (stylist?) have used a deep blue, and although subtle, it appears in every corner of the apartment in some shape or form. So pretty!

 3. Use texture to add depth: luscious layers of linen add immediate interest to a monotone space - the more creased the better - got to love that, right?! This bedding* is similar. 

 4. Add warm, natural textures: the odd jute rug*, furniture featuring cane (remember that one in the last pic of yesterday's home tour? I'm still drooling!) and wooden accessories will do wonders to add a little warmth.

 5. Add a warm glow: we all know candles are an essential element of a Swedish home - but how about storing them in a pretty way too? There's a great stash of wooden crates available here*.

 6. Create a focal point: every room needs a star - it's the first place the eyes will fall when you walk in the room - and the perfect axis from which to build the rest of the space. The tapestry in the bedroom is the star here - and what a pretty one too!

 7. Keep it clean: empty space in a room is just as important as used space as it helps a room to breath. Take stock of your shelves and rid them of any superfluous items, you'll be able to see the items you do love more easily.

 8. Add plenty of plants: got to love a little greenery! Dot plant babies all round your home to bring the space to life (and clean the air!). The homes of Hilton, Igor and the Arctic Gardener are perfect for urban jungle inspiration!

9. Embrace your books: my most popular Instagram post of all time was a packed book shelf in Katarina Mattson's home (it reached 205,295 people!). This one's a little neater but there's no colour coding, or inward spines in sight, just the way we like it!

10. Keep it calm: the Swedish bedroom is clean, simple and decorated in earthy, muted tones for a perfect night sleep!

I'm sure there are so many other things to feel inspired by from this home - feel free to add to the list in the comment section below! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

So campers, that's it from me today. It's full steam ahead at home with a photo shoot, Mum and dad arriving from London later and a big birthday to plan for one of the little ladies of the household! Go, go, go!

Vi ses imorgon!


PS This beautiful apartment is for sale through Alvhem (I know, right?! Amazing! That move to Sweden could be sooner than you think!). Photography by Fredrik Karlsson and styling by Studio Cuvier.


  1. Replies
    1. Yup. the Mobil 100 pendant by Pholc.

    2. That's the one! Thanks so much, it's meant I've been able to add it to the post (with a credit to you of course!).

  2. I love many of the homes you feature but I have one small technical gripe with your site which is that when I read it on my tablet the text appears down the right hand side of a photo which makes it difficult to read. Do you know a tech wizard who could fix this for you/me, please? Thanks.

    1. Hi Lorraine, thank you so much for letting me know - that doesn't sound very good. I'm going to look into it right away.

  3. Thank you, Niki, for sharing your work with us! Moving to Sweden? I'd move right now! I've tried for a while, but I didn't find any jobs. I'm a teacher, and I've been working in an international school for the past 2 years, so perhaps in the future I'll try an international school in Sweden, who knows? Moreover, I'm passionate about decoration and my apartment is always changing... Although I'm not a young girl anymore, I feel that I need to find my style, but it's not easy with a Portuguese family budget... and that's why I keep working on this. Thank you for the inspiration!
    Sandra FM

    1. Hi Sandra, my daughter has just attending an international school (today was her first day in fact!) - I hope one day you'll be able to find a job here! I hope my blog inspires you with your forever changing home :) Niki

  4. Thank you so much for your fantastic tips, that home is really beautiful & I'd love to see the rest of the home. If it is at all possible could you please do a tour of the house?
    Check out awesome tips on Household!

  5. Love the bed, the dining and living rooms

    Kiss kiss.*Jo
    Jo & Company Style


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