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What to do when there's no greenery in sight? Turn your home into an urban jungle, that's what. At least this is the solution Agronomist Anders Royneberg has come to. Known as the Arctic Gardener, Anders has over 100 plants in his relatively small Oslo apartment, making him a bona fide member of the 'green squad' that's taking Instagram by storm. From spider and money plants to areca palm and kiwi trees, the Arctic Garderner's home is a true tropical oasis in the heart of Norway's capital city! I had a chat with Anders earlier today to find out more about why it's great to have so many plants, and how we can make our own homes that little bit greener!

 On houseplants as company:
"House plants are perfect roommates. They are quiet, well behaved and they don’t smell bad." 
On the 'green squad' community:
"I find fellow plant lovers to be friendly, supporting and creative. We all want a greener world both indoors and outdoors. I would say that most of us also are concerned about the environment and strive for a greener world."

On going the extra green mile: 
"Raise your plants off the floor and place them on the wall, sideboards, tables or chairs. It will give your home that lush green jungle feeling!"

On escape: 
 "Palms make me travel without even having to leave home. I can go to palm-fringed beaches and tropical forests in a split second."

On easy plants for the amateur: 
"Get plants with thick green juicy leafs. They store water in their leaves. They are survivors even though their owners forget them occasionally."

On plant health benefits: 
"I found that plants in my bedroom help me to sleep better. Not only do plants look great and bring vitality and life, they also have relaxing and purifying benefits. This I believe, promotes a healthy sleeping pattern."
On the best plant species for a beginner: 
"Try the spider plant (the one hanging next to the mirror). The spider plant has got spider-like plants dangling from the mother plant, like spiders on a web. It’s really easy to grow so if you are a newbie gardener, you should give it a go. Provide it with well-drained soil and bright, indirect light and they will flourish."

It's incredible just how much the plants breathe life into this home, don't you think?! But imagine the level of care involved? I couldn't resist firing off 5 more questions to understand what this requires and what an arctic gardener likes to do in his spare time (sooo nosey I know, but aren't you curious too?!).

The Arctic Gardener low down:

Favourite plant? Calathea Orfobiola, I love the tropical feeling I get from her.
Least favourite plant? I am not a big fan of cactus because I love watering, and they don't.
Number of hours spent 'misting' a day? I try to mist every day, the more misting the better in my experience. Some say misting doesn't work, I say it does.
Dream 'jungle' holiday location?  The rainforest of Madagascar. They've got some huge plants over there, and I like big green plants! The bigger the better in my mind!
Best, secret Oslo tip? The Oslo botanical garden is small but super cozy. Its inside this beautiful old Victorian greenhouse and it's free of charge.

Thank you Anders!

If you love plants and don't already follow Anders on instagram - the @articgardener is a MUST!

And for more green home inspiration today I love Hilton Carter's incredible plant-filled loft, Igor's happy plant-filled home and a guide to indoor climbers. Pure urban jungle inspiration!
Do you have a favourite house plant?



  1. and plants don't wake you up at 4:00 a.m. meowing and wanting breakfast!

  2. This is pretty special! I don't have a lot of plants in my house as we don't have a lot of natural light, but I'm trying to introduce more. Right now, my favourite is the ZZ plant - I bought it at Ikea and put it into a cool looking pot. It is doing really well and doesn't need a lot of care.

  3. I also meant to say that this guy is inspirational! His place is amazing. I love the outdoor space as well. I'm fortunate enough to have a lovely garden (which my husband has created) so in the summer we live outside. But I like the idea of more greenery inside in the winter.

    1. I'm happy you felt inspired by all the plants. I'm also going to try to bring lots more plants into my home (the juicy, fat leaf variety!). I love the sound of your outdoor life :)

  4. Plants are always a great addition to any home. They add color, are a huge health benefit and just make people feel happy. Can't go wrong with lots of plants!

  5. I love his home and all his plants! Plants are so beneficial and great feng shui! I'm also a plant lover, I hope to one day have that many plants but right now I had 35 :)

    1. 35 is not bad at all! In fact, I'm super impressed - you're a third of the way there!

  6. Oh, I love houses so full of green!

    1. Me too Sara - it's definitely inspired me to add more plants to my own home!

  7. Wonderful, nay beautiful....even tho that second image, with the potted plants on the bed (?) stretches my envious green-fingered imagination ;DD What a lovely vision of the world, inside annnd out. Thank you!

    1. So funny! I noticed that too. On Anders' wonderful instagram feed there's a picture of himin bed with a plant - it really put a smile on my face!

  8. I am loving your newer, more colorful posts. But this one really puts a smile on a gardener's face.

  9. This is Great I Love the green and white contrast, it gives such a sense of well being and freshness to the whole interior


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