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The Eclectic Home of a Danish Treasure Hunter

It's Friday friends, FriYAY!! Woooop! Any fun plans for the weekend? I for one, am looking forward to kicking off with a lie-in, it's been one looong old week. Thankfully, just as I was fading (fast), this pretty Danish apartment popped up and filled me with energy. The bright, playful home belongs to Luna Signe Hørdum Nielsen  - a writer, project manager, concept developer, founder of Moro Moro studio and one of Denmark's rising stars of the interior world (Luna is currently nominated for the esteemed Bolig magazine's stylist of the year award). I chatted with Luna to find out more about her beautiful, eclectic home in Copenhagen and new business initiative. 

Who do you live with?
I live with my boyfriend Jeppe, who is an IT engineer and sound nerd!

Saint ceiling light* (love these!), Fritz Hansen Egg chair*

How old is your apartment and where is it located? 
We live in a beautiful old apartment dating back to 1902 in the old Østerbro district of Copenhagen, near to nature and the water.

Can you tell us a little more about the layout?
It's 95 square metres (1022 square feet) and divided into six rooms: a kitchen, dining room, living room, office, bedroom and small bathroom. The apartment has high classical panels, stucco and rosettes, herringbone wood floors and three metre high ceilings.

Wow - what a find! How did you acquire it?
It's Jeppe's grandparent's old apartment which Jeppe has renovated so the old decor and smell of smoke has gone - but the original details are still intact!

I love the energetic feel of your apartment - can you describe your approach to the interior?

The style of our home is really mixed. I blend colours, warm materials and crazy travel treasures with Nordic design, heirlooms,  flea market curiosities, gold from the trash, classic furniture, modern design and budget-friendly items.

Portrait of Hanne Wilhelm Hansen by Vilhelm Lundstrøm, Cat by Any WarholHay masks, the wall is painted in colour code NCS S 6020-B.

As a collector, how do you make sure the space doesn't become cluttered?
I have gathered items for many years, and occasionally I have to sell stuff so that Jeppe doesn't get tired of me!

 Luna made the art above the bed herself using circular mirrors and blue and purple paint to create a "space / heaven / sky kind of feeling." 

Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in shapes, colours and materials as well as moods, people, crooked details, art and poetry. It's not important whether or not it all fits together. For me, it's important that my home inspires me, feels cosy, tells stories and hold memories.  

 Tell us more about Moro Moro Studio
It's a new Copenhagen-based creative studio specialising in vintage design, interior details and local crafts which have been hand-picked from around the globe. We also represent contemporary international designers and are always seeking new collaborations.

Aaaah, I SO enjoyed chatting to Luna and noseying around her beautiful living space . Isn't it inspiring?!

I can't wait for Moro Moro Studio to open, I'll be there with bells on!

So friends, that's it from me this week! if you'd like to see a few more pics from Luna's apartment over the weekend, check out her instagram - and for more Danish homes - try this archive (one of my favourites!!). 

I hope your weekend sparkles (there is no angry way to say 'bubbles' after all!). 

See you Monday!


Photograhy: Luna Signe Hørdum Nielsen with kind permission

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A Delightful Light-Filled Home In The Rooftops of Munich

It's been raining all day here in Sweden - so I'm checking out! Fancy joining me on a trip to Munich? Judging by the beautiful light in the home of Friederike Gorytzka, it looks way sunnier down there! Friederike's lovely light-filled home is nestled on the top floor of an apartment building in the centre of town. Mid-century pieces and design classics have been arranged against a backdrop of white (the ceilings measure a staggering 3.6 metres in places!) and in the summer the balcony doors are thrown open to welcome in the sunshine. I caught up with Friederike to find out more about her lovely home.

//affiliated links marked with *//
Have you always been passionate about interior design? 
Just like other interior addicts, I started moving furniture around and rearranging things in my room as a teenager. When I moved into my own place (my first being university accommodation measuring a mere 17m2 “big”!) I loved to plan ways to make the most of the space and play around with furniture to see how it would look in different positions.

Gold mobile* (also seen in this home and my reading nook!)

How would you describe your style?
Hmmm, difficult! Maybe scandi and mid-century goes glam and non-puristic? Also, even if I really like the puristic Scandinavian style, I would never be able to reduce my living space to monochrome  / neutrals only. I love brass, marble, mustard yellow and anything from the brand Gubi. Gubi matches my style 100 %!

Gubi G10 floor lamp 

What is your approach to colour?
I noticed that more colour has entered my interior with age. I started with white and oak wood, then black accessories creeped in and lately I discovered my love for nude and mustard yellow. The pink lounge chair for example was a total impulse buy. I was never a 'pink-loving' girl, but combined with mustard yellow, pink loses it's sweet girly touch. But I do try to limit the variety of colours, white, black, wood, dusty pink and mustard yellow is enough!

Mantis floor lamp*, BoConcept sofa, photography - Lumas gallery

I spy so many fabulous design pieces in your home, do you have a favourite? 
Thank you! I have an absolute weakness for lamps and my first design piece was the white AJ floor lamp - which is still one of my favourites. I will always remember the proud feeling as a hard-up student when I opened the package with the certificate of authenticity. I must add - even when I was young and didn't have much money, I would never have bought a fake design classic. Another of my favourites pieces is the Schottlander lamp (I have two pendants and one floor lamp*!). I love the mid-century shape.

As an author, I am happy to see so many books. What do you like to read? 
Unfortunately, since I became addicted to Instagram and the internet, I don’t read as many books as I used to do.... but who could throw away books? I certainly couldn’t!  My library includes books I read as a teenager and philosophical tomes from university time. I also love German postwar literature and American contemporary literature (T.C. Boyle). And Scandinavian crime thrillers, of course! 

RoTM Lounge Chair*Nordstjerne vase, Billy bookshelves

What do you love most about your home?
The wonderful light thanks to the huge windows and skylights, the view from the top floor and the feeling of sitting in a birds nest. Ah, and the high ceilings!

Thank you so much for inviting us into your home and telling us more about it Friederike!

I've got my eye on that pink chair - isn't it fabulous?!

Is there anything that caught your imagination?

If you loved this home as much as I did, I can highly recommend following Friederike on instagram for daily snapshots. 

Oh and check out more German homes here, here and here (all wonderful in their own, unique way!).

Have a great day!


Photography: Friederike Gorytzka shared with kind permission

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A Beautiful Airbnb Holiday Rental in Bergen, Norway

Are you planning on visiting Norway anytime soon? If so the beautiful west coast city of Bergen is a must - and I have just the place for you to stay! Located on one of Bergen's pretty narrow lanes which lead down to the waterfront, this historic three storey townhouse dates back to the 18th century and has been beautifully restored by Canadian-Bergen architect Todd Saunders. Airbnb guests are invited to relax in the open-plan, light-filled rooms, pad around on douglas spruce wood floors and enjoy the simple, predominantly white interior which is peppered with design pieces and this season's 'new neutral' tones. Sounds like my kind of holiday rental - how about you?! Let's take a peek!

What do you reckon? Could you imagine hanging out here for a few days?!

Funnily enough I'll be in Norway in a few weeks time since I'm holding a talk about Scandinavian design on a cruise ship (an all time first!). Perhaps I should jump ship for a few days and head down to Bergen? It's been years since I was there and now I have somewhere pretty to stay too!

Meet you there?!

If you're after a little more Norwegian inspiration today you must check out the cosy and relaxed home of a Norwegian blogger, a beautifully serene Norwegian space and a charming Norwegian home in green, grey and cognac.

Thank you so much to my blog friend Katarina Dima for discovering this little pearl of a holiday home!

Have a fabulous day all!


Photography courtesy of Airbnb with thanks

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Subtle Nuances in a Beautiful Mid-Century Inspired Home

Why hello there! Everything's been so rushed today - and then I discovered the home of historian Tara Mayer in the moutains in North Vancouver, and everything came to a grinding halt. As pared-back spaces go, this one is breathtaking! If you love incredible architecture, rich textures (light wood, concrete, marble, wool...), neutral nuances, mid-century furniture and worldly art pieces, you're in for a real treat! Relax, put your feet up and enjoy!

Concrete floors add a surprising amont of texture to a space, even so, a fluffy, cosy rug like this beni ourain (this one* is similar) is a must!

Be still my beating heart! Just how beautiful is this marble kitchen sink?! I love the wooden worktop too (do you think it slides?).

I am currently collecting handmade ceramics for my own kitchen - but seeing Tara's it looks like I've got a long way to go! They look so pretty as a complete collection, don't you think?

I love how Tara has used simple oyster and cream sheepskins to cushion the mid-century furniture - they add just the right amount of softness to the space. 

Get the look

1. Carl Hansen & Son CH25 Easy chair
2. Custom made Beni Ourain rug 
3. Nambé Kyoto Tea Pot*
4. Notary ceramics

Isn't this space beautiful?! I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did.

If you'd like to read a full interview and see more pics - check-out this feature over at Jenni Kayne.

Have a lovely evening!


All photos by Gillian Stevens.

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A Beautiful Swedish Home With Soul

Tjena! I hope you had a fabulous weekend? For anyone looking to move to Sweden, this bit of news might make the start of your week even more fabulous! Ellen Dixdotter, the brand director of Hope (one of my favourite Swedish clothing brands) and co-founder of Matateljén is selling her beautiful home in Gamla Enskede, South Stockholm. Not only do the subtle hues and mix of old and new create a feeling of total harmony, the textures and delightful details add a distinctly warm and personal vibe. And then there's the light. You might just want to put the kettle on for this tour! Enjoy!

Vintage gate-leg tables like these are in high demand and are hard to come by  - but so worth the hunt as they add instant character.

I'm fascinated by the idea of combining curtains in two different shades -  I wouldn't have thought of it, would you? But in this space it totally works! I also like how the rail extends across the full width of the room, so that the curtain can be pulled across to add softness to the corner of the dining room.

White linen curtain*, Natural linen curtain*

This side-cabinet is so pretty! I love how it serves equally well as open storage for a beautiful collection of earthenware, but also for wine and works of art!

I knew there was something missing from my new reading corner! How cosy!

There are so many adorable details in this corner. I'd love to know where the fun chairs are from - can anyone help?!

Here's what I did find though, in case you're looking for ideas: antler chair, cloud mobile*, pom poms, play kitchen (or this one for a budget version). 

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this home tour - it's really brightened up my Monday. How about you?

There are load more beautiful Swedish homes to explore in the archive here!

Have a great start to the week friends!


Photography courtesy of Historiska Hem, found via Johanna Bradford with thanks

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