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A Calm Swedish Family Home Built in the 1920's

Hej hej! Hur mår du idag? We're still basking in heat in Sweden which is unheard of for May. It's made me very grateful that our house is a little on the dark side: it feels so nice and cool (the ice cold mojito's help too of course!). Perhaps that's why I was also drawn to the 1920's home of Emelie Sundberg today. Emelie, her husband and two children Noah (4) and Ellie (1) and dog Charlie (see if you can spot him having a snooze!) live in the suburbs of Stockholm. The beautiful interior is awash with cool, calm greys and greens and dotted with plants, fresh cut flowers and a blend of warm textures. Enjoy!

Who needs a bath when a farmhouse sink will do just fine? Such a cute picture! Love the plant in the window too (see my guide to hanging plants here and indoor climbers here).

"What is most important to me when it comes to creating a family home is to make it simple, cosy and practical. For me, it's important everything has its own place and that it is easy to clean up. But it must also be personal and inviting." 

I've got the same Z1 pendant light in my sitting room  and I love it in the evenings. It lets of a lovely warm glow.  I also spy a Milk Table Lamp on the windowsill!

"I would describe my style has Scandinavian, simple and with a lot of natural materials such as wood, linen and stone. I love to mix design classics with antique and inherited furniture."

Emelie has embraced the original features of the 1920's house and opted for more of a traditional library feel in the office which she has furnished it with a desk from IKEA and an Eames chair. 

"What I love most about our home is the preserved original details from 1925. I also fell in love with the open floor plan."

The rust coloured linen bedding adds a subtle shot of colour to the bedroom and looks great with the green-grey wall.

There's so much to love about Noah's room including the wall colour (from Beckers) and matching curtains, Garbo&Friends bedding, Pink garland and belly basket.

Aaaaah, so lovely - it's such a picture of serenity.

Did you spot the doggy?!

Are there any ideas you're looking to steal? 

You can see more of Emelie's home on her blog and instagram.

My daughter's just got home so we're heading down to the sea for a swim now (you might here the sizzle from there!).

Have a lovely evening!

PS Looking for something with bright colours? You'll love the Swedish home of Elsa Billgren and a home with black floors and vibrant hues!

Photography: Emelie Sundberg

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Umber and Chestnut Accents in a Lovely Swedish Home

Rust, umber, chestnut, chocolate - rich shades of dark brown are turning out to be the unsung hero of 2018! I was sceptical at first and a tad nervous about painting my office in Norwegian Wood (especially after my seven year old's colour comparison, which I won't repeat!). But now that I've lived with it for a month (alongside the blushing peach in my bedroom) I absolutely love it. Deep browns have such a calm, warm and sophisticated feel to them. If you're still weary, but tempted, why not start with some more subtle touches? Gothenburg based Swedish interior stylist Elin Odnegård has opted for rich chocolate accents in her home which she has combined with milky white, beige, soft grey and powder for a truly calm aesthetic.  Let's take a peek...

An uber comfy looking 70's armchair picked up at a flea market has been paired with the 'Be Quiet' print and a Muuto wood table lamp

I do love the print! It reminds me a little of The Twits!

Elin has painted the wooden Ivar cupboard from IKEA in Norwegian Wood from Jotun.

A Tom Dixon Mirror Ball Pendant and Knoll Cesca Cane armless chairs bring a touch of the seventies vibe to the dining area.

The shelves behind the dining table are used to display a collection of one of ceramic pieces including pretty white vase made by Elin's friend Emmeli Hultqvist.

These powder coloured sheer curtains are so pretty - they add so much softness to the kitchen dining area which also features the Muuto Fluid pendant light.

The Rabbit with Small Hat print, a Sandqvist rucksack and personalised kitchen cabinets from IKEA look lovely against a wall painted in Balans by Jotun lady.

So, what did you think? Liking the brown accents?

If you'd love to see more of Elin's home hop on over to her instagram feed along where she sahres daily snippets along with her latest interior projects.  Or for more general information about Elin's work and to ogle some truly beautiful images from her portfolio - visit her website here.

For more brown inspo today there's always the 'brown' archive (yes, I have an archive for everything!) - I especially love this home!

Have a great day everyone!

PS It's so crazy hot here in Sweden that the Government has actually issued a ban on disposable barbecues due to the risk of forest fire anywhere south of Stockholm (the message was received in the form of a text and e-mail!) - absolutely nuts for the time of year!

Photography: Elin Odnegård

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Budget Make-Over: A Small, Dingy Hallway Becomes a Bright, Happy Space

Do you ever think you play it way to safe at home? I sometimes look around and wonder why I'm not going a little more wild! Perhaps not on the bigger investment pieces like sofas and kitchen cabinets but on the smaller items like paint and accessories (i.e. things that can be easily swapped out once you tire of them) - after all, pops of colour can put such a big smile on your face!

This hallway is a fine example. Natalie Jacob of Arsenic Lace, recently transformed her dingy, windowless hallway and stairwell into a bright and happy place as part of the Calling It Home One Room Challenge. Think rainbow pink stairs, vibrant botanical wallpaper and macrame plant holders - all on a shoe-string budget!

Natalie opted for Fern Leaves wallpaper from Boho Walls and placed an IKEA bench under a row of hooks for multipurpose storage.

The stairs have been painted in Soft Pink, Creamy Peach, Perky Peach, and Summer Sun Pink by Benjamin Moore and range from a lighter pink at the top of the stairs to a deep coral at the foot. 

Natalie made the plant hangers herself (DIY tutorial here) but there are many affordable options on Etsy, like this lovely one!

A painting by Natalie's partner Ethan has been designed to perfectly match the colours of the hallway - so clever (and pretty!).

You can read more about Natalie's hallway refresh here and see more inspiration from her lovely home (and a load of GREAT cocktail recipes) here (after all, you totally need a drink to match the stairs).

Another space guaranteed to put a big smile on your face is this vibrant home in Nashville - so fabulous!

Anyone else wondering of they should add more colour to their home? Not sure where to start? Kate Watson-Smyth suggests that if you're unsure what colours to go for - look at your wardrobe. if you're comfortable wearing it, you'll be comfortable having it in your home!

Have a lovely day!

Photography: Thaddeus Rombauer

PS If you'd like to read a little more about Scandi style, I shared my tips and where to shop for Scandi-pieces in the US in Domino magazine here

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Anyone Else Rather be on Svenja's Balcony Today?!

Why hello there! Hope you had a good weekend? I'm slowly cranking into action (mondays, huh?!) - but I think I've found where I'd really love to be right now - on Svenja's balcony in beautiful Vienna! In fact, I'd quite happily be relaxing anywhere in her entire apartment right now! Originally from Germany, Svenja worked as a style editor before moving to Vienna with her boyfriend. Today she shares her passion for interior design on Traumzuhaus and her delightful instagram feed (check out her enviable trips to Bali, Greece and Thailand - gah!)- where she frequently shares snapshots of their monochrome-themed home. I spy a whole load of beautiful design pieces too! Enjoy the tour!

Above Ground print, Hank vertical Chandelier (wall candle), Mantis floor lamp, B&B Italia sofa

Her Side print, AJ lamp, Ljungby vase, ECM espresso machine.

Petite Friture Vertigo Suspension light, Flos 265 wall lamp.

Eye Eye Print, Korbo handwired basket

Simplicity at it's finest, don't you agree? And how about that balcony?!

I love the idea of having a coffee machine in the sitting room too - there's something so decadent about it! Sort of like - 'I'm just going to drift on over and make myself an espresso without missing a single second of Games Of Throne'!

Is there anything that caught your eye?

I do believe this is the first ever apartment I've featured from Vienna! I'm not sure why since I'm sure there are lots of fabulous homes in Austria's capital city - tips / submissions welcome!

You can see more of Svenja's apartment here - and check out a load of beeeeautiful monochrome spaces in this archive.

Have a great start to the week!

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A Thoughtfully Curated Dutch Family Home

Well, I do believe we've made it guys: it's Friday! And the sun is shining. Hurraaaa! I hope you've got some fun plans for the weekend? But please don't go quite yet as I have the prettiest house to share with you ! This gem of a family home in Tilburg city, North Brabant, The Netherlands belongs to Ilona Polycen (also known as @mamoesjka_nl), her partner Daniel and two sons Tycho (13) and Fender (7). The thoughtfully decorated interior is characterised by subtle shades of pastel, soft light  wood, one-off pieces and vintage touches. I caught up with Ilona to find out more.

How would you describe your interior style?
I like a fresh white canvas decorated with vintage, design or handmade items, mostly in fresh or soft pastel colours. I’d much rather have one item that I really love rather than five things I just like. I don’t shop on impulse. I will always take my time before I buy something for my home.

Do you have  a favourite spot?
You’ll often find me sitting on my pink home-made bench. It’s my favourite spot in the house, where I write, scroll through Instagram and sit with family and friends. From my bench, I also have a clear view of the rest of the living room and the open-plan kitchen.

Do you update your home often?!
I love to use my home as my test lab. If I haven’t painted anything for a few weeks, the paint tins literally call out to me from the closet.

Where do you shop?
I like to search the internet for new treasures. I look for both new and second-hand items and design pieces as well as less expensive finds. For me, it’s very important that they’re not things that everybody likes and buys. I want stuff that is unique and is available on a small scale. For that reason, I always search for small websites or designers that sell their own work. It’s so much more fun to make a small independent enterprise happy by purchasing some of their products than to buy something from a big retail chain.

Do you have a favourite piece?
My favourite piece of furniture is the vintage cupboard that my partner and I bought at a thrift store. I really loved it when I first saw it, but we both thought it was far too expensive (the cupboard was not in the best condition) and we left the shop without buying it. But soon I had second thoughts and we quickly went back again and bought it. We gave the little cupboard some love with oil and wood paste and I now think he’ll stay forever!

Chrysanthemum wallpaper by William Morris

25Lamp, this mustard waffle throw is similar.

What's your best home decorating tip?
I like to do things my own way. I think that’s my best tip I can give anyone. Make the choices yourself. Fill your home with items you really love and that make you happy. These days you can find inspiration everywhere. I like to scroll through Instagram and see all kinds of interiors, but I have to stay true to myself. Something I’ve learned over the years is to choose what makes you happy and don’t do what everyone else is already doing.

Thank you so much for inviting us into your home this sunny Friday, Ilona!

If you don't already follow Ilona on instagram it's a must!

And for more beautiful Dutch home inspiration take a peek at a lovely light-filled house boat, the happy home of Marij Hessel, and a charming and relaxed Dutch home.

Have a fabulous weekend all and see you Monday!


All photography: © Ilona Polcyn

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