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A calm Swedish home with a blue bedroom

It's amazing just how much colour has crept into homes over the past year. I'm not talking bright eye-catching hues, but more 'earthy' washed-out hues in green, blue and grey. Have you noticed this too? Some are going all out (like in Friday's home) other, for a more subtle approach. I visited a Norwegian apartment a few weeks ago and the owner (an artist) had painted the hallway a dramatic black. But open one of the doorways leading off it and you were transported into a warren of light and airy white rooms. I loved the element of surprise. In this home stylist Emma Fischer has decided to add a blue accent to the master bedroom, while keeping the rest of the flat a cool white / off white / pale grey. It adds so much interest to the space - and such an inspiring way to add colour - don't you think? 

Credit: photography - Alan Cordic styling - Emma Fischer for Bjurfors.

What a calm room to wake up to each day. Lovely! 

Could you imagine having this tone in your bedroom?

Get the look: Bedroom - For a blue tone that works for your room try one of these. Z1 cotton pendant by Ay Illuminate, white linen duvet cover, Ant chair, try here for a bumling table lamp in brass. Kitchen - Menu chair, sheepskin throw. Sitting room - House Doctor vase. Children's bedroom - bed canopy, bunting.

I do love a little blue in the home - this Swedish home has lovely, subtle hints of it (that conservatory!) and this one features different tones around the apartment from the softest blue-green in the sitting room to a deep, dramatic hue in the kitchen - beautiful!

Have a great start to the week!


  1. Gorgeous bedroom! Sophie x

  2. Adore the bedroom color- just painted my white kitchen the same color!

  3. Im in love, and the oversize lamp is just gorgeous :)

    have a great day :)

  4. Do you know what kind of carpet they have in the living room and kitchen ? :)

  5. That's a very nice slate blue. I have been fascinated with the cotton chandelier since the day I saw it first.


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