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Feeling the blue in a Swedish home

I've always loved the colour blue (cornflower blue to be precise). And these days this extends into the home (could this be a Scandinavian influence?!). Right now I'm considering a palette of grey-blue for my own home to mirror the sea nearby - and find myself constantly looking out for 'blue' inspiration.  Like in this beautiful Swedish country house - with it's lovely light blue kitchen and the darker conservatory (OK, I admit it was probably more the idea of sitting and enjoying a morning coffee and a magazine in that conservatory which really got me!), but I love the personal touches and vintage finds too.  What do you reckon - could you wile away a morning here?!

 Credits: photo Johan Spinell, Styling ├ůsa Copparstad for sale through Historiska Hem.

Oh so lovely. Don't you think?

Is there anything that stands out to you? 

A couple of items I know and love: kitchen aid in yellow, vintage chopping boards (beautiful!),  rattan 'wing chair', light grey stonewashed linen bedding.

When it comes to the shades of blue I'm working on a selection of these, I just need to take that leap (a little scary!). I might just develop my moodboard a little more with some lovely pics from the 'decorating with blue' archive first (if the first home you see is this one, just scroll past).

I'm intrigued - what colours do you have in your home?

Have a lovely day!


  1. Sooo lovely indeed. I love that light blue colour in the kitchen.


    Renaud -

    1. I agree Renaud, the light blue is absolutely lovely - very calming.

  2. That nonchalant vibe is incredible <3

    1. It isn't it? Especially in the conservatory.

  3. We gut-renovated our home, a 400-year-old chalet in the Swiss Alps, five years ago and installed an open-plan modern kitchen in a pale blue similar to that in the photo. I've never regretted it – in some lights it looks light grey, some blue, some almost lavender, and it's such a fresh colour, even if everything isn't always as spick and span as I'd like. =)

    I love your blog, by the way. It's my daily dose of interior zen!
    Best wishes, Imogene x

    1. Your home sounds absolutely magical Imogene - how lucky to live in the Swiss Alps surrounded by all that beautiful scenery! Thank you for your kind words. / Niki x

  4. Thank you! *If* you are interested, there is a flickr set of the whole process (first three pages boring building work – a glimpse of the almost finished kitchen on page 4). We managed the whole thing in just over half a year with the help of family, friends and a few fantastic trades. :)

    Imogene x

    1. Thank you for sharing your photos. What an incredible view you have!


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