my scandinavian home: A charming boho dairy in the Swedish countryside

A charming boho dairy in the Swedish countryside

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Do you ever feel like leading a simpler life in the country? I definitely do, especially when I look at homes like this. Johan and Rinas live in an old dairy outside Falkenberg on Sweden's west coast where they collect freshly laid eggs, forage for chanterelle and make homemade juice. 'Lis Mejeri' has been decorated using 'something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue' - including many things found around the house when they moved in. Johanna Bradford and Kristin Lagerqvist - were lucky enough to visit in person and took these lovely pictures. Let's take a peek...

Johanna Bradford / Kristin Lagerqvist  Lovely Life

This is definitely one to share with my family and say *guys, fancy living like this for a while?*....

Could you imagine living somewhere like this?

See more pics of the dairy here (and on their blog here). 

It reminds me a little of the beautiful Strömma Farmlodge. More boho homes not far from Lis Mejeri here.

Have a lovely day!

PS Malmö / Copenhagen friends Emily Katz popped me a note to say she is travelling from Portland, Oregon to Copenhagen to hold a modern macrame workshop this Saturday 5th September.  Thought you wouldn't want to miss it....


  1. Beautifully rusty but amazing! Love it!

  2. Replies
    1. I wish it were mine, but unfortunately it's day perhaps...?!

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