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Back to beautiful basics - monochrome and brass in a Swedish space

Back to basics today with a monochrome space. Oh how I've missed you black and white! This small space 'one room' Swedish apartment for sale through 55Kvadrat is furnished with statement designer pieces (guide below) and black accent walls for a striking effect. Brass has been used as the accent 'colour' -whether in the form of designer lamps or accessories. It looks like it's a trend that's here to stay and I like it! Are you a fan of black, white and brass?


Small space inspiration indeed! 

A guide to where items are from: sitting room - the amazing brass lamp could be the Anders Pehrson bumling, Thonet 209 chair,  sheepskin throw, Cross blanket, DLM table, Hay cushion and Ferm Living half moon basket. For black wallpaper try Wilderness by Ferm Living. Kitchen - Thonet 214 chairs, Tulip dining table, Tom Dixon Etch Tea Light Holder in brass, 2015 scratched calendar.

Other fab homes with a monochrome and brass theme include this and this one.  And I've even added a touch to my guest room too!

Out of interest, do you go through waves of inspiration for your home? I've been through a bit of a lull but suddenly I have so many ideas for my house. Yesterday I picked up the most fab vintage Beni rug in Lund which is inspiration in itself (thanks for all your encouragement on IG!). And I'm planning some major projects in the next few this space!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Oh! I really really love that! *__*
    Especially the first three pictures ♥

  2. I Looooove black and white so much!!!!!
    I have a little white table wich needs a "remake" as soon as possible and I think i will try to do something like this table beside the couch

  3. Ever heard of the czech version of thonet - TON? Originally it was one company, but it had to split because of nationalization of their factory during communism and it never got back together again. They also make those chairs, since they have the same roots. Check out Ton 18 :-)


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