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Art photography in a Malmö home

Morning and happy 'lilla lördag' (Little Saturday as it's called in Sweden)! Bringing the blog home today with a tour of a beautiful apartment currently for sale in Malmö. Sometimes simple works best, as the pared-down look of this monochrome space shows. The owners have carefully selected a few Scandinavian designer pieces such as the wishbone chair, cross blanket and bumling light and spiced it up with some very cool art photography. 

Bo-laget via La Maison D'Anna G with thanks
What do you think? Too sparse or just right?

I also spy what looks like a pair of the Vitra Occasional table's in the sitting room as well as an Eames DAR (15% off with code MYSCAN). Oh and while on the subject of designer furniture, Design Collectors are currently offering a free Ottoman when you purchase a Lounge Chair. On the case!

PS I came across a really exciting website yesterday that allows you to create your own typography poster! Quite cool don't you think? What motto would you go for? I think I'd got something like: 'She believed she could. So she did'.


  1. i love it! the pops of pink on the books is awesome! LOVE your blog fills me with inspiration everytime i stop by :) x

  2. Very nice website!
    I'll try it for sure.


  3. Is the house on sale with all the furniture and artwork? Gosh, if I were living in Malmo that apartment would be mine already, hahah. Scandinavian interiors are really beautiful, they are a combination of messy and tidy, symmetric and careless, I wish we all had such eye for design.

    And my typographic poster would be: Oh baby, it's a wild world. It's a line from a song that inspired my aw13 jewellery collection :)

  4. Really nice appartement !! So cosy :)

  5. not too's just right. I printed the photos to use as inspiration at home as I pare down my belongings to give me breathing room at home!

  6. So much light and just the right amount of quirky touches. For me, I say 'just right' ... I don't know how you find all these gorgeous apartments but I love them all! Have a good week, Kate :)

  7. Hi ! I just love your blog. I live in a tropical country so using your photos as inspiration for decoration "a la Scandinavia" is a great help. I have a question to you. I noticed that Scandinavians seem cool about having nude photography all over the house. Is that true or is it specifically for this house you featured at this post? Thanks !


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