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Creating light in a Stockholm apartment

Monday! Let's start the week with an apartment styled by one of my favourite teams; Fantastic Frank. Very cool dining area aside what really catches my eye is the use of glass panels instead of walls to carry light through what otherwise could have been a fairly dark and poky apartment. Very inspiring. 

Fantastic Frank

Do you use glass dividers in your home? If I had my way I would definitely go for reclaimed warehouse windows as a room divider.

While I was on holiday last week, one of my favourite online stores and wonderful sponsor Nest posted a guest post by yours truly on how to get a Swedish style kitchen, you can pop by and see it here.

PS You can tell I haven't had my breakfast yet by the way I've included the sliced bread!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Hello, this apartment is really lovely, especially first picture :). I don't like much glass door between kitchen and bedroom bcs I like open space.
    And the kitchen what you posted for Nest, is really nice. I love it bcs it is clean and light, very lovely :)

  2. Like it! This looks like a typical "Gärdet apartment" with the glass doors?! xo Caroline

  3. those glass walls are so so cool!

  4. i love the glass wall dividers...usually they seem so modern, but they totally fit the style of this apartment because of the way they are framed. such a clever solution to add more light!

  5. Fantastic Frank never disappoints me! :)

  6. Light and airy, it's a big win for FF!

  7. very creative.

  8. so amazing. I would love live here. <3

  9. Oo Frank, never lets you down. I love this apartment!! I must share on my blog, too :)

  10. I myself don't have it at home...but I am a definite fan of the glass divider.

  11. For your lighting, try to limit the extreme areas that are too dark or too bright.

  12. Wow ! just amazing !
    J'adore cette séparation vitrée !

    Hello from France :)


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