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Dreaming of a white Christmas

The world outside my window is covered with a thick blanket of snow and even as I write the snow is falling silently from the sky,  a real Swedish winter wonderland! To celebrate, here's a beautiful home festooned with white Christmas decorations styled by Sarah Ellison for Real Living. Even the bathroom has a touch of festive spirit which. So for those of you who don't have snow, this is the perfect way to bring a touch of 'white Christmas' indoors!

Photography: Chris Warnes, Stylist Sarah Ellison for Real Living

So many lovely ideas here, any that catch your eye?

Many of the decorations are from The Minimalist Store in Australia, I have my eye on the geometric paper pendants on the door.

PS Thank you all so much for your lovely comments about my Christmas tree yesterday!

PPS 5 days left to enter to win a Danish design Cutlery set from Kay Bojesen worth 325 euros here! Only reminding you because I'd love you all to win! :)


  1. The view out of your window sounds like a dreamland! Ahhh, I need to get myself back to Sweden quick sharp! :)

  2. It makes me want to decorate right now....enjoy the snow!

  3. Great post! I love white christmas details!

  4. So many great and 'non-traditional' ideas. It's like the evolution of holiday decor.

  5. Hi. :) I just wanted to say how great your posts are. They are a true inspiration to me and every time I open this page I enjoy in something new and special. I wish only we have a white Christmas here in Croatia.. :):) Greetings :)

    1. Thank you Diana! I am so happy you find my blog inspiring. Big greetings to you in Croatia :)

  6. Twój blog jest bardzo inspirujący :)

  7. Wow you have such a knack with Christmas decorations! I'm just happy when I get my tree up lol I wish I could decorate this well. :) Happy greetings!

  8. wow those geometric ornaments over the table are amazing

  9. wow those geometric ornaments over the table are amazing


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