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Old meets new in a home with a twist

Inspired by an absolutely beautiful Alice in Wonderland children's garden party I saw here I thought I'd feature a slightly different home today. A beautiful home created by Gilles Jauffret with an eclectic mix of old and new and little unexpected twists.  Personality and creativity sings from every room. A perfect home tour for the weekend!


Images from maison Francaise F/M 2012/ Photography; Eric D'Herouville via Haute Design
Any favourite rooms or ideas? Personally, the moss wall stands out a mile, who would have thought it could look so great? People, we need to be more bold!

Just before I head off to the beach with my girls I've got to give you a quick tip to check out the Haute Design blog, it's full of so many fantastic posts, a quick word of warning though, you could be stuck there for hours!

Have a lovely Friday! x


Tracey said...

Thanks for the Haute Link, need to work now so will look later!! Lucky you enjoy the beach.......can only dream of that but we go to Cornwall in one week so not to many days to dream!
The moss wall is weird but cool all at the same time!

About Margas said...

I looked at the moss wall a few times, wondering if it really was what it seemed to be...then I read it was. Wow, this house is truly something. Thanks for posting it!

Inner-Outer Beauty said...

Lovely! I really like your blog! Would you like to be included in my blog list, maybe we could exchange links? Have a great weekend!

Niki MyScandinavianHome said...

Cornwall! How fab! i can't wait for our trip to cornwall this summer!

Niki MyScandinavianHome said...

I know, me too!!! It's very unsual but it works. I wonder what it's like to live with? Not sure I'm ready to put it to the test!

homestilo said...

That moss wall is wild...almost quite literally. Have a great weekend at the beach and thanks for the blog tip!

Niki MyScandinavianHome said...

Hi, would love to, such an honour! Thank you :)

Inner-Outer Beauty said...

Likewise:) fix it tomorrow! Enjoy the weekend!


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