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Ten steps to a half painted wall

Photography: Avenue Design Studio. see the full tour of Lola's pretty room here.
While I'll always love an accent wall, lately I've had a soft spot for half painted walls too (seen in Marian's home today)! If you're a little colour shy, or simply feel like pepping up a space without going all out, a half-half horizontal wall is perfect for the job! Not only does painting a wall in two different shades create a beautiful wainscoting effect, it also adds visual interest to a space - perfect! Before I launch in to the 'how to' - here's a little inspiration to show just how pretty it can look.....

Photography: Lisa Cohen / The Estate Trentham (see the full tour of this dreamy home here)
Anders Schønnemann
Photography: Kristofer Johnsson Styling Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramse for Hitta Hem
Jennifer Hagler / A Merry Mishap
Kristofer Jonhsson

How to create a half-half horizontal wall

1. Pick a paint colour. I say it like it's the easiest thing in the world, but we all know it's a little trickier than that! I'd recommend buying a few different paint samples and testing them on the wall first (leave up over several days so you can see how the light affects it). My friend once had to paint her sitting room three times because she went all out with the first sample (you know who you are!). Cue: very unhappy husband.
2. Once you've chosen your paint, prep the area by giving it a good clean with a damp cloth. Remove wall sockets and other obstacles (turning off the electricity first).
3. Decide how high your half painted wall will be (the easiest and most common is exactly half way up - stating the obvious here I know!). But do get creative if you'd like a slightly different look or have furniture you'd like to work around.
4. Measure from the floor up, and mark the wall very lightly with a pencil to show the correct height. Repeat at regular intervals. It's probably a good idea to check your dotted line with a spirit level to avoid a wonky outcome!
5.  Next, place masking tape along the line keeping it even and applying pressure to ensure it's securely in place (best route to a crisp line!). Tape all around the edge of the wall too.
6.  Cover the floor (and if you're painting the upper wall, cover the lower wall too) with newspaper or plastic sheets.
7.  If you're going for a lighter shade on dark you'll need to apply a primer before going all in. Otherwise go ahead and apply your beautiful paint colour with a roller (and a brush for the edges / corners). Repeat layers as required (I'd recommend at least two).
8.  Now for the fun bit (I think, at least!), once the paint has dried remove the tape little by little. 
9.  Place any wall sockets back in place.
10. Stand back and admire the fabulous new look that is your freshly painted half wall!

If you did a little dance at the results and want to show it to the world, please tag me on Instagram - I'd love to see it!!

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A Dutch home gets a green make-over

Do you have any New Year interior resolutions? It could be as simple as de-cluttering or as crazy as shelling out your entire house and starting again from the ground up (like my sister!). Personally, I'm keeping it simple, and have a goal to add a little more colour to my home (baby steps friends, baby steps!). Which is why this lovely space caught my eye. If you follow Holland-based Marian on Instagram you'll know several things about her space a) it's in a constant state of change b) she loves plants and flowers and c) she's a big fan of green! And it's the latter that caught my eye - looking back through her feed there has always been a hint of green in her home but recently Marian took things to a whole new level of greenness with half-painted walls. Here's the before and after...

Before - white walls:

Print from Muurmeeters, Line cushion by Normann Copenhagen.

This vintage French school chair is similar (check the height first!). The wall hanging is from Knotting on the Wall.

Source a vintage rattan chair here. I also love this rattan stool (perfect as a plant stand!). The Muuto wood lamp can be seen on top of the dresser.

The Artek pendant lamp is similar, round mirror, vintage school chair, black and white Twiggy print

After: green walls

Print from Muurmeesters and Line cushion by Normann Copenhagen (as before).

Source a beautiful mid-century teak chest-of-drawers here and green demi-john here.

Such a lovely update, don't you think? I really like the tone (I'm on the case with the shade and will come back as soon as possible!).

Could you imagine painting one of your walls half green (or another colour)? If so, keep an eye out for my guide on how to achieve a half painted wall later today!

Have a great start to the week!

Photography by Marian. See more of her beautiful home over on Instagram.

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The former Swedish apartment of Jasmina Bylund

Just before Christmas I shared Swedish interior designer, photographer, storyteller and founder of Wiho Design, Jasmina Bylund's beautiful house. Jasmina and her 'sambo' (live in partner) and their three children - Winston (3.5) and Belle (6 months) moved last summer  - leaving behind this beautiful apartment. I couldn't resist sharing a few pictures of their lovely former home with you today! I'm sure you'll understand why!

Photography: Jasmina Bylund

Oh so nice! Loving all the sheer textiles and shades of grey and green (this apartment follows a similar scheme, in a slightly more broody way!). 

How about you?

Get the look from Jasmina's beautiful former home:

Z1 pendant lamp
DLM side table by Hay
Sheer linen curtains (made to order)
The paper bag
Gotland sheepskin throw
Basket bag
Ikea Hektar Clamp Lamp
Skultuna Large Candlestick

You can follow Jasmina's latest projects on her blog and instagram.

Have a lovely day / evening!

PS I've arrived in Hannover for DOMOTEX - so great to be here! 

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Embracing the winter blues - Danish style

Despite not minding the cold - oh how I love to arrive home and put the kettle on! In fact, one of the things I love the most about January and February is a good cuppa (followed by comfort food under candlelight in the evenings!), how about you?! This definitely calls for some beautiful tableware to match the occasion! Danish brand Kähler recently introduced an indigo glaze to their popular Hammershøi tableware collection and it's soooo beautiful! Created by the designer Hans-Christian Bauer, the collection draws inspiration from the original works by Danish painter Svend Hammershøi, created in the Kähler workshop back in the early 20th century. The classic Hammershøi tableware collection in indigo combines beautiful silhouettes with iconic furrows and includes three different sizes of bowl, serving and milk jugs, a teapot, a thermal cup, a mug, a bonbonnière (this would be equally nice on a shelf to store little trinkets), eggcups, salt and pepper shakers and a cruet set as well as spice grinders, oiled oak paper towel holder and two lovely tins! Here's a sneak peek....

Aaaaaaah so pretty. I think afternoon tea would taste even sweeter with these on the table don't you?!

I received the tins just before Christmas (perks of the job!!) and they make the prettiest biscuit tins - I should really have given them away as a present with homemade goodies inside and a ribbon but the family kind of fell in love with them (not just because of what was inside - honest!). Nice idea though?

Are there any pieces in this collection which catch your eye?

All the items are available from the Kähler online shop - perfect!

Have a lovely day!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Kähler, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too.

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Workspace inspiration: A Norwegian design studio

Was it just me, or did the holidays go something like: 22nd December - BLINK - 10th January?! So typical! I've got so many work goals this year that I'm actually really excited to be back (is that annoying?!). My first goal (as always) is to re-arrange my office / studio space - perhaps I'll just get stuck on that for the year, who knows, but hey it's a start! This could be why my Pinterest workspace board has over 790 pins (obsessed, who me?!). I'm a big believer in how your environment affects you - and if you create a kick a*se workspace you can achieve anything, right?! This morning I stumbled across the beautiful, minimalist studio of Ask og Eng captured by Holly and Hedda of Avenue Design Studio. Norwegian duo Kine Ask Stenersen and Kristoffer Eng founded Ask og Eng in 2016 having built several sustainable kitchens and furniture for their own homes. Today they design and create bamboo kitchens and furniture for a wider audience out of their pared-back studio in Drammen, Norway. The studio has an airy, minimalist aesthetic with striking contrast. No guessing that Kristoffer is a trained architect (oh, how I could use a skill like that!).  

Photography: Avenue Design Studio

Kind of an easy space in which to keep a clear head wouldn't you say?! Love that there's no clutter too (although I know, personally I do like to have a lot around me!). How about you?

What really caught my eye is how their beautiful furniture and kitchen take centre stage - acting as a constant reminder of their vision. Definitely something to think about in our own workspaces?!

Is there anything that stands out to you?

I spy the DCW, ERA chair and Menu WM String chair and an old dutch teapot.

See more pics of Studio Ask og Eng over at the lovely Avenue Design Studio

If you're looking to give your workspace a bit of a spring clean (or total transformation - hey, why not?!) - there's loooooads of beautiful inspiration in the studio archive.

My workspace actually once rocked up on the front cover of an interior book (Everything in its Place) which I'm still so proud of today! Even so, I'm thinking it could use a little wood for warmth (vintage pieces?) and some colour too - what do you reckon? Thoughts welcome!

Have a wonderful day!

PS I really had better get packing now (see earlier post). I'm off to Hamburg first thing in the morning  and then will be heading to Hannover in the evening, quite the German adventure! If you feel like tagging along I'll be posting on Instagram stories along the way!

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DOMOTEX Hannover, I'm on my way!

Tomorrow evening I'm heading to Hannover where I'll be attending DOMOTEX (the leading trade fair for floor coverings) along with fabulous bloggers Decor8, Happy Interior Blog, Vosgesparis, Monster Circus, Trendstefan, Passion Shake and The Ruggist.

At the fair we'll be participating in two panel discussions led by Holly Becker - 10.30 - 11.00 "How to Collaborate with Bloggers to Market Your Products" and a second at 3.15 - 4.15 pm "Interior Trends in 2018 - What We Love". We'll also be taking a guided tour of DOMOTEX to visit some of the stands.  Yay! I can't wait! 

If you'd like to join in the fun, DOMOTEX will take place from January 12-15 in Hannover, Germany.  Come and join us if you're in town (if you're a blogger and fancy popping along, let me know before Friday and I can help arrange a pass for you!).

I've never visited Hannover before and am so looking forward to Holly's guided tour of the city on Saturday too (if it's anything like our trip to Helsinki it'll be so fun!). If you've got any tips, we'd love to hear them.

Live a little too far away? You can follow the trip on Instagram and the hashtag #domotex.

Better get packing....

 Photo 1 from 'Green Home Book' by Riikka Kantinkoski and Susanna Vento. Read more and take a peek inside here
Photo 2 - this lovely picture has been separated from it's owner on the internet - any tips for credits?

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