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My sitting room refresh with Bemz

I'm super excited to reveal my new sitting room today. It's been a long time in the making since I simply couldn't decide which sofa to go for: I've been looking for something our entire family could get cosy on in this Autumn, and of course, a piece that looks beautiful too! The answer came in the form of a marriage between two brands: IKEA and Bemz! Of course, we're all familiar with the first, but have your heard of the latter?! Bemz makes the most beautiful customised, replacement covers for IKEA sofas and armchairs (as well as curtains, cushions and bedroom textiles).  It's such a simple process too. You basically pick out the piece you like from IKEA (or if you're lucky you can find it online second hand), better yet upgrade an existing IKEA piece at home, and then choose from over 250 Bemz colours and patterns, all of which are machine washable and sewn to order in Europe. How great is that?! Here's a sneak peak of what has officially become the most cosy corner in our house... and a little more information about the make-over.

I invited Gen (the wonderful My Scandinavian Home interior designer) over for a brainstorm (any excuse for a coffee and a chat!) and we opted for the SÖDERHAMN three-seat sofa with chaise longue with a Bemz Urban Loose Fit cover in Rosendal Pure Washed Linen in Silver Grey. I have a weakness for relaxed, natural textures and absolutely love the pronounced seams - such a beautiful touch, don't you think?! Not only that, but the Bemz loose fit slipcover completely transforms the look of the original IKEA SÖDERHAMN, giving it an exclusive touch - love that! 

The cover was added to the sofa during the assembly process (admittedly I've never been great with an Allen key so I might just have got the man involved at this point!). Of course, while strolling through IKEA I also picked up a few accessories to match - including the Stockholm 2017 chair, GRADVIS vase, VILJESTARK vase, and ARV bowl (hey, the new IKEA catalogue 2018 came out this week, how could I not?!) - but some of the older, more rustic pieces at home fit really nicely with the look too. I hope you like the result as much as I do!

Photography: Niki Brantmark - My Scandinavian Home. Interior design / styling: Genevieve Jorn

Roll on Autumn!

If you fancy giving an IKEA piece a new lease of life at home, it's well worth checking out the Bemz covers and slipcovers - there are some really beautiful ones. The great thing is IKEA sofas are built to last, and the SÖDERHAMN has a 10 year warranty so if you tire of it or spill your espresso martini, it is easy to update the cover - yay!

I think I might go for a headboard next...! 

Have a lovely day!

PS If you're wondering where anything is from, please do ask away in the comment section below!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Bemz. However, all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I absolutely love and think you will too (#Ilovemyjob!). Thank you for supporting the businesses that help bring fresh content to your mail box and make My Scandinavian Home possible.

Bohemian touch in a magnificent Berlin apartment

Have you ever been to Berlin? Or perhaps you're lucky enough to live there? I've visited a few times over the past few years and it's fast become one of my favourite cities. One memorable evening we wondered through the Kreuzberg district which is a really vibrant part of town and very cool, in an edgy, bohemian way (I was in awe!). That's probably why I was so excited to stumble across this incredible apartment in the same area. Owner Karina and her husband have decorated the space with restraint - choosing a few carefully selected pieces each with a story to tell - and at the same time allowing the magnificent architecture to take centre stage. And who better to capture the space than Jules Villebrandt of herz und blut?! Let's take a tour...

Photography: Jules Villbrandt. Home-owner: Karina.

What a beautiful apartment! Those floors! That ceiling.... I love the way an upper section in the kitchen has been left in it's original state, very beautiful don't you think?

Get the look from Karina's apartment: souce a beautiful, colourful boucherouite rug here, this is a great source for made-to-measure dual toned linen curtains, Angelpoise lamp.

You can see more pics and read a full interview over on herz und blut here.

You might also like to take a peek at a mid-century inspired Berlin home,  a Berlin home full of contrast and a calm Berlin home with a modern twist. So inspiring!

Oh and  something else you may find interesting (at least I did!) - this graphic maps out the top interior design trends for each US state, who knew?!

And finally, don't miss my sitting room refresh with Bemz tomorrow - am so excited to be sharing it with you!

Have a lovely day! 

A Swedish home with striking contrasts

Heeeeejsan! A certain someone in our house is turning 9 tomorrow and we take birthday's very seriously, after all you only turn 9 once right?!  In between preparations for the breakfast in bed, giant decorations and the birthday tea, I thought I'd take a moment in my office where it's lugn och ro (peaceful!) and share this wonderful Gothenburg apartment with you. What struck me the most about this elegant space dating back to the 1890s is the contrast - I absolutely love the dark wood floors against the fresh white walls and the fabulous chequer floor in the hallway.  One truly inspiring space indeed, don't you agree?!

This magnificent flat is for sale through Bjurfors. Photography: Alen Cordic. Styling: Intro Inred.

Wow! It's so striking!  I love all the textures too - leather, canvas, wood, glass, plants etc. They add a really cosy touch.

Is there anything that stands out to you about this flat?

Get the look:  sitting room -
Stockholm chair from IKEA (I've just bought this my own home - it's beautiful!), source a vintage plan chest here Safari chair in canvas, black sheepskin throw. Bedroom - Karin armchair by Bruno Mathsson for DUX® 1969. Kitchen - pick up a black dining table here, I love these edison-style string lights.

Does anyone know the name of the brass ceiling light in the kitchen (I'm sure a few of you are wondering too?!)? If so, it would be wonderful if you can let us out of our misery in the comment section below!

Looking for a little more inspiration? Other beautiful homes designed with contrast include this amazing French home (probably one of my favourite kitchen / dining spaces ever!), a dark and white Swedish home, and a dramatic Swedish space with dark walls. Ohhhh, so lovely. Having lightened up my entire home - these spaces actually make me want to go for dark floors all over again (don't whatever you do, tell the man....!).

Have a lovely day!

Sleek and rustic in a Sydney bachelor pad

G'day! When I went to bed last night there was a howling gale outside, the wind was whipping the Baltic sea into a frenzy and rattling at our windows.  And then when I woke up it was eerily still  - as if to say "who me?!" This is what I love most about living by the water! And some 16,000 km away  - our Australian friends are also being buffeted by the elements, albeit by the deep blue of the pacific ocean. The owners of this wonderful bachelor pad in the Sydney coastal suburb of Queenscliff sought the assistance of talented interior designer Jillian Dinkel. Jillian takes cues from  'the relaxed bohemian ocean-side lifestyle of Sydney to create a strong connection and flow between the indoors and out' and works to strike a balance between creating an inviting space, which is also aesthetically beautiful. I certainly think she's achieved just that in this wonderful home, don't you?

Design and styling: Jillian Dinkel Designs. Photography - Hannah Blackmore Photography. found via Desire to Inspire with thanks.  

What a beautiful space? I love the combination of sleek modern and raw, rough wood, antique rugs and shaggy sheepskins.

Also, how fab is that bench in the hallway? I've got a very similar one at the end of my bed which I picked up here.

Is there anything that stands out to you?

Get the look: sitting room - I like this blue kilim pillow / cushion, source a vintage beni ourain rug here, Kara Rosenlund sells lovely photo art of the ocean. Dining room - Aesop hand soap, this taupe sheepskin is similar. Bedroom - I love this olive green linen bedding and midnight blue bedding (I have the same blue linen in my bedroom - so cosy!). Hallway - source a vintage kilim rug here, large round mirror (seeing a lot of these right now!).

I've featured so many beautiful Australian homes - a few of the most swoon-worthy include my dream holiday home (and garden room), a super relaxed boho cottage, and a charming family home.

Loving the relaxed style - I really, really must visit Oz soon, my visit is long overdue! Have you been? Or perhaps you live there, in which case you're extremely lucky! 

Have a lovely day!


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