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Going up in 2018: indoor climbing plants

After yesterday's awe-inspiring home tour, all I can think about today is house plants. And if there's one type to top all others right now, it's climbers. Climbing plants seem to be taking over the plant world (and homes) right now! Whether used to frame a window, wrap themselves around ceiling beams or winding their way up shelving, the green beauties provide a lush boost of green which will brighten up the dreariest of January days (I'm in, are you?!). Here's a little inspiration...

Michelle Hayes
Indoor living plants MR Kitly
Anders Bergstedt / Entrance
Natalie Jeffcott
Jonas Bjerre Poulsen / Höst restaurant Copenhagen
Kara Healy
So beautiful, don't you think? If, like me, you're already plotting where your climber should go (my home is suddenly feeling decidedly ungreen), here are 5 great climbers and two inspiring books to set you on the right path...

Get the look

Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants
The Green Home

Training your climber

So we kind of know which plant and where to put it, but how on earth do we train them to go where we want them to go (and stop our house from becoming a scene out of Little Shop of Horrors)?! The methods vary depending on the type of plant - so do ask about the best way to train and care for your climber at the point of purchase. When it comes to support, you can either train your plant around whatever's already in place (pipes, beams etc) or invest in a trellis of some kind (there is a large variety of different supports you can use depending on the look you're after) - here's a helpful guide. My parents-in-law have had one as long as I can remember and they simply use evenly spaced tacks around the window frame - so it definitely doesn't need to be complicated!

I'd love to see your climber in action (don't forget to tag me on Instagram too!).

Have a great weekend and see you Monday! 

PS I love how this climber goes up and around a door frame!

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An incredible loft, filled with plants!

Hands up who loves a house plant? This home tour is for you! Seriously, I've never seen so much beautiful greenery in one place, it takes the term 'urban jungle' to a new level  - and the results are lush! Formerly a cotton mill from the 1870s, the plant-filled loft is located in the centre of Baltimore and belongs to green-fingered Hilton Carter and his girlfriend Fiona Vismans who met as neighbours three years ago (when she knocked on his door to ask him to turn his music down! Love that!). Hilton estimates he owns around 120 plants which wind their way around a blend of high street, thrift store and flea market finds and thrive on the light from the incredible windows. "I really like having plants as a part of my interior styling. You need that sort of life to open up the space, to clean the air, and to make it feel like home," Hilton explained to Baltimore Magazine. Prepare to be inspired...

Photography: Hilton Carter

Quite incredible, don't you think?

Who needs a greenhouse?!

If you'd like to see more beautiful homes with plants check out; Jeska and Dean Hearne's lovely home, plants and mid-century finds in a Brooklyn brownstone, the Melbourne home of a florist.

And I love this book: Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants.

Oh and in case you're not very green-fingered - I included a guide to house plants that are almost impossible to kill in my Lagom book - tried and tested by yours truly!
I'd highly recommend following Hilton Carter's instagram feed for a load more inspiration too!
Vi ses!

PS Look out for our guide to indoor climbers (to follow shortly!).

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Rug (and neturals) heaven at DOMOTEX

Hej hej! How's your January? I've been a little too busy to let the gloomy weather get to me (Malmö - where's the snow, though?!), I hope you have too?! I kicked off the working year with an inspiring trip to Hannover for DOMOTEX - the leading B2B trade fair for floor coverings. I've got a real weakness for rugs and wood flooring so I was in absolute heaven and so happy to team up with some of my favourite bloggers including Holly from Decor8, Igor from Happy Interiors blog and Urban Jungle Bloggers, Agata from Passion Shake, Stefan from Trend Stefan, Desiree from Vogesparis and Mette from Monsterscircus to tour the fair and take part in two panel discussions (more to follow later this week). There were so many incredible brands at the fair. One of the highlights for me, was the TISCA stand. TISCA produce unique hand-woven rugs, and teamed up with Lotta Agaton Interiors from Sweden (it was so great to meet Lotta and Pella Hedeby in person - look out for links to these lovely ladies' homes below - they're totally worth a peek!). The stand was designed using milky tones and furniture from Team 7, Vitra and Artek - and of course some of TISCA's beautiful rugs! I took a few snaps to share with you...

Photography: © Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home.

One of the key rug trends this year is adorning walls with rugs (as art or simply to give the room a soft, cosy feel) and the TISCA stand demonstrated this beautifully. Love, love, loved it!

And how soothing are those neutral tones? 

Look out for a full report on DOMOTEX later this week.

Oh, and I promised to share the links to Lotta Agaton's home (Lotta was the founder of one my favourite magazines Residence) and Pella Hedeby's home.

Have a lovely day!

PS Another of my favourite magazines Condé Nast Traveler, featured my Lagom Book yesterday (I did an actual body roll when I saw the piece - thank you!).

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Get the look: A Swedish Home with a Floral Touch!

Why hello there! How are you today? I've been photographing a little corner of my home this morning - and can't wait to show you the results! I need to do a little re-touching first as I didn't notice a purple ball of 'slime' peeping out from under the daybed (mammas and pappas out there, how much are you disliking this homemade slime trend among kids?!). Anyhow, things are on the up again as I stumbled across this lovely Swedish home with a pretty floral accent wall. I couldn't resist putting together a bit of a 'get the look' with the help of Ana (below)...  just in case you're liking it as much as I am! Or else, you could just move in (it's for sale!).... now there's an idea! Gothenburg anyone?

Va fin! 

Do you know what really caught my eye? The indoor climber! These are quite popular in Sweden (my parents-in-law have had one since forever) and I'm happy to see them growing in popularity in the interior world (literally taking the urban jungle theme to new heights!).  Could you imagine growing one in your home? If so, perhaps an inspiration post on these fine specimens might be of interest?

Is there anything that stood out to you?

Here's our round-up just in case the apartment doesn't come with all the furniture!

Get The Look

1. Moroccan pouf
2. Windsor dining chair
3. String storage
4. Boråstapeter Jubileum wallpaper
5. Metal clamp light
6. Rattan chair
7. L:A Bruket hand cream
8. Linen cushion

Have a lovely day!

Credits: Photography: Janne Olander Styling Maria Wigartz for Stadshem.

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Ten steps to a half painted wall

Photography: Avenue Design Studio. see the full tour of Lola's pretty room here.
While I'll always love an accent wall, lately I've had a soft spot for half painted walls too (seen in Marian's home today)! If you're a little colour shy, or simply feel like pepping up a space without going all out, a half-half horizontal wall is perfect for the job! Not only does painting a wall in two different shades create a beautiful wainscoting effect, it also adds visual interest to a space - perfect! Before I launch in to the 'how to' - here's a little inspiration to show just how pretty it can look.....

Photography: Lisa Cohen / The Estate Trentham (see the full tour of this dreamy home here)
Anders Schønnemann
Photography: Kristofer Johnsson Styling Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramse for Hitta Hem
Jennifer Hagler / A Merry Mishap
Kristofer Jonhsson

How to create a half-half horizontal wall

1. Pick a paint colour. I say it like it's the easiest thing in the world, but we all know it's a little trickier than that! I'd recommend buying a few different paint samples and testing them on the wall first (leave up over several days so you can see how the light affects it). My friend once had to paint her sitting room three times because she went all out with the first sample (you know who you are!). Cue: very unhappy husband.
2. Once you've chosen your paint, prep the area by giving it a good clean with a damp cloth. Remove wall sockets and other obstacles (turning off the electricity first).
3. Decide how high your half painted wall will be (the easiest and most common is exactly half way up - stating the obvious here I know!). But do get creative if you'd like a slightly different look or have furniture you'd like to work around.
4. Measure from the floor up, and mark the wall very lightly with a pencil to show the correct height. Repeat at regular intervals. It's probably a good idea to check your dotted line with a spirit level to avoid a wonky outcome!
5.  Next, place masking tape along the line keeping it even and applying pressure to ensure it's securely in place (best route to a crisp line!). Tape all around the edge of the wall too.
6.  Cover the floor (and if you're painting the upper wall, cover the lower wall too) with newspaper or plastic sheets.
7.  If you're going for a lighter shade on dark you'll need to apply a primer before going all in. Otherwise go ahead and apply your beautiful paint colour with a roller (and a brush for the edges / corners). Repeat layers as required (I'd recommend at least two).
8.  Now for the fun bit (I think, at least!), once the paint has dried remove the tape little by little. 
9.  Place any wall sockets back in place.
10. Stand back and admire the fabulous new look that is your freshly painted half wall!

If you did a little dance at the results and want to show it to the world, please tag me on Instagram - I'd love to see it!!

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A Dutch home gets a green make-over

Do you have any New Year interior resolutions? It could be as simple as de-cluttering or as crazy as shelling out your entire house and starting again from the ground up (like my sister!). Personally, I'm keeping it simple, and have a goal to add a little more colour to my home (baby steps friends, baby steps!). Which is why this lovely space caught my eye. If you follow Holland-based Marian on Instagram you'll know several things about her space a) it's in a constant state of change b) she loves plants and flowers and c) she's a big fan of green! And it's the latter that caught my eye - looking back through her feed there has always been a hint of green in her home but recently Marian took things to a whole new level of greenness with half-painted walls. Here's the before and after...

Before - white walls:

Print from Muurmeeters, Line cushion by Normann Copenhagen.

This vintage French school chair is similar (check the height first!). The wall hanging is from Knotting on the Wall.

Source a vintage rattan chair here. I also love this rattan stool (perfect as a plant stand!). The Muuto wood lamp can be seen on top of the dresser.

The Artek pendant lamp is similar, round mirror, vintage school chair, black and white Twiggy print

After: green walls

Print from Muurmeesters and Line cushion by Normann Copenhagen (as before).

Source a beautiful mid-century teak chest-of-drawers here and green demi-john here.

Such a lovely update, don't you think? I really like the tone (I'm on the case with the shade and will come back as soon as possible!).

Could you imagine painting one of your walls half green (or another colour)? If so, keep an eye out for my guide on how to achieve a half painted wall later today!

Have a great start to the week!

Photography by Marian. See more of her beautiful home over on Instagram.

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