Charming and Relaxed Boobialla Bungalow, Tasmania

This weekend I felt like spring was in the air in Malmö - even going as far as mentioning this in my instagram stories. What a mistake. We woke up this morning to a world blanketed in snow, yes friends, 'second winter' has arrived! I hope you'll forgive me for transporting us far south to a warmer climate on the blog today. 

There are several places on this earth that I have never been to, bit can imagine have a similar vibe to Sweden (although I could of course be wrong!). One day I'd love to visit Maine in the US, for example. But I am also drawn to Tasmania - there is something about the rugged, wild coastline and relaxed cabins I so often discover online. 

I've featured many holiday homes from the island in the past, and today stumbled across Boobialla Bungalow on the South Arm peninsula. A once forgotten 1930s shack, this charming and relaxed coastal hideout is a couple of minutes walk from the beach, and looks like a chilled base from which to explore the bay and beyond.

The majority of the furniture is vintage, adding to the chilled, un-polished vibe of the place. 

The mid blue helps to create a cosy atmosphere in the sitting room, and echoes the coastal location. 

A wood burning stove helps to heat the space in winter. 

The blue theme is continued in the bedroom. 

There's something about retro pink baths - my grandmother used to have one and this picture transported me straight back to my childhood! I love the combination with the dark green. 

Rather than grand outdoor seating around a fire, sometimes all you need is a few tree stumps! Speaking of which, are you ready for some outdoor inspiration soon? Even if there's snow on the ground right now here, I'm feeling confident spring is just around the corner (again!). 

Visiting Tasmania and fancy a stay here? Enquire more over at @airbnb and see more pictures at @boobiallabungalow

Take a peek at all the Tasmanian properties I've featured in this archive

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday! 


Photography: Renee Thurston, shared with kind permission from Shawn / Boobialla Bungalow

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A Waterside Swedish Summer Cottage with a Sauna

A wise person once told me 'everyone has a season' in which they thrive. Do you find this? While I try to embrace each season, if truth be told, my heart belongs to summer! In Scandinavia it's a really magical time of year - time seems to be suspended and the world is bathed in a luxurious pin-sharp light. And the locals know exactly how to celebrate it in style! 

This incredible summer cottage in Värmdo, Stockholm County transports me to the month of July, when many Swedes flock to the coast to make the most of the warm weather. Although understated, the property has everything a family need to make the most of the season: accessible by boat, it has an understated charm, a guest house and sauna. Ready to take a look around? 

Although pared-back, the sitting room still has a warm vibe thanks to a deep red and blue rug and a wood-burning stove. Shelves laden with sea-themed treasures help to bring in the coastal surroundings. 

The dining area is surrounded by windows, giving the space an outdoor feel and views over the water. 

I love the use of texture in the kitchen. Using different finishes like concrete and wood panelling adds interest (see this swedish apartment for a variety of finishes!). 

Open shelving in the kitchen is ideal for displaying summery items like picnic baskets and vases for flowers and also creates a relaxed grab and go feel. 


A self-contained guesthouse - complete with kitchen, living room area, bedroom and bathroom ensures everyone has their own space - especially great for longer stays! 

The Hemnes sofa bed from IKEA provides an extra bunk when needed. 

Sauna house 

Your very own spa? Heaven! True to Swedish style, the sauna house is understated yet provides everything you might need to relax including a wood-burning sauna, relaxation room and easy access to cool off with a dip in the sea. 

What a place to spend summer. I can just imagine arriving from Stockholm by boat! 

Actually scrap that, get those fires roaring and the sauna going and it would also make a perfect getaway in the winter, don't you think? 

Could you imagine wiling away your weekends and holidays here too? The good news it, it's currently for sale! Shall we pool our money and share it between us? 

Dream away and feel inspired by other Scandinavian summer cottages today in this archive (if this comes up first just scroll down to a load more beautiful properties!). 

Ha det bra! 


Photography courtesy of Norstrand Mäkleri with thanks. 

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Beautiful Limestone Barn on the island of Gotland (It's on Airbnb!)

Are you an early or late  holiday planner? I have to confess I'm a little of a last-minute traveller, but there's something to be said for having a wonderful trip to look forward to! If you're thinking of visiting Sweden this summer, I would suggest booking Kalkstenslada (Limestone Barn) early. I stumbled across the property on Airbnb this morning, and I've been dreaming about it ever since! 

According to the description, the barn is newly refurbished and nestled on a headland in beautiful Faludden, southeast Gotland, surrounded by meadows and paddocks. Tracks lead down to a sandy beach and a pretty harbour. 

If you go, I'd recommend hiring bikes and explore the island, it's one of the world's best kept secrets, with galleries, farm shops, vintage stores and cafes and restaurants waiting to be discovered! And once you're back at the barn, it's simply to kick back and relax in true Gotland style! Tell me I haven't got your summer sorted?

The concrete floors and chalk walls beautiful reflect the rugged nature of the island. 
Source similar vintage wood chairs here*.  The lovely table looks like it's been made by a local carpenter but do correct me if I'm wrong! 

You can achieve the mottled effect on the walls using lime paint (I use Kalklitir - and would recommend adding a topcoat). 

The main living room is completely open plan with a kitchen (the units looks like Lerhyttan by ikea), dining area and sitting room. The stairs lead off it to bedrooms upstairs. 

Rattan furniture with blue cushions adds a relaxed, coastal vibe while a map and bird motif art give a nod to the surrounding area. Two Gotland sheepskin throws* have been draped over the sofa. 

I'd be perfectly happy curling up here this weekend and leafing through those coffee table books, how about you? 

Blue and beige bedlinen matches the colour of the nearby beach, giving the bedroom a fresh, summer vibe! From some of the rooms, you can see the glistening sea in the distance! 

Gotland is breath-taking! Per, the girls and I sailed there one summer. We were only meant to stay for a couple of days, and Per had to drag me off after four! I'd have stayed all summer if I could have. See some pictures and my guide to island hopping in The Baltic

Could you imagine spending your summer here? 

You can find more information about Limestone Barn and book your stay here

It would be rude not to share a few more houses on Gotland with you today. Here are a few of my favourites: 

Right folks. That's it from me this week. I just need to wrap up a few things at my desk and then it's time for the WEEKEND! And we have a birthday in the house too - 'Grattis' Per! 

Wishing you all a relaxing couple of days, see you Monday! 


Images courtesy of Airbnb / Kalkstenslada

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A 19th Century Swedish Apartment Where Old Meets New

It's a misty morning here in Malmö and I can hear the sound of fog horns drifting across the strait. I love that ever-present reminder of the sea, even if it's in a bit of a mood today. Sweden's capital city further North spans many islands and the water is never far away. Many commuters hop on ferries to get from A to B. 

This has little to do with today's apartment tour, save for the fact that it's located in Södermalm (known locally as 'Söder') one of Stockholm's hottest neighbourhoods which is surrounded by water on all sides. I was immediately drawn to this striking apartment thanks to the contrast. It's a living space where rough meets smooth and old meets new.   

Think contemporary touches in the form of exposed plaster and a pink kitchen nestled beside decorative 19th century masonry ovens and beautiful period features. Small groups of fascinating objects also help to add interest. Plenty of ideas to feel inspired by! 

I'm often asked about TV placement. I really appreciate how the furniture has been placed in a social way and the TV is nestled on a shelf as a side-show rather than as the focal point in the room. 

Many of the magnificent 'kakelugn' (tiled masonry ovens) you see in Swedish homes are still in good working order today. Although incredibly efficient, they serve as a more decorative nod to the past than a source of energy - especially in urban homes! 

Over the years I've observed that Swedes are careful to create a calm vibe in the bedroom, opting for serene whites or soothing blues, greens or greys and keeping the space clutter-free. 

It was a bold move to leave the walls bare in the kitchen and sitting room but I think it makes a strong impact! 

Would you consider doing this in your home? 

See more homes which include exposed elements in the archives:




So many beautiful ways to reveal the history of a home - and add interest! 


Photography - Tommy Andersson
For sale via Bjurfors

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