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This Incredible Swedish Country Home By The Sea Could Be Yours!

Do you ever dream of moving to the countryside (or perhaps you've made the move already?). As a Londoner at heart, I'm so happy in our little townhouse in Southern Sweden, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming about living in a beautiful house in the country. Somewhere old, somewhere with acres of outdoor space for our children to run riot, and somewhere with my very own studio atelier. Oh and did I mention the sea view?! Hmmm. Perhaps I'm asking for too much. Or so I thought.

Earlier today I discovered exactly this on a real estate site!! The artist's home dates back to the 1800's and is located right on the beach in Smygehamn (try pronouncing that!) on Sweden's beautiful southernmost tip. It also has the most incredible atelier (with it's own fireplace!) *heart skips several beats*! There's one slight drawback though. It's way out of my price league. Ah well. Perhaps we can share it?!

The bohemian in me loves traditional-style mix and match kitchens. How pretty is this cabinet under the sink? Knowing my family we'd have a hard time remembering which draw we put things in, but it'd would be worth it all the same!

A traditional Swedish masonry oven in the corner of the bedroom is something I've always dreamed of! Loving the cane sleigh bed too (try Serena & Lily* for similar).

It's so inspiring how all the items are vintage / antiques of some sort. I'm thinking that if I ever make that move to the country this type of furniture would be high on my list. My Mother used to take us to loads of auctions in Sussex, England when we were kids (she collected antique chest-of-drawers like I collect cushions!!)  and I've never really had the opportunity to do this as an adult. 

This bath is so pretty - and if you hop over to the rest of the pictures over at Residence you'll spy an original Thomas Crapper loo (I wonder how it found it's way to Sweden?!).  

 This was the fireplace I was telling you about. I'm already picturing myself here in the winter. Would I get any work done ? Potentially not! But think of all the tea I'd drink while I looked out over the stormy waters!

And there you have it.

Anyone else envisaging themselves living here?!

Me? I'm already on one of those deck chairs (in my mind).

Whoever buys this house is one lucky soul!

What does your dream home look like?


Photography courtesy of Residence

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Treat Yourself To A Back to Work Gift!

Sponsored (all words are my own):
What Sweden lacks in the way of light in the winter, it most certainly makes up for in the summer. As a result, everyone is encouraged to take a lengthy summer holiday (we're talking 3-4 weeks -  how heavenly is that?!). It's not about jetting off somewhere exotic though, it's about hanging out at home, maybe taking a road trip to visit friends and family, or easy day trips and ultimately enjoying the abundance of light! The only problem is when it's finally time to get back to work, you feel all dazed and confused - not unlike this owl! Ha! Anyone else feel like this on your first day back?!  This time round, I've found a perfect way to combat this: a back-to-work-gift. How's that for an idea?! Mine came in the form of the Snow Klinga timepiece from Swedish brand TRIWA

Isn't it pretty?! I've never thought about getting a watch with a light grey leather strap before - but I spotted it among the new summer collection in the TRIWA design atelier in Stockholm a few months back and loved the ivory white dial,  light grey organically tanned leather strap and silver buckle combo. It looks super summery with a crisp white boyfriend shirt, and I've got a feeling it will also match the soft blue and white shades of the snowy Scandinavian winter too -  a winner!

I think I might just be happy to be back at my desk after all!

If you love the look of this time-piece (or any of the others in the TRIWA collection) - you can buy it directly though the TRIWA website (they ship worldwide!).

Oh and they have a summer sale on right now with 50% off selected pieces - such as the beautiful Birch Falken  - just saying!

Right. Better get on with some work!!


 This post is brought to you in collaboration with TRIWA, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. Thank you for supporting the wonderful companies that make MSHB possible!

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A Striking Blue Wall and Art in a Hamburg Home

Hallo freunde! I seem to be on a little bit of a German roll right now. Could it be because my neighbours are waving at me from the opposite shore of the Baltic sea - or the mere fact that it's only a few hours drive / short ferry hop from here? Either way, I'm often stumbling across inspiring German homes with a Scandinavian influence - and this one is a fine example! Sarah describes her lovely apartment in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel as a mix of "Scandinavian minimalism with a touch of colour'. The Hague Blue wall in the sitting room is a total show stopper - but after scouring the pictures, there are many other details to enjoy. Let's dive in... 

North sofa by Bolia (I used to have exactly the same one - same fabric, legs everything!). Prints from left to right: Freisteller 17 / Tan Kadam, Print by Iris Lehnhardt, Blues print by Peytil, Print by Jilli Darling.

I've been looking for storage like this Would Töjbox for our guest room, I love the minimalist look and feel - as well as the warmth of the wood. It's ideal for tight spaces too.  

Sarah has created a mini breakfast bar using a wall mounted shelf (which also doubles up as extra storage along with the Swedish made 'Shelf 90') - she can also enjoy her morning coffee on the windowsill (made comfy with a couple of cushions!). Such a clever way to make the most of the space you have - no matter how small / narrow, don't you think?

'Although she is small, she is fierce!' (or simple super cosy and pretty!). This small bedroom is proof you can enjoy a double bed and still achieve a minimalist look and feel. It works because Sarah has used the window sill for a reading light and hung a Flower Pot suspension light on the other side - which frees up space on the nightstands (a pair of stackable stools). I also love the leather magazine hanger and hook for books and magazines - it's really practical too! 

 Flower Pot VP1 lightFerm Living triangles rug*, A 'Smile is the prettiest' poster*, magazine hanger and hook

What an inspiring home!

Did it give you any ideas for your own living space?

I love how the blue wall gives the entire space a focal point - for anyone considering going for a bold accent colour, I hope Sarah's apartment has given you the courage to go for it!

You can see more of Sarah's home on her wonderful blog and instagram feed.

And there's an entire MSH archive dedicated to 'decorating with blue' ("of course there is!" I hear you say)-  it's one of my favourites too! While scrolling through, don't miss Suvi's home on Finland's west coast, a striking small Stockholm space in dark blue and this amazing home featuring an array of colours!

Have a great start to the week! I've got a feeling this is going to be good one for us all!


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A Bright and Beautiful, Light-Filled Loft

Recently I've been showing a lot of eclectic homes with splashes of colour (and even a black bathroom!). So, today I thought I'd reign it in a little and feature a beautiful, light-coloured loft in Hanover, Germany. A white, minimalist scheme is often in danger of coming across as cold and uninviting, especially in an open-plan living space, but when you have incredible exposed beams, pillars and a mezzanin floor like Sandra, a simple, pared-back look allows the architecture to sing! Oh and how this space sings!

// affiliate links marked with * //
Tobias Grau OH 9 pendant lights, basket bag* (similar), Source a chain from a DIY shop for a simple way to hang coats.

Wishbone chair*, Eames DSW chair*, Eames DFAW chair*, Hee dining chair*

AJ Floor lamp*, Menu Turning Table*Eames lounge Chair*

Samsung The Frame (how long have we been waiting for a TV that looks like art?! I've been totally in love with it ever since I worked on that Greenhouse make-over!).

 How fabulous is this Undressed tea-set?!

Oooooh wow. This is my dream loft. Can you imagine having a space like this to play with?!

As mentioned above, open-plan minimalist spaces can come across as a little cold at times - but I think Sandra's totally nailed it. 

Why the light colour, minimalist scheme works here:

- The beautiful architectural elements take centre-stage to create a wow factor
- Although pared-back, no two pieces are the same which adds interest
- The wood and concrete floors, stairs, pillars and beams add texture
- Black details and accents help to balance the look and focus the eye
- Concrete floors in the kitchen and bathroom break-up the uniformed look, help create separate zones and add diversity
- Look closely and you'll spot fresh flowers in every single picture - a simple yet lovely way to bring a space to life

Does this look appeal to your senses?!

If so, you might also like to check out Sandra's instagram feed which is awash with beautiful sand and white images, this fabulous loft in Arnhem (available to rent!), a bright and airy Paris loft, a light Danish home with a stunning bedroom.

Our family sailing tour of Sweden's West coast came to an end yesterday - boooo! Does it sound strange to say I miss the sea? After four weeks afloat it felt like an old friend by the end. On Monday I'll be back at my desk so I'm thinking daily posts again - what d'ya think? I'll also be working on an exciting photograph commission for a jewellery brand (feeling the pressure but so looking forward to it! More on stories!).

But first - the weekend. And there's an Anholt gin and tonic, sunshine and a swim waiting for me! I hope you have a load of fun plans too!


PS - to create this tour I've combined a load of images taken by Sandra over time - as a result, some items might appear twice and rooms might look marginally different in the sequence!

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Olivia's Adorable Bedroom in Southern Sweden

As a mamma bear to three (two daughters and a bonus son!) I'm often on Pinterest looking for inspiration for children's bedrooms. That's why I was so excited to discover my friend, interior designer Genevieve Jorn was re-doing her daughter Olivia's bedroom (everything Gen does turns to gold so I knew it was going to be beautiful!). I've got to know Olivia through the various photoshoots we've had over at Gen's place and she is one of the cutest 4-year-old's I know - not to mention a great photo shoot assistant, offering us 'pancakes' from her makeshift kitchen whenever we're low on energy! She's so funny! These days, she's also one of the luckiest 4-year-olds I know, her new bedroom is sooooo lovely! I couldn't resist heading into the centre of Malmö with my camera and a notepad to grill Gen on the details!

Owner: Olivia
Age: turning 5
Room size: 25 m2 (269 f2)
Favourite pastimes: loves to read, draw and run her own restaurant

What was your over all aim with the bedroom?
I wanted to keep a similar style to the rest of the home but also wanted to give her a fun and inspiring room. I've been working on the children's section of the IKEA catalogue this year and was therefore really inspired when I decided to redo her room. I went for a soft pink wall color (code NCS S1005-Y70R) and picked a bolder dark red accent (code NCS S6030-T90R) to give a little punch to the room - which was greatly needed in such a big space! I also used a Kelim rug as a basis for the colour scheme.

What are the challenges when it comes to designing a large children's room? 
Admittedly, that is quite a luxury problem! Normally when I design a room I usually start with a colour or a product that I want to highlight. Something has to be the hero or focal point. In Olivia's room it was without doubt her loft bed (Wood Collection Mini+ low loft bed from Oliver Furniture), which turned out to be her favourite place to sit and read. So I started from there. I painted a rectangular shape behind it. Then came the challenge of the ceiling lamp. I think in such a big room, it makes sense to go for a large lamp to balance the proportions. So when I found the Big Dot lampshade from Afro Art I was really pleased!

"Olivia loves to go up into her bunk and wrap herself in her hand quilted blanket (from Camomile London) and act out her favourite characters from her books." 

What are the essentials to think about when designing a children's room?
I guess it's the same for all rooms: it has to be connected to it's inhabitant. I know that my daughter loves to move around. She can sit very still for a long time creating stories or she can move stuff around and be completely disorganised. So I wanted to create different areas that would support all her needs.

Children's Room Essentials
- A soft and comfy place to chill and cool down
- A place to play and be creative
- Good lighting to support all needs
- An ergonomic place to sit and create (with place for more to join the party)
- Plenty of storage options (drawers are a great way to store things away quickly).
- Tactile textures to soften up the space and help children feel cosy and comfortable.

Did you hand draw the kitchen?
Yes! I love drawing and sketching, it's an easy way to add personality to a room (for me at least!). It takes some time but it's definitely worth the hard work. Especially when it's for my little nugget!

Gen's 10 Step Guide to Creating a Wall Mural
1. Decide on the type of wall mural you would like to create
2. Search Pinterest and other sites for similar murals
3. Once you have an idea, sketch it onto A4 paper
4. Amend the sketch until you are happy with it
5. Draw it again to size on tracing paper using a pencil, make sure the proportions are correct
6. Trace over the lines on the other side of the tracing paper with a pencil
7. Tape the tracing paper to the wall in the exact position you would like the mural
8. Draw over the lines once again on the tracing paper with a pencil (this will leave lines on the wall)
9. Remove the tracing paper from the wall
10. Draw over the lines on the wall with a sharpie / marker pen

What has turned out to be Olivia's favourite corner?
I would have to say her bed! Whether it's the top bunk or the hidden space underneath. She loves to wrap herself in that cosy blanket too. She also loves the Upperlig bench. We often find her sitting on the edge of it drawing or making one of her famous lists!

Thank you so much Gen and Olivia for inviting me over, it was such a pleasure to visit you. And Olivia - the soup you made me was the best yet!

I put together a list of all the items below (gifted items have been marked with a *) - give me a shout in the comment section if I've missed anything, or you have any questions!

Get the look

1. Oliver Furniture Wood Collection Mini+ low loft bed* 2. Amayadeeme, Paulina poster* 3. Large House Cushion* 4. Ochre Single / Twin Hand Quilted Blanket / Camomile london* 5. Ink Fitted Sheet* / Camomile London 6. Mini Check Duvet Cover in Coral* 7. Rug by Gur, Cararina Carreiras 8. Afro Art Big Dot Lampshade (L) 9. Ikea upperlig bench 10. Ferm Living Kelim Rug (large) 11. Ikea Ingo table painted in Lady pure colour Industrial Blue 12. Ikea Flisat stool 13. Ferm Living clothes rack 14. Ikea Nordli chest-of-drawers


Aaaaaa, such a lovely children's room, don't you think?

Is there anything you love in particular? I love the antique wardrobe in the corner - I wish I had space for something like this in my children's bedrooms.

Just in case you're curious, you can see more pics for Gen's fabulous home here: kitchen, sitting room, bedroom and office.

... and more pretty children's bedrooms in this archive (if this pops up first, you know the drill - just scroll passed!).

Have a lovely day and see you Friday!


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