A calm white, blue and cognac Malmö home

I hope you had a wonderful weekend? Today I've got very zen home to share with you. It's actually for sale here in Malmö, Sweden (come and join us!!).  There's something about the white, blue and cognac combined with the pastels that I love.  It's perhaps a little too empty for my taste (I guess this is part of the estate agent styling) but  I'm sure I could make it my own in no time, how about you?

Very calm don't you think?

I see they have my favourite chair - the diamond armchair (throw a sheepskin over in the autumn and winter for extra loveliness) and Thonet 214 chairs. Try the 'Cassis' bed linen for similar. I love the black and white art photography in the desk area, any ideas where it's from?

Thank you to Octavie who featured an interview with me on her lovely blog Scandinave on Friday (in French and English). What an honour!

I wasn't sure whether I was going to say anything but I must admit I'm feeling a little sorry for myself  today- I hurt my calf playing sport yesterday and was sent home from A&E with crutches and now awaiting an ultra sound. Have you ever hurt your achilles heel or a muscle in your calf before? It's soooo painful! Mind you, not all's bad, I get to spend a rainy Monday in bed reading/ watching Netflix, kind of bliss!

Have a lovely day!

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Small space inspiration: a lovely Swedish apartment

It's the weekend. woohoo! It's a special one in our home as my youngest turns 4! She's asked to go horse riding for her birthday so we'll be heading out into the forest with a few friends. I'm so looking forward to it as the leaves are just starting to turn red and yellow and the forest floor is lined with mushrooms and toadstools. Such a lovely time of year! Before I head off I wanted to share this lovely home with you (for sale here). Believe it or not it's only 41 metres square with the sitting room, sleeping area and home office combined in one room. Despite the limitations there's something very calm and uncluttered about it. Perfect inspiration for a small living area don't you think?

Entrance styled by Karin.

I especially love the office area. Is there anything that stands out to you?

For more small space inspiration check out the archive - warning, there's quite a few so you may want to pour yourself a coffee first!

Have you got any plans for the weekend? Taking it easy? Decorating? Walk along the beach? Kite flying? Wild night out? Would love to hear your plans and what you do in your part of the world.

Have a great couple of days and see you Monday!

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The beautiful home of a Danish author

This home is incredible (thank you for the tip Husligheter). In fact, I'll be pinning every single image. It's the home of Danish born, novelist Annika von Holdt author of The Mummers Play, Sleep Like the Dead, The Night Hour and The haunted. Annika and her family divide their time between Copenhagen (featured) and the Bahamas (sounds like my idea of heaven!). You can gain a wonderful insight into Annika's life, creative process and see more beautiful pictures of her home on her blog here. In the meantime here are a few of my favourite snaps.

Annika von Holdt via Husligheter

What a beautiful home, I love the way the space has been photographed and the treatment too. Anything you love in particular?

A few items I know and love: source luxuriously soft linen bedding here. I've always been a big fan of the Knoll diamond chair and Bertoia side chair. I also spy a black Eames RAR rocker and a Panton chair. Try IKEA for thin picture shelves to create a wall like Annika's.

You can also follow Annika on Instagram (love the picture of her kitty cat!).

Have a lovely day! 

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