My home: advent calendar

December is just days away - soooo excited as it's my favourite month! This year I've actually made my own advent calendar. Now, I'm not really the queen of DIY but it was so much fun being creative. Each envelope will hold a clue to help the girls find the present hidden somewhere in our home (they love hide and seek!) which explains why they're looking so flat! I hope they enjoy it.

My Scandinavian Home

 It was so easy to make as you can probably see from the pics! All I did was take 12 envelopes which I cut in half (we only had big ones at home), a black glitter pen, the black and white washi tape I bought in japan and my good old black board painted wall. The only thing I need to do next is re-arrange the numbers to make it a little tricker for my girls to find the day.

Are you making an advent calendar this year?

PS Back a little later today with a lovely home tour!

PPS Tomorrow I'm holding a BIG give-away on my blog, so exciting! I only wich I could win the Danish design prize myself!

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Striking black and white Malmö home

Since I'm heading home to Malmö this evening it's only fair that I show a beautiful apartment from Sweden's Southern most city. This extremely cool black and white apartment is on a square in the centre of town. As you know, I'm a huge advocate of monochrome. I also love the touches of pattern - including the spots and stripes.

Bo-laget vis Feel nspired
Are you a monochrome or colour person? Or perhaps both?! I love black and white but always feel the need to throw in a little colour like peach or dusty pink to soften the look.

Right folks, it's the weekend - yay! Any great plans? Oh and happy thanksgiving to all our friends in the US!

PS Just before I fly off, I just wanted to mention how wonderful it is to see all the comments you leave, I get really excited everytime a new one comes in and it makes blogging so much rewarding and interesting. Thank you!

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My home: art in the bathroom

A quick hello from London! Since I am rushing around, I thought I'd share a couple of pictures from my home I took last week. Here are two snap shots from my bathroom. I've always loved art in the bathroom there's something so decedant about it. As bathroom's get a bit steamy I didn't want to ruin one of my favourite original prints so I took a photocopy of the original and hung it in a frame. Conniving or clever? I like to think the latter!

In case you're wondering, the shower curtain is Marimekko and the little bird mirror is from Graham and Green. What do you think about art in the bathroom - do or don't?

I know I've just shown my dining room, but I love this picture as my little four year chose the pink roses at the local flower market in Malmö and they made me smile all week. 

Note: The cushions in the nook are Designers Guild.

Are you more fresh flowers or autumn leaves at this time of the year?

Have a lovely evening!

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Pretty white apartment in Malmö

My good friend Malin used to live in this beautiful, light and airy apartment in St Knuts, Malmö. She found that it's on the market again and the current owner has given it a big lick of white paint and put their  own style stamp on it. It was lovely when Malin left it and it's lovely again, in a different way.

I spy many little bits and pieces I love including the Eames plastic armchair rocker and the Marimekko printed textile on the bedroom wall. I've also been thinking more and more about getting a round mirror for my hallway like the one they have. Hay has a fab 'strap mirror' which I've got my eye on!

Anything that stands out for you?

I'm posting a little earlier today as I'm just nipping off to London - exciting! have a lovely day!

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Child's play: black and white

It's been a while since I shared a children's space and this one's definitely too good to miss. It's the black and white bedroom of Israel, the lucky son of the talented blogger and jewellery designer behind A Merry Mishap. This bedroom is a classic example of how to make a chld's space beautiful yet practical and will certainly be included in the mood board for my little girls bedroom!

A Merry Mishap
Such a fantastic room. In case you're wondering (I was!) you can get the string of letters from Mokkasin, although sadly (but understandably!) they've currently sold out in the black colour.

Other children's bedroom tips: check out W-form, a new Danish design shop selling the most wonderful items for children's bedrooms here. I also love the children's prints by L'Affiche Moderne and will likely be investing in the wall sticker tree by dutch company Inke Heiland.

So many tips, such little time!

What's your take on space for little ones, do you like black and white for a children's bedroom?

PS I absolutely love Jennifer's jewellery so if that's more your thing you must check it out. I've also had the honour of writing a couple of guest posts on the wonderful AMM blog in the past here.

Have a lovely evening!

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