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A bohemian industrial style converted garage

Hej hej! I hope you had a lovely weekend? Stepping back in time for me today and transporting myself to Philadelphia (I once spent a year there as a student). I didn't stay in a wonderful place like this converted garage in Fishtown though. The owners Doub and John have worked wonders with it. I love the exposed brick and structural columns, the concrete sinks and vintage furniture. If only my student digs had been like this.....

Apartment Therapy
I love the way they have hung up pretty clothes in the bedroom, it makes it look so whimsical.

Have a lovely Monday!

The wonderful home of a Swedish photographer

A rare saturday post from me - I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! One of my great friends is flying in to visit me here in Sweden this afternoon - sooooo exciting! I was just putting the tidying up off by drooling over a few interiors,  and I spotted this beautiful home of Swedish interiors photographer Jonas Ingerstedt ...... I especially love the monochrome and blue in the kitchen and of course the Wegner Wishbone Chairs what do you think?

Via Black Bird

You always know when someone has a really creative career that their homes are going to be special. And this one's no exception! Any particular faves?

Have a lovely weekend people, you'll be pleased to here the snow has melted here! Roll on spring!

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Adding a touch of green to your home

So it snowed here yesterday. Yes, I know, that's just rude. I mean, what happened to spring?! I'm still going to embrace greenery though, only it'll have to be indoors! So for those of you, who like me are dying for a spring feel, here are some very cool ways to turn your world green...Ok and a bed outdoors (note to self - will require a very very very good duvet).

Stylist: Tina Hellberg Photographer: Idha Lindhag
Stylist: Tina Hellberg Photographer: Idha Lindhag
Lazy Bones

Via Decorista Daydreams

Via Melanie Hoffman
I absolutely love the first pic with the greenery collage by stylist Tina Hellberg. What about you?

I hope you all have a lovely Friday! And may the snow melt away in your parts of the world (but umm not the parts where it's not meant to...i.e. the Poles etc....of course) and show beautiful fields of green..

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A romantic-industrial Swedish studio

This is the very cool studio of the Swedish founders and owners of web shop In My House. Oh to work in a space described by Swedish interior magazine Hus o Hem as 'romantic-industrial', and surrounded by industrial lamps, vintage bus blinds, and brightly coloured furniture and rugs. Check out their shop for similar finds too!  

Hus o Hem Via 79 ideas
BTW - the shop is lethal! Let me know if you spot anything you love or have any tips for us!


Have a lovely day!

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10 fab ways to decorate your home with clothes

It's no secret that us girls love a walk-in-wardrobe. But sadly for men, clothes are creeping into the bedroom and acting as the latest wall space accessory too. From necklaces and dresses to shoes and bags, it's the walking-wardrobe. And I love it. 

New York stylist Mary Alice Stephenson's jewellery chest designed by Closet Factory via The Coveteur    
IKEA Livet Hemma

Via Wit and Delight

Via Xunya

Via Brunch at Saks

Via Atelier Rue Verte

Via Cherry Blossom

Via interior photos

House to Home

Adler & Co by A Merry Mishap

I love so many of these ideas. The layers of IKEA mirrors. Using cornicing as shoe holders - perfect. The motorbike sure beats a chair to throw all discarded clothes over or? How far would you go? Sometimes less is more perhaps, it just depends on how fab your wardrobe is!

PS I've hoarded all these pics in Pinterest have done my best to credit but unfortunately not all roads to lead to Rome so if you can give any tips on original publishing house / photographer / stylist I'd be sooo happy. Tack tack!

My black and white bedroom

Over at NIB Norwegian interior bloggers have been invited to choose something from their home that shows who they are. And I thought, why not join in here. My favourite little corner is one side of the bedroom. Ok I technically share it with my man but you can see that, umm, he didn't really have much of a say. (Poor guy!). I have so many treasured items, pictures of my family, presents from friends and nostalgic trinkets that tell a story that it's definitely a little corner of my world that I really love.

All pictures: My Scandinavian Home

A little guide to where things are from: the black wallpaper and bedding is Designers Guild. The mirror is Graham & Green. The reading lamp is the IKEA +365 BRASA. The two little vintage apothecary bottles were a present from P's dad who's a doctor. And I found the Swedish Gustavian chest-of-drawers in their attic. The jewellery holder was a birthday present from my P (good man!). And no guesses where the Chanel No5 perfume was from! People are buying second hand perfume for lots at the moment for the lovely bottles so if you have one that you don't like the scent of and thinking of slinging it out, e-bay it instead!

Do you have an area of your home you feel is truly yours and represents you?

Oh and also I've been looking for a pretty 'washed out' pink or lilac coloured throw for my bed - any tips? Or perhaps another colour - what do you think?

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Lilac and dusty pale pink for a calm home

Tjeeeena! Hope you had a lovely weekend? My little three year old and I visited Hem & Villa, a house and home exhibition in Malmö. We had a great time, she because she got a sweet at every stand, me because I love spending the day with my gal AND I got some home inspiration at the same time! Peeerfect. This calm Monday morning I'm taking inspiration from some of these beautiful calm, serene spaces. Pastels are the shades du jour, and I couldn't welcome them more this spring!

Interiör Magasinet
Rum DK 
Honey pie living etc
What do you reckon? Are you a pastels person or more of a bold and brights bad boy?! Or perhaps it's monochrome all the way? Me, I'm loving the pastels and white look. 

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