White, cognac and blue in a Swedish apartment

When I look at this apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden I think fresh, relaxed and warm.  I'm also a long term fan of the colour scheme blue, white and cognac and not many do it better than stylists and estate agents Alvhem. I could certainly see my self padding around here and reading a book in one of the pools of light, couldn't you?

Alvhem via 79 ideas

The 'Kakelugn' or tiled fireplace is another element I could imagine having in my dream cottage but it would need to be in addition to the wood burning stove!

For more fabulous Swedish apartment inspiration with a kakelugn try here and here and for an incredible danish one here.

I'm starting to feel I can no longer live without a fireplace, hmmmm what to do?! Perhaps you can help me figure out where to put one from the first part in my mini weekly series 'my home captured by Karin' tomorrow? A little nervous about showing my home, as always!

Have a lovely day!

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A Fresh White, Green and Brown Swedish Home Dotted With Plants

Hi there campers! How's your Monday going? I'm feeling way better since discovering this apartment a few hours ago. The light and airy Swedish flat is full of the joys of spring (in Sweden there's not a single leaf on the trees yet BUT the light and the birds are starting to return returned, and that makes all the difference!). Measuring a mere 62 metres square (667 sqf), the space has been decorated in a simple white, brown and green colour palette against a light coloured backdrop, and there's a beautiful plant  around every corner! I quite fancy a coffee in the morning sunshine on the balcony too, fancy joining me?!

How pretty is this kakelugn (tiled oven) with the delicate botanical detail?! 

Placing plants and 'outdoor items' just inside a balcony door like this is a clever styling trick. It adds to the flow - melting the outside with the outdoor space.

Mantis table lamp* (I've got the same one in my home and love it - it constantly gets moved around! The wall version is pretty fab too - as seen in the home of Lovisa Häger). 

Monday mornings are always tricky (you should have seen the chaos in our house this morning - both kids went to school with odd gloves on) but this lovely space has totally lightened my mood and got me in better spirits to kick off the week.

How has your day looked so far? I hope this apartment has given you a spring in your step too - or at least brightened up your day!

These homes are also great for inspiration:

All things bright and beautiful in a Singapore family home
A thoughtfully curated Dutch home
A charming natural family home in Normandy

Have a wonderful start to the week!


PS Thank you so much for your overwhelming response to my new online interior design service (which launched on Friday - in case you missed it!). It's made all the hard work worthwhile! If you know anyone who's stuck on a room and would love some help turning it into a beautiful haven, feel free to spread the word! And if you have any questions (or feedback) about the service please do drop me a mail!

Photography: Anders Bergstedt
Styling: Nouvel interior
For Entrance

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A tranquil, light-filled Swedish home

Good old Emma Fischer - up to her usual wizardry styling tricks! This beautiful Gothenburg home she styled for Bjurfors recently perfectly captures my image of the Swedish home - pared-back, light-filled, and featuring an abundance of natural materials.  Think soft, muted tones, paper, wool, wood and an abundance of plants. The entire apartment is an exercise in peace and tranquillity! Prepare to lower your pulse!

Mantis BS3 table lamp*

This looks very much like The Frame TV (which cleverly disguises itself as art). I've had a weakness for these ever since my greenhouse make-over with Emily Henderson.

I'd love to be able to update the post with the name of the chair in the foreground if anyone knows it?

As you know, I do love a Kakelugn (Swedish masonry oven), and this looks like one in full working condition too - yay!

Formakami JH4 Pendant lamp* (also seen in this relaxed Stockholm home!), Ant chair*

Klong oil lamp* (I love these - they come in a ton of different colours and materials too). And just how beautiful is the table? A vintage / antique find - keep looking guys, they turn up when you're least expecting it!


My friend and neighbour Lisa Hilland designed the stunning Torso chair* - she's so talented, I really must see if she'd like to participate in a design story so I can share more of her designs with you! Pick up a similar pretty ruffled bed skirt here*.

I love the off-white wall colour too, it's so calming. I wonder what shade it is? I recently painted my daughters room in Complexion by Jotun - I can also highly recommend it, but it has a slightly warm, pinkish hue to it.

Aaaaa, who needs yoga when you can have a home like this?

I so enjoyed the tour, how about you? It's made me feel the need to nip out and buy a couple of cheese plants too!

Is there anything that inspired you about this home?

If you'd like to see more beautiful Swedish homes today - why not take a tour of this archive - there are literally hundreds and hundreds of drool-worthy spaces in there. Varsågod!

Have a lovely day y'all!


PS I'm so excited to be holding a FAB global give-away to win a set of Montana Free Shelving System on Instagram until 6th October - if you'd love one of these in your home hop over here to enter!

Photography Alen Cordic / Styling Emma Fischer for Bjurfors 

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10 Interior Styling Tricks To Learn from A Swedish Home

When I first moved to Sweden one of my friends had an apartment exactly like this - I think there was actually a sound when my jaw hit the floor! I learned over time that you can find stunning turn of the19th century flats like this - characterised by their high ceilings, large windows, period features, sweeping double doors and kakelugn (masonry heaters) - in most of Sweden's big cities (how's that for an incentive to move to this Nordic country?! Please come and join our gang!). Of course they all have their individual look and feel - but there are also some common styling tricks which give Swedish homes that enviable calm and balanced aesthetic. Here are ten I spotted here.

 1. Use the full height of a room to create balance: this space has a very high ceiling, yet by installing a Pholc pendant* (thanks for the tip Anthony!) and gallery wall, the eye is drawn upwards. It helps that the room features a beautiful original stone mason oven too, of course!

2. Choose an accent colour and place it throughout the home to create a flow: in this case the owners (stylist?) have used a deep blue, and although subtle, it appears in every corner of the apartment in some shape or form. So pretty!

 3. Use texture to add depth: luscious layers of linen add immediate interest to a monotone space - the more creased the better - got to love that, right?! This bedding* is similar. 

 4. Add warm, natural textures: the odd jute rug*, furniture featuring cane (remember that one in the last pic of yesterday's home tour? I'm still drooling!) and wooden accessories will do wonders to add a little warmth.

 5. Add a warm glow: we all know candles are an essential element of a Swedish home - but how about storing them in a pretty way too? There's a great stash of wooden crates available here*.

 6. Create a focal point: every room needs a star - it's the first place the eyes will fall when you walk in the room - and the perfect axis from which to build the rest of the space. The tapestry in the bedroom is the star here - and what a pretty one too!

 7. Keep it clean: empty space in a room is just as important as used space as it helps a room to breath. Take stock of your shelves and rid them of any superfluous items, you'll be able to see the items you do love more easily.

 8. Add plenty of plants: got to love a little greenery! Dot plant babies all round your home to bring the space to life (and clean the air!). The homes of Hilton, Igor and the Arctic Gardener are perfect for urban jungle inspiration!

9. Embrace your books: my most popular Instagram post of all time was a packed book shelf in Katarina Mattson's home (it reached 205,295 people!). This one's a little neater but there's no colour coding, or inward spines in sight, just the way we like it!

10. Keep it calm: the Swedish bedroom is clean, simple and decorated in earthy, muted tones for a perfect night sleep!

I'm sure there are so many other things to feel inspired by from this home - feel free to add to the list in the comment section below! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

So campers, that's it from me today. It's full steam ahead at home with a photo shoot, Mum and dad arriving from London later and a big birthday to plan for one of the little ladies of the household! Go, go, go!

Vi ses imorgon!


PS This beautiful apartment is for sale through Alvhem (I know, right?! Amazing! That move to Sweden could be sooner than you think!). Photography by Fredrik Karlsson and styling by Studio Cuvier.

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A Striking Swedish Home With A Wall of Books!

Why, hello there! I hope you had a great weekend?! I'm hoping this home might brighten up the start of your week (it certainly has mine!). This incredible apartment in Stockholm belongs to Anna Tuernell, Head of Design at Arket. It's a home of contrast - where light wood floors and fresh white walls juxtapose with dark grey, black and wood furniture. But perhaps my favourite thing of all are the floor to ceiling shelves brimming with books - if you're a book lover, you'll no doubt fall in love with it too! Anna invited Lotta Agaton and Kristofer Johnsson in to capture it for Residence magazine. Enjoy the tour!

The bumling pendant (call me immature but I can't help smile at the name, how about you?!) in brass definitely takes centre stage in the kitchen. There are always second-hand ones available here.

 The sitting room reads like a 'who's who' of fabulous design classics - with the most unbelievably comfortable Eames lounge chair and ottoman beside a Bollo Lounge chair.  

Book lovers rejoice! I've said it already in the introduction, but just how wonderful are these floor to ceiling shelves bursting with books?! The Elfa bookshelf system is perfect for creating this effect. 

The tea trolley - possibly my favourite piece by Artek (and the black version too, love it!) looks great next to the Panthella Floor lamp.

A Swedish Kakelugn in the corner of the bedroom adds a decorative touch (and if in working condition - a lot of warmth!) to the bedroom. An Eames rocker can be seen just in front (ready to act as the perfect chairdrobe?).

What a fabulous space?! The architect is simply stunning too. Imagine having ceilings as high as this?! 

Thank you so much to Lotta for the kind permission to share these lovely photos from her portfolio  - and to Coco Lapine - through whom I discovered this space! 

You can see more of Lottas lovely work here

Have a happy start to the week all!

Credits: Interior design Lotta Agaton Interiors. Photography Kristofer Johnsson.

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A Soothing White and Caramel Swedish home

So the 'beast from the east' has arrived. How are you coping European friends (I hear there's even snow in Rome!)? Keeping toasty? In Sweden it's been snowing all night and all day and it's minus 9 (here in the south!). Crazy! Still, I do love a proper winter, how about you? All this snow has meant I've been completely distracted (my Swedish friends on the other hand, are completely unfazed by it all - proof that you can take a girl out of London, but you can't take London out of the girl!') and left hardly anytime for today's post (squeezed in between an afternoon coffee and collecting the girls with their toboggans in 30 minutes time!). But this home tour is a goody and totally worth stopping by for nevertheless, especially if you love a calm, white, minimalist home with warm caramel accents! It's been styled for sale viewings, hence the more minimalist look and feel, but I think there's plenty to feel inspired by all the same. Enjoy!

Pick up similar abstract artwork here. I'm so curious about the armchairs - if you have any idea where they're from it would be wonderful if you can let me know in the comment section below and I'll update the post. 

The Gubi semi-pendant is a favourite of mine, it comes in a load of colours but the white option keeps it classic.

If we think it's cold in Europe right now, we'd better be thankful we weren't around for Europe's mini ice age between 1500 and 1800! There'd have been no choca mocha lotta lattes to warm our cockles. But there was an invention in the 18th century which we'd have been grateful for - the Swedish 'kakelugn' (seen above). Considered a heat efficient way to warm a home at the time - many masonry ovens are not in working order today but look super pretty all the same!

These warm brown linen duvet cover and pillow cases are similar. And I'm a big fan of the Cord lamp by Design House Stockholm! 

 Photography courtesy of Stadshem.

Oh so lovely. The apartment has such a soothing feel to it, don't you think? I love the space-saving fold-away chair in the hall  - so handy for tight spots. The closest I've found is by Henrybuilt - any tips where this one's from?

Is there anything you love about this home?

Have a lovely day and stay warm friends! 

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