A beautifully simple home with green floors

I'm always showing homes with white floors, black floorswood floors and even concrete floors. But what about green floors?! This surprising twist to an otherwise (beautiful) simple, white Australian home looks utterly fab and tells us that perhaps we need to think outside the usual colour scope? To get the look it's important to balance it with other items in the same shade (note the green tap and accessories in the kitchen, vases on the dining room table and vintage scales by the fireplace). Love the mid-century furniture too...

Photography: Brooke Holm with kind permission. Stylist: Megan Morton for Inside Out via Coco Lapine with thanks

Could you go green? Or perhaps you've seen another colour somewhere you like?

I've got something exciting to share with you tomorrow so make sure you pop back.....oooo, what could it be?!

Have a lovely day

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A Bright and Beautiful, Light-Filled Loft

Recently I've been showing a lot of eclectic homes with splashes of colour (and even a black bathroom!). So, today I thought I'd reign it in a little and feature a beautiful, light-coloured loft in Hanover, Germany. A white, minimalist scheme is often in danger of coming across as cold and uninviting, especially in an open-plan living space, but when you have incredible exposed beams, pillars and a mezzanin floor like Sandra, a simple, pared-back look allows the architecture to sing! Oh and how this space sings!

// affiliate links marked with * //
Tobias Grau OH 9 pendant lights, basket bag* (similar), Source a chain from a DIY shop for a simple way to hang coats.

Wishbone chair*, Eames DSW chair*, Eames DFAW chair*, Hee dining chair*

AJ Floor lamp*, Menu Turning Table*Eames lounge Chair*

Samsung The Frame (how long have we been waiting for a TV that looks like art?! I've been totally in love with it ever since I worked on that Greenhouse make-over!).

 How fabulous is this Undressed tea-set?!

Oooooh wow. This is my dream loft. Can you imagine having a space like this to play with?!

As mentioned above, open-plan minimalist spaces can come across as a little cold at times - but I think Sandra's totally nailed it. 

Why the light colour, minimalist scheme works here:

- The beautiful architectural elements take centre-stage to create a wow factor
- Although pared-back, no two pieces are the same which adds interest
- The wood and concrete floors, stairs, pillars and beams add texture
- Black details and accents help to balance the look and focus the eye
- Concrete floors in the kitchen and bathroom break-up the uniformed look, help create separate zones and add diversity
- Look closely and you'll spot fresh flowers in every single picture - a simple yet lovely way to bring a space to life

Does this look appeal to your senses?!

If so, you might also like to check out Sandra's instagram feed which is awash with beautiful sand and white images, this fabulous loft in Arnhem (available to rent!), a bright and airy Paris loft, a light Danish home with a stunning bedroom.

Our family sailing tour of Sweden's West coast came to an end yesterday - boooo! Does it sound strange to say I miss the sea? After four weeks afloat it felt like an old friend by the end. On Monday I'll be back at my desk so I'm thinking daily posts again - what d'ya think? I'll also be working on an exciting photograph commission for a jewellery brand (feeling the pressure but so looking forward to it! More on stories!).

But first - the weekend. And there's an Anholt gin and tonic, sunshine and a swim waiting for me! I hope you have a load of fun plans too!


PS - to create this tour I've combined a load of images taken by Sandra over time - as a result, some items might appear twice and rooms might look marginally different in the sequence!

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A stunning Copenhagen home with a shiny touch

Today I'm loving this beautiful home in the heart of Copenhagen belonging to Line Dahy Ernst and Thomas Hoedholts (who unsurprisingly work in the fashion and design industry). The exposed beams, rough plastered walls, and monochrome colour palette. The fab designer pieces such as the Thonet 209 chairs and Vitra Hang it all . But most of all the stunning polished concrete floor which reflects light around the space- what a fantastic apartment?!

Styling: Camilla Tange, Photography: Peter Kragballe with kind permission, RUM hemma

Are you a fan of concrete floors?

By the way, if you're visiting Copenhagen I have a little tip for you. I recently discovered this cool hotel called Central Hotel og Café in Vesterbro. When I say little I mean it - it only has one room and is considered the world's smallest hotel! And the bonus? Breakfast in the cafe immediately below.

Don't forget to enter this week's give-away to win a beautiful watch here!

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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The Witness in New York (it's fab!)

Hello there! I hope you're having a great start to the week? If not, I'm sure this space will brighten up your day no end, it certainly has mine! There's an exciting trend of fab boutique interior stores disguised as apartments right now. And today I'm so excited to introduce you to the The Witness, a 2000 square foot concept store in the heart of New York. The owners work in collaboration with furniture brands and emerging industrial designers and bring their vision to the space every three months with an aim to help solve interior conundrums. Let's take a peek inside apartment 8....

Witness Apartment. Photographer Fran Parente. Stylist Rebecca Bartoshesky. Found via Hege in France with thanks.

Well, that's my interior puzzle solved, how about yours?!

What impresses me the most is how the designers have turned an industrial loft with concrete floors and large windows into a completely cosy space? I attribute it to the soft textiles (linen bedding, sheer curtains, sheepskins), natural materials such as wood and an abundance of plants in baskets rather than pots as well as the warm touches of orange and yellow.  Either way, they'd never get rid of me!

Is this your kind of space?

Other incredible apartment concept stores include The Line (also in New York), The Apartment in Copenhagen and The loft in Holland.

Oh, on the subject of shopping -  Scandinavian homewares store Lo + Behold is offering 20% off everything in the shop to My Scandinavian Home readers with the code MSH20 until Sunday 10th May - including L:A Bruket - you know, the divine handwash, soaps and body lotions seen in bathrooms across Sweden?! I know! I've also got my eye on all items by House of Rym, this beautiful concrete ceiling light and as always, several cushions! 20% discount did they say? This could be dangerous!

Have a great day!

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A Modern House on Sweden's West Coast

Complete chaos here this morning after coming home on a really late flight from Edinburgh last night. My poor girls were so tired getting off to school (bad parent award) and man flu has hit the house *horror of horrors*! Fortunately, once they were all sorted, I headed off to a wonderful workshop at Summer Will Be Back (great name, beautiful illustrations!) in Copenhagen (more on Insta stories!). And then I hit upon the Swedish home of Karin Boo Wiklander in Gothenburg, Sweden and may day really perked up! Karin is a photographer, stylist and the PR & Inhouse Manager at Boråstapeter, Engblad & Co and Cole & Son. If you love modern architecture, clean aesthetics, concrete floors and muted colours - this house is for you! 

 Carl Hansen Wishbone chairs, Kvist lamp, Paleo vase, Chevron Aluminium Mat

What a fabulous house? I love the concrete floor (such a big fan!).

Is there anything that caught your eye?

If you fancy seeing a few more angles, there are lots of lovely images of Karin's home over on her blog and instagram!

Right. I'd better get home and tend to my family! I am armed with newly sown seeds from my workshop - do these count as flowers?!

Have a lovely day / evening! 

PS the winner of a TRIWA watch from the spring collection has now been announced here!

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Subtle Nuances in a Beautiful Mid-Century Inspired Home

Why hello there! Everything's been so rushed today - and then I discovered the home of historian Tara Mayer in the moutains in North Vancouver, and everything came to a grinding halt. As pared-back spaces go, this one is breathtaking! If you love incredible architecture, rich textures (light wood, concrete, marble, wool...), neutral nuances, mid-century furniture and worldly art pieces, you're in for a real treat! Relax, put your feet up and enjoy!

Concrete floors add a surprising amont of texture to a space, even so, a fluffy, cosy rug like this beni ourain (this one* is similar) is a must!

Be still my beating heart! Just how beautiful is this marble kitchen sink?! I love the wooden worktop too (do you think it slides?).

I am currently collecting handmade ceramics for my own kitchen - but seeing Tara's it looks like I've got a long way to go! They look so pretty as a complete collection, don't you think?

I love how Tara has used simple oyster and cream sheepskins to cushion the mid-century furniture - they add just the right amount of softness to the space. 

Get the look

1. Carl Hansen & Son CH25 Easy chair
2. Custom made Beni Ourain rug 
3. Nambé Kyoto Tea Pot*
4. Notary ceramics

Isn't this space beautiful?! I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did.

If you'd like to read a full interview and see more pics - check-out this feature over at Jenni Kayne.

Have a lovely evening!


All photos by Gillian Stevens.

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