5 Mini Christmas Tree Ideas For Small Spaces

Who says you need to have a 12 foot Christmas tree to create a festive feel? These pretty mini tree are ideas are living (some are potted!) proof that you can still have a christmas tree in the smallest of spaces, and it can look as festive as can be. Oh and they make perfect Christmas pressies / holiday gifts too!

1. Mini Spruce in a vase (above): Not only is this tree in the home of Anna Kvarnström small enough to use as a table top decoration, you can enjoy your turkey / julbord around it and avoid all the faff of a tree foot too!! God rest ye merry gentlemen! Use real candles for an extra mysig feel (but never leave unattended!). See more subtle festive touches in Anna's lovely home here.

2. The tabletop Christmas tree:  little trees are perfect perched on side tables, stools and benches in places like the hallway. The clever guys over at The Merry Thought made the wooden decorations on this tree too - and have shared all the know-how in this film.

3. The Windowsill Forest: Create a forest right there on the windowsill with fake trees in simple bark containers from Danish brand House Doctor - or create your own with simple cuts from outside (you can also try your local florist / nursery) - there's a great DIY guide here.

4. Mini Christmas tree presents: Heading to a dinner party? Why not give the host one of these little fellas instead of the standard amaryllis (although a salmon-apricot amaryllis is always a good idea!)? Simply wrap them in wax paper with a bow and you're all set. Plus the host can plant it and use it again next year -bonus! You might even like to add a few care instructions (read about how to care for a potted tree here). I wish I knew the credit for this lovely setting - please give me a shout in the comment section below if you are able to help!

5. Mini Christmas tree gift wrapping: Now, I pride myself on my present wrapping (I might even go as far as saying it's my favourite part of the pre-Christmas prep!) - but I've never seen this idea before. You just need brown wrapping paper, a christmas tree shaped cutting from a conifer tree like cypress or juniper and some glue! Get all the know-how over at A Piece of Rainbow.

Such simple, pretty ideas, don't you think?

Are there any that caught your eye?

For more inspiration you might like to take a little peek in the Christmas and Christmas decoration archives (if this pops up first, just scroll passed!).

I'll be back tomorrow with a beautiful home tour.

Look forward to seeing you then!


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11 Swedish Christmas Decorating Essentials (From Mari's Festive Home)

We're nearing the winter solstice, and I have to say, it's very dark here in Sweden right now. In fact, in the far North, the sun set a few days ago and will not reappear again for 24 days. Can you imagine? This is why the Scandinavians love to brighten up the darkness with levande ljus (candlelight) and delight the senses with the sweet smell off pepparkaka (gingerbread). Nature also plays a starring role - with moss, pine and fir, which is readily available in the forest - being a firm favourite.  In Mari Magnusson's home in Enköping, North West of Stockholm, candles light up her tables and sideboards and pine tree branches have been transformed into garlands, wreaths and simple yet pretty table displays. Welcome to Mari's mysigt (cosy) Christmas wonderland - and discover 11 swedish Jul essentials! 

1. Pepparkakshus: No Christmas in Sweden would be complete without a gingerbread house. Some buy kits, others go for their own handmade creation. Either way, they look pretty, smell divine, are fun to make and will likely leave you with burnt fingers (from the hot melted sugar 'glue'). You've been warned! Recipe available here

2. Pepparkaka hearts: all across the country children and adults alike will be rolling out gingerbread dough and cutting it into hearts (and other shapes). The sweet-smelling biscuits will then be hung from the tree, in the window, or arranged into a garland (or best of all, eaten!). 

3. Amaryllis: No Swedish home would be complete at an amaryllis - usually red but you also see white, and even a peach variety. 

4. Hyacinths: Whether planted in soil or wrapped in moss, these sweet smelling flowers are Jul staples! 

5. The pine (or fir) tree sapling: When you have little Christmas tree saplings going in your garden, it's just to go out and pick one and place it in water - and they look as pretty as can be. Plus, they can be re-planted once Christmas is over! Slightly tricker if you don't.  But little potted trees can look equally pretty and are more widely available. 

6. Sprigs of pine and alder cones: who needs expensive bouquets when a little sprig from a pine tree and alder tree cones can look equally pretty? Don't live next to a forest? Cut a few sprigs off the back of your Christmas - no one will ever notice! 

7. The wreath: Hung on the door, hanging from the ceiling, on the wall, in the window... there is no end to the different ways a Swede uses a wreath at Christmas! 

8. Candles: all hail the levande ljus. An essential element to any Scandinavian home in any shape or form - and the perfect way to brighten up the darkness!*

9. The Christmas flower and star: On the first Sunday of advent, pretty Christmas star lanterns appear in the window. Inside, paper flowers have become popular - and they're super simple to make

10. Adventsljusstakar: Not featured here (although, I'm sure Mari has one somewhere in the house!), these electric V-shaped candelabra have been placed in the windows of homes, schools and offices for centuries - and light up the windows throughout cities, towns and hamlets. 

11. The Christmas tree! No home would be complete without a Julgran - in whichever shape or size. Traditionally Swedes used real candles on a tree - and very occasionally still do**. But it's way more popular, practical and safe to use electric lights these days! 

So simply and so pretty! I love the essential Swedish Christmas decorations. 

Do you have any of these in your home?

I'd love to hear about the essential Christmas ingredients in your country too. 

See more pictures from Mari's home over on her lovely interior instagram feed @anangelinmyhome and baking feed: @anangelatmytable

Wishing you a cosy day!


Photography: Mari Magnusson 

*Important note with regards to candles: always place candles well away from anything flammable. Never leave a lit candle unattended (always blow them out before leaving a room). 

**Important note with regards to real Christmas tree candles: please be aware that using real candles on a tree requires a huge amount of vigilance. Only ever use real candles on a fresh tree (i.e. bring it in the day before Christmas). Place the candles well away from other branches. Never ever leave candles unattended, and always have sand or another type of fire extinguisher nearby. In all honesty, real candles look pretty but I would advise sticking to electric candles!  

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Georg Jensen Christmas Collectibles 2020 In Helen's Swedish Home

I know Jul is approaching when I receive an exciting box of Christmas decorations from iconic Danish brand Georg Jensen. Every year, Georg Jensen collaborates with a designer to create a set of Christmas Collectibles which include candleholders, ornaments and tree toppers. You might recall last year's collection, based on Yuletide symbols of love. This year, Georg Jensen has collaborated with Danish born Sanne Lund Traberg once again to create the Christmas Collectibles 2020. Inspired by the wonder of nature in winter, Sanne took her lead from the frozen flowers in her own winter garden as well as the striking floral photographs by early 20th century photographer Karl Blossfeldt. The result is a wonderful collection of Christmas ornaments etched with delicate ice flowers, rosettes and dianthus.  

I immediately imagined the decorations in the home of Swedish interior designer and My Scandinavian Home stylist, Helen Sturesson. Helen favours a simple, rustic Scandinavian Christmas style and the Palladium plated brass ornaments added a beautiful touch to her nature-inspired creations. 

This pretty heart has to be my favourite item in the collection. Etched with a delicate ice flower, it looks so pretty in the centre of a wreath - and would look equally lovely hanging from the tree, or on Christmas wrapping! What a perfect present! 

Who doesn't love a tree lit with real candles? It's a wonderful nod to times gone by and so incredibly cosy!  My Danish friends tell me how they love to gather around the tree and appreciate it while it's all aglow (you should only ever light them for short periods of time, never leave it unattended and always have a bucket of sand nearby!). 

I love Helen's tree, which she plucked from her summer cottage garden, all lit with candles in candleholders etched with Ice Dianthus! Isn't it pretty?  

Look closely and you'll also spot delicate rosette and dianthus flower tree ornaments catching the light!

And finally, an ice flower mobile, designed to capture the delicate beauty of one of nature's most ephemeral spectacles, catches the light as it twists and turns from a fir tree sapling.  

What a pretty collection! 

I love the idea that you can keep the decorations for life - or give them to someone special as a present. 

One of my friends once gave me a 'little skier' Christmas tree ornament and I think of her every time I hang it on the tree, it holds such a special memory! I was also thinking what a lovely present this would make for a god child (or 'odd child' for the non-religious!) - each year gifting one piece from the Georg Jensen Christmas Collectibles until they have a tree full of decorations! 

FYI Helen has used string to hang these decorations, giving them more of a rustic touch, but they also come with bright red ribbon. 

See the entire Christmas Collectible 2020 collection here! 

Oh, and in preparation for our annual family trip to the Christmas tree farm this weekend, I'll be sharing a round-up of some of my favourite Danish Christmas trees tomorrow. And guess what? It will involve bright colours too, you've been warned! See you then!


Photography: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home
Styling: Helen Sturesson 

*This post is brought to you as part of a paid collaboration with Georg Jensen, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too! Thank you for supporting the wonderful businesses that make My Scandinavian Home possible. 

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'Jul' Touches In My Home (Thanks to The Beautiful Georg Jensen Christmas Collectibles!)

Have you started decorating for Christmas (if you celebrate, of course!)? At home it has started to feel a lot like 'Jul' thanks to the beautiful Christmas Collectibles from Georg Jensen. I've always been curious about Georg Jensen since the iconic Danish brand has played a pioneering role in Scandinavian design for over 100 years - that's a century of timeless jewellery, home decor, silver and accessories! And then I discovered the annual Christmas collection - created in collaboration with a handpicked designer. This year, designer Sanne Lund Traberg worked together with Georg Jensen to create the 2019 Christmas Collectables which are based on classic yuletide symbols of love, togetherness and tradition: hearts, stars and trees all plated in gold and palladium. I was so excited to be given the opportunity to play around with pieces from the collection in my own home, and I can safely say, they are even more beautiful in real life!

As you know, I'm never one to shy away from candles - especially at Christmas! And this isn't the first time I've put real candles on my tree (remember this one?!). I have to say, it's always equally nerve-racking! The Danes, of course, have this down. My Danish neighbour advised me (I thought it was important to seek advice!) to be very careful about where you place them so the flame is nowhere near a branch or another decoration, to never ever leave the tree unattended when the candles are lit, and always keep a bucket of sand nearby.

I have to say, there is nothing prettier than real candles - even if you only enjoy them in short bursts. The 2019 Candleholder Set includes a star and heart version which look super pretty even when the candles aren't lit!

How cosy are these 2019 Tea light heart candle holders? They're like a cosy, warm hug! Did I mention, they're also made from 18 Kt. gold plated brass? Tea lights at the ready! 

We chopped down our tree at a local sustainable Christmas tree farm again this year, and we knew as we saw this one that it had a heart made of gold - isn't this ornament pretty?

I have always loved the idea of using Christmas decorations as part of gift wrapping - and the lucky recipient can hang this pretty 2019 Christmas ornament star on their tree the following year! Any guesses what's inside?

Hard one, but I think the 2019 Christmas Bell Decoration is my favourite. It's made from 18 Kt. gold plated brass and engraved with the year. I think this would make such a beautiful present, don't you?

Usually we put our Christmas tree in this corner, but this year my English family are descending on us (super excited) - so I thought keeping the daybed / reading corner could be a nice place for people to hang out alone with a book when it all gets a bit much (you know what it can be like!). I

True to Scandinavian style, I kept the decoration super simple (especially since it's so near the tree!), using just one single 2019 Christmas ball decoration. Helen (who came and hung out with me for the day to help with the shoot), pulled this mini fir tree up at her summer cottage in Blekinge (you might recognise the name as it's where we went sailing this summer). The key with these mini trees is to keep the roots intact so they last all Christmas.

What do you think? Could you imagine treating yourself or someone you love to something from the Georg Jensen 2019 Christmas Collection? Explore the entire collection here.

I am going to a christening soon and have my eye on the 2019 Christmas Collectibles Gift Set as a present. I hope it's something the little girl can enjoy at Christmas time for many years to come!

Have a lovely day!


Photography: Niki Brantmark / My Scandinavian Home
Styling: Helen Sturresson

This post is sponsored by Georg Jensen, however all words are my own and I only ever work with brands I love and think you will too. 

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A danish home at Christmas

The Danes are famous for their beautiful Christmas decorations. Have you ever walked through Nyhavn in Copenhagen at Christmas? The quayside is transformed into a winter wonderland and festooned with fairy lights and fir tree branches. Christmas market stalls line the quay and the aroma of roasted chestnuts, almonds and glogg (mulled wine) fills the air. This danish home is a fine example of how beautifully Danes decorate for Christmas. Every single room has a touch of the festive spirit, even the bathroom and I love the rustic festive feel.

Bo Bedre via Decorator's Notebook with thanks
Is there any Christmas inspiration you'll be taking from this home?

I love how presents are dotted around the house, although I think the temptation might be too much for my little girls! I also love the irregular shaped Christmas tree - so pretty! For more Christmas tree inspiration I love this 'pared-back style' or for a modern touch - these very fun christmas tree alternatives

Here are a few snaps I took of our Christmas tree last year. We always go out to a place in the forest where you are allowed to chop down your own tree, it's one of my favourite days of the year. 

One present I'll be buying this Christmas (look away now brother-in-laws) is a gift card for a tailored t-shirt from Son of A Tailor. Basic tees will continue to be big in the style stakes for 2015 and this Copenhagen based company offer the perfect opportunity to 100% tailor your own classic organic cotton t-shirt - even the gift card itself comes beautifully packaged. Such a perfect present don't you think?! 

Have a great day! 

PS does anyone know the full credits for these images, I'd love to update the post? Thank you. 

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Guest post: DIY Christmas Tree

I am happy to jump in here at My Scandinavian Home this second Sunday of Advent. My name is Mette and my blog is called Make-Living which has a DIY focus.
This Christmas tree DIY idea came to me when I saw a picture of a similar one over at Tierlantijn but couldn't order it. It's similar to the one in shown in a Christmas post last year here on MSH and that has been doing the rounds on Pinterest. I Hope this little Christmas DIY inspires you too! :)

This Christmas tree is quite neat. You can make it as big as you like, and can have it both indoors and outdoors. And the best thing is that it lights up any dark space at home without needles all over the floor…..And you can use it year after year!!!   

What you need:
  • One wood panel approximately 7 cm wide for the tree trunk, which you can make as tall as you like ( mine is about 1 meter)
  • A number of 7 cm wide wood panels for the branches (I have used 7). Cut the branches in staggered lengths so that they form the shape of the tree you would like. I made a triangular template in the shape I wanted and then cut the branches accrording to this.
  • Nail the branches onto the trunk at an approximate distance of 5 - 7 cm
  • I used a special grey wood stain (not paint) to give the wood an old touch

All photographs Make Living

How about you? Do you have any plans for Christmas DIY that you'd like to share with My Scandinavian Home and Make-Living? I'd love to hear your ideas.

PS. Thank you my lovely man for helping me put this Christmas tree together and thank you Niki for letting me share my Christmas DIY here on My Scandinavian Home.

Happy 2nd Sunday of Advent to you all!

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My home: Christmas tree

I hope you had a lovely weekend! Here in Sweden we were in for a treat - SNOW! According to tradition my little family and I went out to a sustainable forest and chopped down our own tree which we celebrated with glögg and hot chocolate (it was minus 5 after all BRRRRR!). Here are a few pictures of our shiny new Christmas tree!


Photographs: My Scandinavian Home

Altogether now 'Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches....!´:) Notice how much our tree is leaning in the photo with my little girls in their PJ's! TIMBER!

What did you get up to this weekend? Did you celebrate the first day of advent or are you not quite there yet with the festive season?!

PPS Don't foget to enter the Christmas GIVE-AWAY! :)

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