A Boho, Warm and inviting Home in Södermalm, Stockholm

Who lives here do you think? Looking at the pictures of this charming apartment in the boho district of Södermalm, Stockholm, I can't help think it belongs to a creative of some sort - potentially working in the field of music. Right or wrong, the lovely living space might be on the small size (it's 40 metre square / 430 feet square) - but the clever lay out makes it a perfect home for a single person, couple or small family. And it oozes charm!  Keep a look out for the eclectic blend of furniture, walls painted in a rich patina, and the way they've worked with the original kitchen to create a cosy, warm and inviting space. I could totally imagine rocking around here after work, how about you? Just add music! 

A perfect example of how an old kitchen can be revamped without ripping out all the units and starting all over again (which can be eye-wateringly expensive). 

Exposed beams add to the charm of the space. 

A mezzanine floor over the living room provides space for a separate master bedroom (the high ceilings have certainly help facilitate this!). 

How lovely! I find this relaxed, bohemian style so inspiring, do you? 

A quick translation / Swedish lesson from the floor plan: 

Kök (pronounciation): kitchen
Hall (pronounciation): hall
Badrummet (pronunciation): bathroom
Vardagsrum (pronounciation): living room
Sovloft (pronounciation): sleeping loft
Balkong (prounciation): balcony

I've found Swedish to be a very sensitive language. Speaking from experience, if you get the pronunciation ever so slightly wrong a Swede will likely not understand what you're saying (it could also be that my pronounciation is horrible!). All-in-all, it makes it a little tricky to learn. 

Do you speak a second language? Or perhaps a third, fourth or fifth like my linguistically skilled older sister? I'd love to hear about your experiences! 

And for more boho spaces today, check out these: 

There are plenty more lovely homes to feel inspired by in the bohemian archive too! 


Photography courtesy of Historiska Hem, with thanks

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Theo's Charming, Bohemian-style Abode in Berlin

We've had quite a few pared-back homes on the blog this week so it's definitely time to shake things up a little, don't you think? Plus it's Friday - woohoo! So, today I'm bringing you the charming, boho home of Theo Melnik. Theo lives in Berlin with her boyfriend, herd of cats, countless plants and some very fine second-hand finds. Here's Theo to tell you a little more about her delightful abode in her own words...

Where is your apartment? 
It's in Berlin, in Neukölln actually :)

What do you do work-wise?
I am a copywriter / content creator. Essentially, I really love writing and taking pictures, and basically that is what I do for a hobby and also for my job #bestlife

You do indeed! Can you describe the layout of your apartment a little?
We have one bedroom, a living room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and a pantry.

What's your decorating philosophy?
I always look at materials. I like 'real' materials like wood, brass, marble and things like that. However, that doesn't mean it always needs to be expensive. For example, we've just built a kitchen surface using OSB and I totally love it. I just don't like it when materials pretend to be something they're not (like plastic veneers for example). Other than that I love mixing old and new (with probably more old stuff). I also love design classics, but ideally used ones, from their original time period. "

How do you select pieces for your home?
Honestly, sometimes I think items pick me. I often just spend hours on ebay searching for materials (or particular finishings) I like at the moment and then see what comes my way. I've found many of my favourite pieces that way.

Do you have a favourite room? 
That's a hard one. I love them all. I guess whichever is the tidiest at any given moment? Right now I probably like the kitchen best but I am planning a semi-major bedroom update soon (which my boyfriend doesn't know about yet....) which I hope to share soon. So my favourite room might change in the near future ;) 

And do you have a favourite piece?
Oh wow, that's even harder! It's probably very silly but I absolutely love my cutlery - I got two vintage brass sets and adore both (though one of them is still my absolute favourite). We also just got a dishwasher and it's a game changer. Oh and the mirror in the bedroom and the kitchen table (which I bought respectively for 1€ and 1,50€ on ebay, which is incredible).

Ha! That's four pieces - but we'll forgive you, as your home is full of beautiful treasures so we'd find it hard to pick one too!

Thank you so much for the tour and telling us a little more about your home!

Theo shares daily snapshots of her home over on instagram.

And if you're looking for more beautiful, relaxed boho home tours this sunny weekend why not take a peek at a relaxed boho family home in Florida, the wonderfully relaxed, bohemian home of Carley Summers and the boho home of Paloma Lanna.

Have a fabulous weekend all!

PS 5 ways to add the Swedish love of balance into your life.

Photography: Theodore Melnik shared with kind permission. 

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A Relaxed, Boho Family Home on the Edge of A Desert

Why, hello there! How was your weekend? We were at a couple of parties in a row and I'm such a light weight these days, I've got a feeling it won't be before Wednesday before I've totally recovered! Mind you it could be the nights in the VW Camper van catching up with us too - it was well worth it though - now I'm totally feeling the retro vibe! Perhaps that's why I was drawn to the wonderful boho home of Matt and Tish, their twin girls, little boy and dog Lemon in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The town is located on the northern tip of the Chihuahuan desert - and it's the 'brown on brown beauty' of the landscape that inspires their beautiful brick and mortar shop, photography and private home, the latter of which is packed with vintage finds, rich textures and a load of 'plant babies'! 

Isn't it great to see a TV in a home tour?! I like the way it's been wall mounted over a lovely vintage chest of drawers that Tish picked up in a local second hand shop. 

In the blog survey earlier on in the year I asked what you wanted to see more of and many responded 'real homes'. Seeing this space it's easy to see why.  Tish's instagram feed No Longer Wander is awash with little peeks into their everyday life at home - and the one above is a great example of this!

IKEA PS bench (I'm not sure is this is still available, if not it's worth checking Ebay for second hand ones), seagrass belly basket, Alseda pouff

Project 62 globe floor light, cushion from Anthropologie (sadly no longer available but perhaps they'll get something similar in this autumn), bed from West Elm

Though she be but little, she is fierce - and I put it down to the striking black grouting and plants!

I love the laid back style of Tish and Matt's home, it feels so personal and lived in - just as a family home should be! 

And how gorgeous is Lemon? She looks so content on that bed! 

Is there anything that stands out to you? 

You can check out more pics and get more inspiration from Tish's 'No Longer Wander' blog (which covers health, interiors, fashion and beauty) and instagram feed - and if you're in Albuquerque I'm reckoning it's totally worth nipping into her shop! 

We're heading back to Sweden this evening - we've had an amazing time but it is going to be so nice to be home (I miss my bed!) - does it sound strange to say I'm kind of looking forward to a little routine and eating and drinking in a marginally healthy way again (at least until the weekend)?! 

I hope you have a great start to the week! 


Photography: No Longer Wander with kind permission. 

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A space in New Zealand with a warm, boho summer vibe

Now I'd love to say that I find these dark, grey, cold January days here in Southern Sweden cosy. But sometimes they really can get the better of me and I'm starting to wonder if the sun actually still exists?!! On days like today I find escaping (virtually) to warmer, far off place helps to lift the spirits - how about you? Somewhere like this wonderful space in New Zealand, home to concept store Indie Home Collective. Think woven rattan, rustic wood, and layers of warm, natural materials against a dramatic backdrop of white, black and concrete. Roll on boho summer vibes!

Credits: photos from Indie Home Collective. Found via The Design Chaser with thanks. 

Ah so lovely. I can practically feel the warm breeze through the window, how about you?

Many of the items you see are available at Indie Home Collective (what a beautiful store?!).

I also love the boho-Scandi style seen in this Norwegian home of Vintage Piken. And if you're now in the mood, you can find 28 more beautiful boho home tours from all over the world in this archive. Oh yes! Is this your kind of style?

Have a wonderful day! Oh and fellow Northern 'hemispherers' (is there an official name for people who live in the Northern hemisphere?!) - stay warm!

PS This is not a sponsored post, I just found the pictures truly inspiring and hope you did too!

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Snapshots From The Boho Oklahoma Home of Two Vintage Collectors

You kind of know that the owners of a shop selling 'vintage, crystals and unique goods' are gonna have a lovely home full of goodies, don't you?! And Danielle and Philip Fausset-Holmes' home definitely doesn't disappoint. While the couple aren't minding their brick and mortar shop Jo and June Vintage in Tulsa, Oklahoma, they're chilling out in their cosy, boho oasis complete with hanging plants, cactus, layered kilim rugs, and second hand furniture. Put the kettle on, pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy!

 Cactus print from Fine Life Co (beautiful shop!), Macrame plant hanger*, vintage rugs and cushions

My Mum has had a kilim rug in the sitting room for as long as I remember - which she teams with an antique blue velvet chesterfield. I've been a huge fan ever since! Keep an eye on Jo and June's stock for one off vintage rugs like these! 

 Vintage safari chair*

What a truly personal and cosy home!

I love the layers of textiles and all the plants (especially the two hung from the ceiling in the dining room).

I am wondering if I should do the same with hanging plants in my kitchen? The only problem is our high ceilings and I remember Hilton Carter advising us in the Ultimate Guide to Hanging Plants that we should always place green friends in reach so they're easy to water (I'm already picturing myself teetering on a bar stool!). Could be worth it anyway, what do you think?!!

Is there anything that stood out to you about Danielle and Philip's lovely, boho home?

See more pictures of it here and check out their fabulous shop Jo and June (or better still, if you're in the Kendall Whittier District of Tulsa, Oklahoma why not stop by?!).

Oh and more boho homes I love here (if this pops up first just scroll on by - unless of course you'd like to take the tour all over again, in which case I wouldn't blame you!).

Have a fabulous day!


PS The cactus print pops up twice since these pictures weren't all taken at the same time and the couple love to move things around!

Photography: Danielle and Philip Fausset-Holmes / Jo and June
Affiliated links marked with *

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