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Beautiful linen in a dreamy Norwegian home

Linen. Oh how I love linen. Especially the natural stone washed variety seen in so many homes right now. Whether draped over the sofa, on a headboard, a table or of course on the bed, it immediately softens the look of a room and adds a wistful, romantic touch. Take these dreamy inspiration images created by linen merchants Hale Mercantile Co created in collaboration with Vintage Piken - who's cosy Norwegian home I once also featured here). They make me want to cover my entire home in soft linen - how about you?! 

Hale Mercantile Co found via Vintage Piken with thanks

Oh so lovely, don't you think?

All the linen is available at Hale Mercantile Co.

And if you have time today, definitely pour yourself a glass of something cool and take a browse through the vintage piken blog - I love how on the 'about' page it says: 'words are scarce on this blog - please enjoy the silence.' We will, oh we will

More Norwegian homes here.
Have a lovely, *peaceful* day! 

PS this is not a sponsored post - I just thought the images were too lovely not to share!


Sophie Stewart said...

Gorgeous pictures! Sophie x

Poppy said...

All the shades that I like (love): white, grey, blush... It's unfortunate that linen is so pricey. Wish my flat was flooded with natural light like that. Mine looks greyish most of the time.

Péťa K. said...

I love the texture and design of linen material which kept everything in mind and created such a beautiful space :-)

My Scandinavian Home said...

They are lovely aren't they? Line Kay is so clever!

My Scandinavian Home said...

I love the shades too - so pretty! It's worth looking around for good quality linen that's also afforable, I find Etsy a good source (happy to send you some links if you wish). Have a lovely evening!

My Scandinavian Home said...

The linen looks perfect in this home, I agree the texture really adds something too :) /Niki

Anonymous said...

An ethereal post. Lovely, lovely!

Ajith Kumar said...

wow...nice texture

Danielle said...

I love every image in this set. So dreamy!

Clara said...

Great share


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