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Get The Look From A Fab Stockholm Home of A Design Hunter

A new day, a new dawn AND a new studio in town! I'm so excited as I've been cycling passed this little place for years and always dreamed. about working here (a little like the owners of this cabin in Great Mackerel Beach - which they'd be eyeing up for over 20 years!). Further North, Swedish vintage furniture dealer and interior designer Fredrik Karlsson is also enjoying a turn of the century building. His apartment in Stockholm features achingly high ceilings, beautiful period woodwork and a pristine parquet floor dating back to the time it was built in 1902. Light pours in through French doors, casting a natural spotlight on iconic design pieces, new Nordic items and original artwork. I chatted with Fredrik to find out more about his style, love for design classics and best Stockholm tips!

How would you describe your style?
Scandinavian minimalism meets French industrialism. I like the more minimalistic lines and high quality materials of Scandinavian design but always try to mix it up with some favourite French mid-century design pieces by designers such as Pierre Jeannette, Jean Prouvé and Charlotte Perriand.

Above: Floor lamp by Julius Theodor, coffee table by Axel Einar Hjorth, painting by Emma Bernhard

Do you often blend different looks and styles in your work?
In my job as an interior designer I find it very motivating to blend different styles and work with contrast. In my opinion, contrasts are what make a result more personal and interesting to look at - I follow this in every area of my life including the way I dress, my personality and how I decorate my home!

What inspired your home decorating style?
My inspiration from the beginning was to keep the traditional Swedish style - high ceilings, handmade details, stucco ceiling, parquet flooring etc but add other factors such as French design and marble. My home feels like a little Parisian oasis in the heart of Stockholm - which was my goal!

Chandiogarh project table and chair by Pierre Jeanneret

Where do you find items for your home?
I find most of my furniture in Swedish / Scandinavian auctions as well as international galleries and antique shops. I love looking for a combination of unusual objects and better known iconic pieces in order to achieve a nice balance.

Table by Axel Einar Hjorth, Art by Wolfgang Voegele

I like how your instagram is also dotted with self portraits / fashion. Can you tell us a little more about your personal style? Do you have a favourite Swedish clothing brand?
Our Legacy has been my favourite for many years now and if I buy new, I mostly buy from them. However, I mostly purchase vintage clothes these days (mainly to create a more personal and interesting style). If trends get too popular, I usually go the other way and I think that's where I differ from many Swedes. I enjoy taking a different path.

And finally, do you have any insider restaurant tips for anyone visiting Stockholm?
My favourite places to dine and wine are Riche (a true classic!), Ciccio's and Coquetel Social (a fairly new bar that serves great drinks with phenomenal service!).

Thank you so much for inviting us into your home Fredrik! What a treasure trove! Loved the Stockholm restaurant and bar tips too. I'm looking forward to trying them out next time I'm in town!

In case you're feeling inspired to achieve a similar look to Fredrik's apartment, here's the low down:

1. Gubi Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp*
2. Fredericia J39 chair
3. Ellos Consua Carpet
4. Galerie Patrick Seguin A Passion For Jean Prove
5. Paustian Arctander Chair
6. Zara Home Teak and Rattan Chair
7. Hay Longue sofa 321

Did you spot the cosy, fluffy chair?! Ever since creating this round-up last week, I've been wanting something like this in my own home. I've got a feeling I'd never get near it though, the kids would totally OWN IT!

Is there anything that stood out to you about Fredrik's home?

You can see more pictures and enquire about Fredrik's vintage furniture and interior design services over at @Fredrikkarlssoninteriors.

The week is young, I think we need a little more inspiration today, don't you? Here are a few other fabulous Stockholm homes I think you'll love!

The beautiful Stockholm home of Amelia Widdell
A Stockholm home in pretty colours
The cosy urban home of a macrame artist

Vi ses imorgon!


Photography courtesy of Fredrik Karlsson, shared with kind permission. Portrait image by Milad Abedi

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A White Swedish Apartment in Stockholm In Winter Time

Not many cities are as beautiful as Stockholm in winter. And there to enjoy it is Marta Vargas, her fiancé Graeme and their English springer spaniel Summer. Located in Midsommarkransen (I love this name - it means 'Midsummer wreath'), the family of three (soon to be four!), live in a little apartment overlooking "a tiny forest, with deer, beautiful sunsets and many types of birds." Originally from Barcelona, Marta is a graphic designer, photographer and art director and combines her position in the design team at Spotify with other freelance endeavours. The one bedroom flat offers a pared-back yet warm and inviting base from which to explore the city and its surroundings. Here are some snapshots from Marta's wonderful snowy world in the Swedish capital! 

Marta and Graeme used their time during the pandemic to renovate their kitchen - investing in cabinets from Skandinaviska Shakerkök.  

Source a similar wooden clothes dryer* from River Bend Roes. 

A 'snöblomma' advent star* lights up the window, and you can catch a glimpse of the small forest beyond. 

A small space between the open-plan kitchen, dining and sitting room area provides the perfect spot for a Christmas tree, simply decorated in tones of off-white, gold and brown.

A cot from Baby Bay has been set up beside a Jotex headboard for the imminent arrival. 

How lovely! 

It makes me want to relocate to Stockholm, how about you? 

FYI the last picture is actually in Undersåker, 7 hours North of Stockholm. It was taken during a stay at a cottage overlooking a frozen lake for Marta's 30th birthday. Imagine! 

Feel inspired by more photos over at @imartavargas and today. 

And here are a few other lovely Stockholm homes: 

On another note, I mentioned that things have sort of piled up my end. I hope you don't mind that I skip tomorrow's post in order to catch up (and breath again!). I figured that Marta's lovely home and the landscape surrounding it offers enough dreamy Scandinavian inspiration to carry us through to Monday, what do you think?

If you're doing some final touches to your Christmas decorating (or just getting started), take a peek at the My Scandinavian Home Christmas archive - there are thousand of Scandi 'Jul' ideas in there! 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 


Photography: Marta Vargas, shared with kind permission.  
*This post contains affiliate links

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A Harmonious Stockholm Apartment Furnished with Vintage Finds

This lovely Swedish apartment caught my eye this morning. There was something about it that felt familiar and yet at the same time unique. Nestled on the second floor of an early 1920's building in Stockholm, the one bedroom flat has been decorated in soothing tones of white, beige, and a hint of green. The furniture is a perfect blend of vintage and mid-century finds - with every piece unique - and a nod to some of the biggest Scandinavian trends of the moment: conical shapes, fluffy rugs and plenty of linen. let's take a look around! 

What a lovely, harmonious apartment. 

It's on the market - a hard space to leave but from looking at the shared bedroom, I can only guess the family have out grown it. Might you be the next owner? 

Fancy taking a look around a few other Stockholm homes today? Here are a few of my favourites:


Photography: Historiska Hem

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A Charming Blend of Old and New in a Stockholm Home

It's a school holiday this week in Southern Sweden and I feel like I'm the only one up, tapping away on my laptop in a cafe by the sea. The clocks went back at the weekend which means darker nights - which in turn means the warm glow from lamps, candles and log fires. Further North, snow covers the ground and the birds taken flight to warmer climes. It's a time for cosying up at home by the fire, reading and taking long walks. And I'm all for it! 

This lovely Stockholm apartment is owned by Mina and Carlo, founders of IO Kids Design and is located in 'Söder', a hipster part of town with some of the Swedish capital's best cafes and restaurants. Even so, when the temperatures hit minus, being tucked up under a blanket beside the kakelugn (tiled masonry oven) is the way to go! Keep a look out for personal touches, a blend of antique and designer pieces as well as the beautiful entrance way. 

I hope you find something in this lovely home to inspire you! 

Two tone kitchens are where it's at right now. The apartment owner Carlo Negri - an architect for Sweco, designed this kitchen. I love how the upper cabinets are in wood, adding lots of warmth to the space. 

Carlo also designed the book cases in the sitting room and bedroom. 

Space is limited in the city and many get creative to make space for the entire family. In this aprtment, the children's room is divided into two using a series of closets.

This bunkbed is next level (literally!). I actually haven't seen one like this before. Does anyone have any tips on where it might be from?  UPDATE: it's called the IO Bunk Pod and was designed by Mina and her husband - the owners of this apartment and founders of IO Kids Design!

The other half of the room is small (yet cosy) - with enough space for a charming antique bed! 

I love these grand early 19th century communal entryways you find in Sweden! 

Confused about the layout? Here's the floorplan as shared by Historiska Hem: 
Glossary: sovrum - bedroom, Kakelugn - fireplace, allrum - living room, bad - bathroom, kök - kitchen, Gardrob - wardrobes.

I love the exterior of this property too - classic Stockholm! 

Is there anything that stood out to you about this lovely apartment? 

Why not cosy up for a while and see a few other incredible apartments from the Swedish capital here: 

Right folks, the autumn sun is shining and I've got two children (teenagers) here at home waiting to get into action (actually they're still asleep so they don't know that yet, but they will be!). 

Wishing you a great start to the week! 


Photographs courtesy of Historiska Hem with thanks 

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