Pretty Danish Christmas inspiration

Morning! I hope you had a great weekend? I'm on the early morning train, traveling through the countryside, the sun is sloooowly starting to rise but it's cold brrrrr. Where I really want to be is back in bed (or in this room with dark green walls - could this be the wall colour of 2016?). Failing that I'd love to be pottering around, putting the final touches on our Christmas tree (this is our home several Christmas's ago).  That's why I couldn't resist sharing a little more festive inspiration today, this time from Broste Copenhagen. The Danes really do know how to decorate for Christmas, don't they? 

Broste AW15 Photography: Line Thit Klein. Styling Marie Gravnbøl

So pretty! I love the touches of eucalyptus and washed grey linen.

All of these items can be purchased through a Broste stockist. I also absolutely love this linen tableware.

More beautiful Danish homes at Christmas include this beautiful house in the snow and inside a rustic log cabin.

A few more Christmas links I love today: 

This simple white star garland.

Christmas cards - the art of beautiful penmanship made easy. Oh yes we can!

Decorating with a personal touch using instagram / instax.

If you love the macrame wall hanging trend but would like something a little different from the white -  how about this one? Art in itself?!

10 of the best simple table decorations.

Fab Alternative Christmas trees

Pretty Scandinavian Christmas inspiration for the home.

Have a great start to the week! 

PS This is not a sponsored post, I just love the images....

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A Charming Danish Home on a Shoestring Budget

Hello! Hur går det?! It's great to be back after a week in the mountains. I'm feeling all revived, the sun's shining and I'm ready to roll! I hope you feel the same this bright and sunny Monday?!  I thought I'd kick off the week with a tour of the charming home of Fie Frøling, finalist of the 'Danish Instagram of the Year' (and for very good reason!). Fie's home is packed with second hand finds, DIY items and an abundance of greenery. I caught up with her to find out a little more. Enjoy the tour!

Where do you live?
My home is in Næstved, Denmark and I have lived here with my boyfriend and our two dogs since 2014. I actually grew up in this house with my parents and sister. We're still in the process of renovating it.

Get the look: Marshall speakers, Ilva cabinetKimono from Sissel Edelbos,

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as mix and match with an ethnic, boho vibe and a hint of industrial. I love it when warm tones meet black steel and like to play around with feminine and masculine decor.

Get the look: Brok side table, source kilim cushions here, man in canoe print, Nordal rug (I have a similar one in my sitting room!).  

 Where do you like to shop? 
I love to buy my decor at different places. I have a serious soft spot for Swedish secondhand shops and the Danish website DBA. You can find some great stuff there. Our entire kitchen was bought from DBA. Otherwise I love to shop at,,, Ilva and Broste. They have amazing pieces at good prices.

It's nice to see so many plants in your home!
I have a huge love for plants. I can't go an entire month without buying a new green baby! They give such a cool effect against the black and warm colours. But also, I feel like they bring my home to life because you can watch them grow. Denmark isn't the most sunny and bright country but because of all my green plants I feel like it's never dark, they remind me of summer and rainforests.

I am fascinated by your bed headboard, can you tell us more about it?!
I made our headboard three years ago. We needed a new headboard but I couldn't find one I liked. I saw these pallets by our local train station which had been thrown out and had been lying there for some time and had turned grey and rusty. I was given permission to take them and then I screwed them to our bed frame. Et voilà! A headboard emerged! 

Thank you so much for the tour of your lovely home Fie! 

What a great tour - I specially loved the the rustic pieces and plants (you know, I still can't stop thinking about that urban jungle home a few weeks back, how about you?!). It's amazing what you can find at flea markets. Is there anything you loved in particular about Fie's home?

If you'd like to see more of Fie's home there are tonnes of lovely snapshots on her instagram feed @woodlandwhim. And for more homes with a boho vibe why not check out this archive (oh and I LOVE the Danish home archive too - a real favourite!).

Have a great start to the week!

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Home Tour: How to Add Colour, The Danish Way!

It's fun to see more colour in homes right now (even in Scandinavia!). But this doesn't come without its perils - for colour-shy people like myself, adding even the most subtle of hues can be a daunting prospect - and I've even spoken to interior designers who say the same! If done right however, colour can breathe life into a space and yet still feel calm.  This vibrant 1940's Danish apartment is a fine example of this. Located in Frederiksberg, a leafy area of Copenhagen, the home belongs to Sofie Amalie who works at a design agency as a service designer and runs the instagram @thusthefuss and her boyfriend Niels. Sofie Amalie has always been passionate about colourful interiors and thrift shopping, and this shines through in their lovely home. I caught up with Sofie Amalie to find out more about the subtle injections of blues, yellows and pinks - as well as their collection of contemporary art.

 Louis Poulsen Enigma 425 Pendant Light, Arne Jacobsen Rosewood Coffee Table, paint Jotun Lady ‘Sval Sjø’ 5262

Tell us a little more about your apartment?
The building is from 1942 and the apartment is 114 metres square (1227 foot square) with a pretty awesome terrace.

The paintings in the dining room are both vintage: the smaller one is by Danish artist Helle Thorborg and the larger one by Tom Wesselmann which the pair found in a second hand shop in Tokyo. 

What renovations have you carried out?
We've lived here for 1.5 years and spent the first 8 months completely renovating it. The final details are still a work in progress. Nothing had been done for 30+ years, so everything needed stripping down. We lived there throughout the renovations (which meant no bathroom, kitchen or even running water for 5 months!).

Painting on the floor by Farshad Farzankia from Exhibition A gallery. Montana shelving

It's refreshing to see so much colour in your home, is this something you've always been passionate about?
Before moving, we had just renovated our old apartment (not as extensively) and played around with different colours, which we loved. So we decided to be even bolder with colours in our new apartment.

How did you decide which colours to use?
All our paints are from Jotun, they make great colours and have an inspiring selection - also I love their super matte finish. We spent a lot of time deciding on our wall colours and thinking how they would suit one another, which I think is important.

I love the light blue tone, was it tricky to find the exact hue you were looking for? 
We knew we wanted the living room light blue, but struggled to find the right shade without risking it looking like a nursery. In the end we went for Jotun Lady ‘Sval Sjø’ 5262 and it is perfect! Just the right mix of fresh and colourful, yet calm and comforting.

A poster by Hilma af Klint purchased at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Dining chairs by Rex Kralj, DOCKSTA table from IKEA. 

I spy some white walls in your home too...
We kept the bathroom and kitchen white (to my surprise). We wanted to let the tiling and the lovely oak of the kitchen shine on its own. But maybe it will get a splash of colour too at some point :)

Kitchen cabinets by IKEA, Jielde wall lamp, Le Creuset jug, Stelton Vaccum jug.

Pendant light by Broste, Georg Jensen alarm clock, this velvet cushion is similar. 

I love the cocoon like feel of your bedroom - what colour is this?
My boyfriend chose the color for our bedroom: Jotun Lady ‘Deco Blue’ 4477 and we love it. The dark and rich hue is soothing, perfect for a bedroom.
A vintage lithograph by Tom Krøjer adds a splash of colour to the bedroom. 

I love the glass details - are these original or something you added?
Most of the glass details are original. The building is from the architectural period of functionalism, so the small window details above the doors have a practical function to allow more light to flow through the space.

Can you tell us about the other colours in your home? 
For the miniature hallway between the bedroom and dressing room, we used a green-blue leftover from the other apartment called Jotun Lady ‘Prismegrønn’ 5341. And the dressing room is painted yellow in Jotun Lady ‘Velvet’ 10246. It was a bit of an odd one out, but I just loved the color samples and wanted to try it out. You can so easily repaint. But so far it is still a keeper.

I also love the pink in the hallway!
I really liked Jotun Ladys ‘Deco Pink’ 2782 and knew I wanted it somewhere. We ended up choosing the huge main hallway, which opens up to the living rooms. We were a bit concerned about the light blue vs. light pink right next to each other, but they complement each other well. Also, we have decorated the hallway with items in dark wood to even out the girliness, and actually think that my boyfriend is even happier with the result than I am!

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to inject a little colour into their own home?
Choosing colours was not easy. I used pinterest and instagram a lot in the colour selection process , so I could see pictures of how they looked in real life peoples homes and changed with the light. That was a big help in the process.

Thank you so much for showing us around your inspiring home Sofie Amalie! I love the use of colours, the unique furniture, the art - just everything! You've also made me feel a little more bold about using more colour into my home!

Does anyone else feel this way?

Colour guide:

1. SVAL SJØ 5262    2. DECO BLUE 4477   3. PRISMEGRØNN 5341  4. VELVET 10246   5. DECO PINK 2782

You can see more of Sofie Amalie's lovely home on her instagram feed @thusthefuss. And there's an archive dedicated to colourful homes here (hop over this home if it rocks up first - unless of course you'd like to look at it again, which I'd fully understand!).

Since it's a pubic holiday here in Sweden and I've got a man and two little girls waiting for me, I'm going to rush outdoors into the sunshine. I hope you don't mind that I won't be stopping by tomorrow to make the most of a bit of family time.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and see you Monday!


All photography Sofie Amalie 

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A cool Swedish home with inspiring touches

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Here in the Gothenburg archipelagos we're keeping cool with dips in the sea. But when the heat really takes it's toll (I see in New York it's going to be up to a scorching 47?!) - it's perhaps time to retire into the cool indoors. Personally, I'd choose to take homage in this Swedish space - simply because you're never far from nature (oh OK then, and because it's beautiful!). It's full of inspiring ideas too. I'm taking note of the sofa in the bedroom (there's something a little lyx (as they say in Swedish) about having one of these in a boudoir don't you think?), the wall of shoes (yes!) and a bold geometric rug in the entrance. Let's take a tour....

 Source: beautifully captured by Jonas Ingerstedt / Elle Decoration

Is there anything that catches your eye?

I absolutely love the J39 chairs by Børge Mogensens- Danish friend Karen-Maj Kornum tells me they're simply referred to as the 'Folkstol' (or the 'people's chair') in Denmark.

Other items I know and love: dining area - bamboo pendant lampshade (how pretty is this one too?), Eames chairs. office - jute rug (love this). bedroom - stonewashed bed linen, Vee Speers prints found here and here.

Jonas Ingerstedt is one of my favourite swedish interior photographers. I've featured so many of the homes he's captured on here before (with kind permission) - including the home of a Swedish fashion designer and a home that sings (if you love colour you'll love this home!). And of course Jonas' own home is nothing short of fabulous too!

And a little weekend link love I thought you may enjoy.....

Why stop at sofa's in the bedroom? This home has a credenza in the bathroom.

A modern apartment in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

Making an entrance, Victoria's round-up.

Decorating secrets from an IKEA stylist.

The Broste spring summer inspiration images look loooovely and fresh.

Chocolate for breakfast - that's a yes from me!

I can't tell you how many compliments I've had on my new glass bottle.

Speaking of which - the winner of the Nordal pure linen tablecloth and napkins (seen in action here) has now been announced on instagram here! Drum roll.....

On that note, I'm off to leave you to have a fabulous weekend! I hope the sun is shining where you are too.

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A Small Swedish Space, That's Big on Cosiness!

Hejsan hoppsan (says no one in Sweden really!). What do you say about coming on a virtual journey to Stockholm with me today? I've got a very cosy, small space to show you! The apartment in question belongs to Christina, an avid fan of do-it-yourself (or at least not afraid of fixer uppers!).  When Christina's not tinkering away with beautiful fabrics and covers at Bemz (where she works with social media)  - she's working on a total gut renovation of a loft in a former water tower dating back to 1910 (follow the journey here). In the meantime, Christina and her partner Tor are living in a 35 square metre (376 square feet) apartment built in 1872. Amazingly they've also found the time to do this little joint up too - and it looks super cosy! I caught up with Christina this morning to find out more and get her top tips on decorating a small space.

What's the best way to create a cosy feel without making a small home cluttered?

Take time when decorating and try to source as many second-hand and vintage items as possible. It's better for your wallet and the environment and helps to create a personal look and feel. 

What gives a home it's soul? 

Layering tactile textures and adding a good dose of greenery will breath life into your home. 

 What are your three top tips for anyone decorating a small space:

1. Get organised. Reduce visual clutter and highlight pieces that you want to showcase.   
2. Create a feeling of space. Work with negative spaces to create a more lofty feel. 
3. Don't choose smaller pieces of furniture just because you have a smaller home, fewer, larger pieces are often a better use of space and help you to focus on the most important features of the room.

Photographer Mikael Lundblad  / @_mikaellundblad Interior design: Christina. Featured in Apartment Therapy.

Such a lovely, personal home, don't you think?

In case you're curious about any of the items or feel inspired to steal a few ideas for your own home, we've gathered some items which we think fit the bill perfectly!

Get the look


1. Genuine Icelandic Sheepskin Chair Cover
2. Project 62 Madrot Glass Globe Floor Lamp
3. Lulu & Georgia Rug
4. KINS - African Mudcloth Cushion
5. Brass Candlesticks
6. Star Voyager Hand Crafted Star Theme African Mask
7. Afro Art Candlestick
8. Cabin Porn Book
9. Misses Flower Power Vase
10. Bemz Cushion Cover
11. Nelson Daybed
12. Bemz Cushion Cover
13. Mateo Grazzi Vintage Chair
14. Candle Holder
15. Broste Copenhagen - Caspa Desk Lamp
16. Linen duvet cover
17. Food52 Grey Splatter Enamel Serving Utensils
18. Serax - Terra Watering Can
19. Poppi Serving Plate
20. Olive Wood Chopping Board
21. Salt Dining Chair

You can read more about Christina's home over at Apartment Therapy and follow her Water Tower project here

Have a lovely day!

PS  Don't forget - you can get 15% off at Bemz with code 15myscandinavianhome until 11th Feb (see my picks for my sitting room, bedroom armchair and window nook!).

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