10 Small Pools For Every Budget and Outdoor Space

I thought I'd kick off my first outdoor post of the year with a splash. 

Not many know this, but I have a close affinitive to swimming pools. My older daughter Liv is a swimmer - and let's just say we spend a lot of time poolside (are there any other swimming parents out there? If so, you'll know exactly what I mean!). Even so, I still dream of sitting by a pool with a cocktail and page-turner all summer long. 

And lately, I've noticed a surge in popularity in small pools here in Sweden. Generally, anything around 3 square metres (10 square feet) or less is considered a small pool and depth-wise, you're looking at 90 cm (3 feet) for a plunge pool and 120 cm - 150 cm (4 -5 feet) for a lap pool. The beauty of this smaller size is that there's a pool out there for almost every budget and outdoor space. 

Ready to feel inspired? Let's dive in.....

Round pools

1. I love this plunge pool built into the deck of Bruer Cabin designed by Lundberg Design. Behind it is a slightly larger, 425 cm /14 feet deep pool made from a repurposed livestock water tank. A perfect sustainable watering hole in which to cool off in the Sonoma sunshine. 

For a really budget friendly option, use an old bath - like the one at this Danish summer house

2. This repurposed concrete water tank pool accessed via a bridge was installed in the garden of Mount Ninderry in Queensland, Australia - a sustainable and budget friendly home project by Sparks Architects. Such a clever idea! 

3. Designer Raili Clasen of Raili Ca Design added this raised year-round round to the garden of her 1950s cottage to create a calming oasis in which to relax with her husband and their pooch. I'm a huge fan of these wooden tubs - which can also come with a wood burning stove for heat (I've been looking into this for our little cabin).  

Square/ rectangle pools

4.There's something wonderfully fuss-free about this square plunge pool - dip in, cool off, return to whatever you were doing! Or pour yourself a drink and hang out for a while. 

5. This sunken in pool at artist retreat La Maison Marrakech offers a lush place to keep cool and relax on a warm day. 

6. Simple steps lead down to this minimalist plunge pool. I love the shower area which has been built-in to the wall too. 

7. Sometimes the best things come in small packages - and I can totally imagine coming home after a long day and enjoying a soak surrounded by vertical greenery in this lush townhouse garden. 

The thin pool

8. OK, maybe this one isn't really a 'small pool' but I thought I'd include it since it maximises the use of outdoor space by following the contours of the house. Just in case you need to 'test it out' for yourself, this incredible Eco Bush Retreat is available to rent via Airbnb. Just saying! 

9. Just wide enough for a breaststroke glide (although you might struggle with butterfly), this lush, long pool idea is perfect for narrow spaces. Plus, the raised succulent bed adds shade. 

10. No garden? No problem!  This rooftop ledge in France has been transformed into a small pool overlooking the rooftops. 

What do you think, could you imagine installing a small pool at home? Or perhaps you have first-hand experience of owning a pool - if so, please do share your thoughts below! 

Looking for more outdoor space inspiration today? Check out: 

I have to admit, we woke up to snow here in Malmö this morning - so summer is feeling very far away.  It doesn't stop me dreaming though!

Har det så fint! 


*If you're thinking of installing a pool, please visit Pool Safely (from the Consumer Product Safety Commission) for important information on pool safety. 

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Scandinavia Meets The Med In A Beautiful Mallorcan Finca

Tjena! Hur är läget? Did you know that Swedes absolutely love the island of Mallorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands? They even have an affectionate nickname for it: 'Mallis'! This actually came as no surprise to me as, after all, we know Swedes have impeccable taste, and as a fellow fan of Mallorca (I've been going there for years since my sister lives there), I'm fully aware of just how beautiful the island is. Needless to say, I've featured several Scandinavians who have made Mallorca their home in the past - including the wonderful boho townhouse belonging to the founders of Dusty Deco. And today, I was excited to discover this beautiful finca belonging to Mercedes Lopez Coello

Mercedes and her husband Mads moved from Sweden to Mallorca with their dog, and settled in a finca in the hills of Moscari, in the North of the island. They have since had two sons - Oliver and Felix and today the family use this house as their holiday home, while living nearer to Palma. The wonderful finca is a place the family can come to in order to relax and reconnect with nature surrounded by the scent of bougainvillea, lavender and olive groves. Here are a few snapshots. 

The finca has been decorated with a blend of pieces, including elements picked up in Sweden - against a backdrop of cool white. 

Fruit likes this can be bought in one of the many Sunday markets across the island, along with olives and other delicious local produce. 

I love this simple DIY idea!

Source a similar basket lamp here* to decorate. 

I'd be quite happy to sit here and watch the sunset over the hills everyday, how about you? 

How idyllic!

Talk about a Monday escape. It had me dreaming about a year in Mallorca - it would be so fun to live nearer my sister too! 

Could you imagine kicking back here? Or perhaps you have your own 'smultronställe' - a special place you can relax and enjoy yourself surrounded by nature? 

See more of Mercedes' home as well as snapshots from the island here

I also love these homes on Mallorca: 

Wishing you all a wonderful start to the week!


Photography courtesy of Mercedes Lopez Coello

*affiliate links

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A Dreamy Hidden Gem In Menorca, Spain

This summer we planned to visit my sister and nieces who live on the island of Mallorca, Spain - who knows, maybe we'll make it later on in the year, I really hope so. But for now, I'll allow this beautiful Menorcan finca to whisk us away to the sunny climes of the wonderful Balearic Islands instead - come and join me! Let's dream of days by that pool with friends and family, casually trailing a hand through the cool water while we sip on a granizado. And when the midday sun starts to scorch - a cool, calm interior awaits for that all-important siesta! Ready to visit the hill top 19th century Es Bec d'Aguila? Let's go! 

Gaaaah, so lovely! 

I've never been to Menorca, even though it's not that far from Mallorca, but I've heard that it's a rugged, beautiful island and it's high on my list. Have you been?

If you plan on going, maybe this finca is one to squirrel away in the holiday file? You can find all the details here

Shall we pour ourselves another granizado and do a little more holiday dreaming today? Don your sunhat, and enjoy these beautiful places that await. After all, this too shall pass.  

Not too keen on the heat? How about this cool, Icelandic hideaway on the coast? 

Sending lots of love to family and friends in Spain today, we're all thinking of you.  


Photography courtesy of Es Bec d'Aguila - found via Style Files with thanks. 

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Exotic meets boho in a Bali pool villa

Dreaming of a touch of paradise after a long week?  I love the relaxed vibe of this pool villa near the surfers paradise of Batu Bolong beach, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Set among palms and lush tropical surroundings, it's been designed so the indoors and out merge into one - with a covered terrace encompassing a sitting room, dining area and an amazing outdoor bathroom. The decor is inspired by 'Mexico and the exotic east' giving the villa a distinct bohemian touch. Aaaaannnd? It's available for rent through Australian swimwear brand Fella - race you to it?


Fella Villa

Guh! I'd swap my indoor shower for this beautiful outdoor shower any day of the week.  I once dedicated a post to showering al freso - so wonderful! I also love this outdoor bath and for something more modern, this shower!

Not quite warm enough or not got the outdoor space for bathing al fresco? This, this and this bathroom will make you feel you're bathing outdoors even in the heart of the city - heaven!

A few items I love from this Bali villa: wooden bar stools, pick up a selection of vintage handmade kilim cushions/ pillows here (for brighter colours try this shop), rugs (this one is especially lovely!) and poufs (this one!). I love this mid-century credenza. Rustic ladder

A few other lovely holiday home rentals to be browsed- with some of my favourites including a Brazilian escape, an ethereal beach house in St Barths and a vintage inspired home in Australia.  Who needs work anyway?!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Incidentally I'm working on an intensive photo shoot early next week (exciting!). I'm going to do my best to blog but the posts might be a little erratic so bear with me!

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Dream escape: an ethereal beach house on St Barths

How much would you love to jet off to an island with white powder beaches, turquoise sea and swaying palm trees right now? Your home for the fortnight (because a week just wouldn't be enough!) in the form of an ethereal white pool villa with touches of driftwood, sea-grass and rattan and the most beautiful terrace. Meet Villa Palmier, a little touch of paradise on the island of St Barths in the French West Indies created by Matt and Kate Holstein. This beach house ranks high up in the list of places I would love to stay one day (yes, it's available to rent - I know!), how about you?! For now though, let's dream....

Villa Palmier. Photos: Kate Holstein, found via Dust Jacket / Design Sponge with thanks.


Do I even need to ask if you can imagine holidaying here?!

And just how cute is that doggy?! 

Get the look (yes, really!):  Sea photographic print by Kara Rosenlund, source benches and tables made from driftwood here, banana fibre pouf, panama hat, basket beach bag, sea grass belly basket. rustic stool, white Marshall speakers. Off white linen rug. And of course, a hammock!

Other exotic escapes sitting there waiting for you include a little touch of paradise on Mykonos and a Brazilian pool villa. Where do I even start?! And although not available to rent, the ethereal home of Kara Rosenlund is all the evidence we need that it's possible to get an exotic vibe in our own home!

While we're in the moment, it's worth taking a peek at Annika Von Holdt's instagram snaps of the Bahama's (I know it's another island but....) - when she's not in the Bahama's she at her Copenhagen home - either way....  And (just cos I hear you) here's some pool and beautiful ocean inspiration too. If you close your eyes you can almost feel the warm sun and cool salt water on your skin. 

Roll on summer!

Have a dreamy day!

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