Cosy Autumn Ideas From Laura and Nora's Beautiful Homes

I have heard that Autumn is fairly late around the Northern Hemisphere this year, is this the case where you are? In Sweden, it has hit us with full force! Think blustery gusts sending golden leaves spiralling through the chilly October air and dark candlelit days. It's definitely time to update the home to embrace the golden season to the full! 

I have been following Laura and Nora for many years and never tire of the beautiful inspiration they share. Famous for their recipes, the pair live in Germany (although once flirted with a summerhouse in Southern Sweden) and love to share snapshots of their apartment in Berlin and country home. Here are some Autumnal (that's 'fall' for you guys across the pond!) touches from their living spaces (including several tablescapes!) to get us into the spirit and fill us with ideas for the new season ahead. 

Nothing says Autumn like an artisan teapot* and a steaming cuppa to warm the cockles! 

A little side table in their outhouse can be pulled out at dinnertime. At this time of year, small items foraged from the great outdoors help to bring nature in. Why not create a simple bowl of acorns, conquers and other items for an instant display. 

Blankets are your best friend in Autumn and winter - add them to sofas, armchairs and beds so that you can curl up, get cosy and keep the chill at bay! 

Cosy sheepskins add to the cosiness of the season. This Danish-made Little Petra chair is a favourite of mine, but simply draping sheepskins* on furniture can make a difference! 

A thick rug (by Cappelen Dimyr) and branches with berries help to add a cosy in-season touch to their cosy sitting room. 

A simple vase of foraged branches with golden leaves looks so pretty on the dining table. 

Or if you'd like to go all out, hang branches from the ceiling for an autumn dining table with wow factor! 

Edible berries and fallen leaves make a charming touch to the table setting. 

I couldn't resist sharing a snapshot from their powder room. Although tiny, it packs a punch thanks to the textured wall, pretty tiles and linen towel. 

Extend the season outdoors by adding string lights, candles and plenty of cushions and blankets! 

Pumpkins make a really lovely touch to the autumn table. I've noticed that  green pumpkins are particularly popular this season! 

Rustic linen in tones of brown add to the texture of the season and a bouquet of Autumn flowers ensures a burst of colour. 

Don't forget to wrap up warm in cosy knits to keep the chill at bay! 

Trust Nora and Laura to create such beautiful autumn table scapes - great inspiration for the coming months, don't you think?

Is there a particular way you like to update your home in Autumn? if so, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. 

In the meantime, here is a little more Autumn inspiration for the weekend: 

Have a cosy weekend! 


Photography: Our Food Stories, shared with kind permission

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A Cosy Little Swedish Cottage by the Sea

I have to confess, I dread the day my children leave home. On the one hand of course, I'll be happy that they have found their path in life and will be setting off on a new adventure, on the other, I sure will miss those crazy girls. Thankfully, there are quite a few years left. But I have a plan! 

I dream of living in a little cottage by the sea with Per one day, where I can snuggle up beside a woodturning stove with a book and a cup of tea come winter. 

With its cosy small rooms, thick stone walls to buffet the cold winds in winter, exposed wood beams, walls covered in books and art and a sun dappled garden - this 107 m2 (1150 f2) 19th century cottage is just the ticket. What's more, it's just down the road from us in Limhamn, South Sweden - and a short hop from the harbour! 

The eclectic blend of furniture, shelves that bow under the weight of books and pops of blue, red, green and yellow help to add to the relaxed feel of the space. 

I spy a stacked stereo system, just like the one I had at uni! Did you have one of these too? 

A tiny hallway space in the corner of the sitting room beside the entrance is reserved for coats and shoes while a nook in the stairwell is used to store firewood. 

The area up and over doorways is ideal for book shelves - especially in a small living apace. Lights have been added to illuminate the tomes after sunset. 

Curious to see the layout? Erik Olsson shared this along with the listing: 

Translation: Entre - hallway, Vardagsrum - living room, Matrum - dining room, Kök - kitchen, Trädäck - decking. Övre plan - top floor, Sovrum - bedroom. Kamin - woodburning stove. 

How charming and cosy is this cottage? It's certainly designed for 'njutning'! Looking back through the pictures I noticed a cat tree too - of course! I'd love to have another cat one day but I fear I've put Per off for life after the very crazy, viscous feline we had years ago! 

Are you a cat person? 

And more importantly, could you imagine cosying up in a cottage like this? Or do you prefer a more minimalist living space? 

See other cosy cottages here: 

Have a mysig (cosy) start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of Erik Olsson (this property is currently for sale). 

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