A Warm and Relaxed Swedish Cottage by the Sea

Hello friends! It's so great to be back here on the blog after my summer break! I am easing myself in slowly with this wonderful summer cottage in the picturesque fishing village of Simrishamn, south Sweden. It's a popular summer destination and this cottage, with its charming touches from the 1860s and sea views is a perfect place from this to enjoy all the town has to offer! 

I was planning on sharing a carefully whittled down selection of pictures from the listing, but the task became impossible - there is simply too much inspiration to be gleaned from each and every room. What I love most about this cottage is how the owners have veered away from a more obvious blue and white coastal theme. Instead, an ode to the summer and sea can be seen in a variety of clever ways - from the warm yellow tones, straw hats, art, scalloped edges and sea-themed lamp shades! Välkommen! 

You'll be hard pressed to spot new items in this lovely home. Chairs, tables, cabinets and mirrors have a distinct vintage and antique vibe  while other touches have a traditional touch to match the soul of the 150-year-old property. 

Rattan, bamboo and woven rugs bring in a relaxed costal touch while rag rugs (seen furthest away in the above picture) bring time-honoured tradition to the cottage, while also helping to keep drafts at bay. 

A mix of pieces help to create a relaxed atmosphere in the sitting room. 

I don't think I've ever seen so many hooks! They are highly practical in a summer cottage when storage is limited, although you'd need to pack your prettiest garments - and underwear would need to go elsewhere (I'm not sure I would want to wake up to a row of Per's boxers!). 

The yellow bedspread brings instant sunshine to the space - well needed given the rainy summer we have just had in Sweden! Any tips on where this might be from? if so, please do share in the comments section below! 

Wildlife art in the stairwell draws the surrounding nature indoors, while curtains help to create privacy for extra bunks in the landing. 

Open storage is great for short term stays. I like the way they have made the most of space under the sloped ceiling. 

How lovely! I could definitely see myself wiling away the summers here, about you? 

See more pictures and the full floor plan here

You might also like to take a peek inside a few other these coastal cottages:


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Photography courtesy of Ekström & Co

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A Romantic Swedish Country Home in Summertime

There's something very special about July in Sweden. The lush green of the countryside. The flowers in full bloom. The chorus of the birds and insects going about their work. Little wonder Swedes press the pause button for a few weeks to take it all in. 

I felt this country house perfectly captured the essence of the Swedish summer cottage. It's about leading a back-to-basics lifestyle where the days are shaped around a dip in the sea or lake, slow coffee, long lunches and reading a book under a tree. The beauty of the summer cottage interior lies in the imperfection and simplicity, allowing the vibrancy of the surroundings to take centre stage. 

I'd be perfectly happy to sit at any one of the desks in this house in the name of work but more likely simply gaze out of the moth blown windows. Oh, and if you love wallpaper, you're in for a treat too!  Welcome to a lovely country house northeast of Stockholm. 

There's something poetic about this house, don't you think? 

Are there any details that caught your eye? 

There are so many great Swedish wallpaper brands. Two that are worth checking out are Boråstapeter and Sandberg. William Morris is also popular, although not Swedish of course! 

Here are a few more country homes to tour today (just in case I've got you in the mood): 

Do you have a similar style of celebrating summer in the country where you live? 

Have a great start to the week. 


Photography courtesy of Historiska Hem

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A Dreamy Manor On the Swedish Island of Gotland

We've come back to the city (Malmö) for a few days - even so, my heart as always at this time of year, is in the Swedish countryside. I have been busy taking my camera around our little neck of the woods on the west coast and hope to be able to share a guide (or at least some snapshots) with you after the summer. In the meantime, I'll rely on my summer fall back: the beautiful island of Gotland. 

And this incredible house has everything you might need for an idyllic summer in the swedish Baltic. Step this way to feel inspired! 

Swedes typically take around 3 weeks holiday in the summer, but it's not unusual to take anywhere between 3 to 4 weeks! Many will head out of town and camp, stay at a summer cottage (their own or visit friends and family) or head on a road or train trip in Europe. Either way, it's all about taking some time out to enjoy everything that nature has to offer at this time of year. 

As you are likely aware, the Swedish weather gods aren't always on our side. And while we have been enjoying some blisteringly warm and sunny weather lately, there's plenty of rain on the forecast next week! Greenhouses have become less about gardening and more about shelter these days, and the warm spaces are ideal for dining and taking afternoon naps when the weather is not quite on our side! 

Swedes are great at seeking out sunny spots. In the garden it's not unusual to find quite a few different areas so you can follow the sun! I love this dining area looking out over the fields of Gotland from under the boughs of a tree! 

This dreamy limestone 'gård' (Manor House) beside a church looks out over the surrounding farmland - and offers plenty of space to be alone (hey, I absolutely love my children, but things can get intense in the school summer holidays, am I right? 

The main room is so large, it offers both a sitting room and dining area. But you could also slope off to play the piano! 

You'd be hard pressed fining a home on Gotland without a local grey sheepskin throw.

I love the wood cladding finishing touch on the storage in one of the children's bedrooms - especially the green hue which helps to draw nature indoors and adds a serene touch. 

I love an A-frame ceiling, it adds a really awe-inspiring touch to a room, don't you think? Plus, old wood beams are a dream!

Quite a children's room, don't you think? 

One of the incredible things about these limestone houses is the thickness of the walls - check out the window area! The rough texture of the walls also catches the light in a beautiful way. 

While the dining spot further up this post makes for a great spot for supper al fresco, I could easily image a fika (coffee and slice of apple crumble!) right here, how about you? 

What a perfect place to unwind in the summer. Actually, scrap that - I could imagine living here all year-round, how about you? 

See more pictures and find out more about this manor house here

Would you like to see a few more cottages on the Swedish island of Gotland? Check out: 

This weekend I need to write an article about Christmas for a magazine - and I'm kind of struggling to get in the mood. Someone suggested I put on a Christmas jumper and play some jingles ("last Christmas....") let's see what happens! 

I hope you have a summerier weekend ahead than me! Thank you for stopping by - see you Monday! 


Photography courtesy of Bertwig Fastighetsförmedling

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