A Striking Monochrome Home in Bergen, Norway

I hope you had a lovely weekend? Here in Sweden, we celebrated 'Valborg' (Walpurgis), a traditional spring celebration. Across the country, bonfires were lit at dusk and choirs sang out while children toasted marshmallows. For the young, it's also a big party night, so many were nursing sore heads yesterday! Do you celebrate Walpurgis night in your country too? 

Sadly, I have no pictures of Valborg to share with you today, but I do have a striking home tour from Bergen, Norway! Looking through the pictures took me straight back to the day when everyone was going for the monochrome look, and I was happy to find the interior of this house has survived the test of time. The property belongs to Nina Kristin Kristiansen, founder of Kamelone Design Studio and a restorative yoga instructor. Decorated almost entirely in black and white with a deep green accent, Nina's punchy graphical home is full of contrast. Look closely and you'll also spot iconic design pieces such as vintage Jielde lamps*, Eames chairs and a classic Stendig calendar. Welcome to the ground floor!   

How cool! And so different from other home tours I've shown of late. 

I especially like the timeless chequered floor in the hallway and all the plants (little envious of how healthy her lemon tree is looking; I might have to write to Nina for some tips!). 

Is there anything that stood out to you? Are you a fan of the monochrome aesthetic? 

See more black and white and monochrome homes. 

Have a great start to the week! 


Photography courtesy of Nina Kristin Kristiansen, shared with kind permission. 

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Warm Pools of Sunlight In a Monochrome Home

Tjena! We're going monochrome today with Alexander Parr's pad in Bielefeld, Germany. Black, white and earthy shades set the tone for a calm and contemporary apartment which is bathed in sunlight for much of the day. The items have been carefully edited and whittled down to a selection of new Nordic design and Scandinavian classics, while rugs, sheepskins. cushions and sheer linen curtains help to add warmth. Pull up a chair and enjoy the tour! 

A selection of Eames chairs have been draped in sheepskins in the dining area. In the corner a print from Paper Collective has been hung above a Grasshopper lamp

A drinks trolley* by Normann Copenhagen provides a practical place for vases, books and other pieces. The top print is from Normann Copenhagen (I love this one - especially when the light catches it in this way!). 

Alex sits at a 'Siege Ballon' while working. I actually once used an exercise ball to sit on when I worked in London. They're meant to be really good for your back and core strength as you're constantly moving and adjusting. Having said, it always used to roll away (although I did also suspect a couple of my colleagues played football with it from time to time!) - so I'd always be going off to retrieve it! Find out more info about this one and the health benefits here

While on the topic of office chairs, these days I use this one - which I love! But on a recent visit to the IKEA headquarters, I noticed that people were sitting on kinds of different seats - and one was even on a stationary bike! What do you sit on when you work / study? 

White linen is so fresh for the summer (source similar here*). I love how Alexander has paired with black lighting including a mantis wall lamp. So simple, yet so calm!

I hope this lovely monochrome pad has filled you with inspiration today! 

You can see more snapshots of Alexander's light and airy home over at @alexanderpaar

I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow! I'm looking forward to finishing the blog week with a beautiful 'before and after' tour. Make sure you stop by to take a peek! 


Photography: Alexander Paar

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A Magnificent Danish Home With a Touch of Hygge!

I am not sure when we last saw the sun here in Southern Sweden, so we're busy making our own light in a way the Scandinavian's know best: with candles. A few bridges away on the Danish mainland, Helle Rye is doing the same in her magnificent apartment in Aarhus, Jutland. Dating back to 1899, the palatial property features parquet flooring, beautiful period touches and large, awe-inspiring rooms which lead through to one another via double doors. Light and airy the space may be, but Helle has also create a wonderfully cosy home for herself and husband Bo. Look closely and you'll spot sofas laden with cushions and blankets, cosy daybeds and sheepskin throws draped over the back of chairs. Oh, and candles, plenty of candles! Welcome to Helle's hyggelige world! 

I am so curious about the black curtains - my guess is that they are in place to dampen the sound, but they also add a certain cosiness (and drama!) to the space too. UPDATE: Helle tells me that she's put the curtains up to hide some really ugly paintings (it's a rental and they're not allowed to do anything about them!).

Does this scene also remind you a little of a sun lounger under a palm tree? Such a great idea to soak up the winter sun (when it appears!). 

Oooooh wow!  Isn't this lovely?!

There's something incredibly regal about Helle's home - and yet it feels cosy and personal too.

Is there anything in particular that stood out to you?

See more of Helle's magnificent home on her instagram A Nordic Moment (news alert: she's started decorating her home for Christmas and it looks magical!).

There's also a load of other danish homes in the archives, I'm loving this Copenhagen family home,  an enchanting apartment in shades of sea-green and an art-filled apartment in Aarhus.

Hav en dejlige dag! - I hope someone, somewhere is enjoying a little sunshine, and if you are - please send a few rays this way!


Photography: Helle Rye

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A Monochrome Swedish Home Where Creativity Shines Through

Maria Karlberg describes herself as a creative Mamma to her magical daughter, an interior designer and a furniture store salesperson. Looking at the wonderful monochrome apartment in Örebro, a few hours West of Stockholm, it's easy to appreciate this. Despite the pared-back nature of the space, Maria's home oozes creativity. Art, ceramics and sculptures appear on every wall and surface and there's something refreshing about the stacks of paper on the floor and desk. Keeping it real. Yay! Not tom mention making me feel way better about my own "filing system" or lack of! From now on, I'll be following Maria's instagram and blog - Studio Naya avidly. She has me sold! I hope you feel inspired by Maria's home too!

This is the second time this week we've seen a polished concrete floor (remember the fabulous Sydney home?!). I've always been a fan (if accompanied by under floor heating, especially in Sweden) - how about you?

Also spotted: a Marshall speaker*.

In Maria's home office candlestick holders, frames and sculptures (try Love Warriors) line a concrete worktop sourced from Conceptbetong

This is one of the stacks I was talking about! And guess what? It seems if you put a pretty vase of flowers on top, no one will notice it. Are you feeling as inspired as I am?!

Check out that candlestick holder to the right, too! It's available here. Just saying!

Cork boards are ideal for mood boards (Allie has one in her bedroom and loves it, and I've always been a little envious of it!) - try combining these tiles to create similar. 

I hope you feel inspired by Maria's home and have picked up lots of ideas! 

I'm so happy to have been reminded of the Swedish online shop Love Warriors. It's a PERFECT place to pick up art and sculptural pieces. It should come with a warning sign, if you're like me, you'll want everything in the shop! 

There are a load more pictures of Maria's home over on her instagram and blog (so worth a peek!). 

You might also like to take a peen at Anna Kvarnström's stunning home in the same Swedish city!

Have a lovely day!


PS I'm having so many problems with my blog comment section this week - GRRRRR! I can't seem to leave a comment, it just disappears, is anyone else finding this? If you have time to test it by leaving a comment and then send me a mail if it's not working, I'd be sooooo grateful. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying reading your comments even if I can't respond!

Photography: Maria Karlberg shared with kind permission
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The Inspiring Monochrome Home of An LA Interior Designer

Hej vänner, hur må ni idag? - Can you tell I'm feeling the Swedish after sharing my film yesterday?! Having said that, I'm about to whisk you to a home far, far, far away where the sun is shining and the weather is warm - yep, today we're going on a virtual trip to Los Angeles and the beautiful home of Anne Sage! Looking at her lovely abode you can probably guess she works in the interior world. And yes, Anne is indeed a full-time interior designer as well as the author of popular design book Sage Living - a business that started when she launched her blog almost 12 years ago (wow -  that makes her blog even older than My Scandinavian Home!). Anne is also a content creator and the co-owner of a creative studio and photography space in LA called LightLab (which looks amazing!). Yet, she's still found the time to do everything from refinishing the floors to renovating the kitchen in her wonderful 1954 LA rental which she shares with her husband Ivan, two cats and a baby on the way. The look is monochrome with warm touches of light wood and brass. Ready for the tour?

The kitchen has been built using cabinet doors from Semihandmade which are designed to fit IKEA units. It was kind of cool to discover that there's a washing machine and tumble dryer hidden behind the cabinets to the right - I'm all for keeping things clean (and I'm not talking about the clothes!!). The oven is from Kitchenaid and the lights are by Schoolhouse.

I do believe it's that Stockholm 2017 coffee table again (remember it appeared at the end of the bed in yesterday's home?). From the name I'm guessing IKEA intended it to be used as a coffee table (rocket scientist that I am!!) but I've yet to see anyone using it that way. It certainly makes a fine bench as seen here in a corner of Anne's kitchen. 

I absolutely love the spotted rug (from Jaipur Living) - it totally makes the space, don't you think? The sofa is from Thayer Coggin) and the wall light is Serge Mouille.

One of the things Anne loves the most about her home is the large windows which flood the living space with light. I like how California Closets have built the units around the window. 

On Instagram Anne declared that she loves the Hoffmann Armchair (seen here as a desk chair) almost  as. much as (if not more) than her husband. I can totally see why! It's a beauty!

Ever since photographing Gen's office a few weeks back, I'm convinced that every workspace needs a daybed. Are you with me on that? This fine specimen is from Blue Dot.

EDIT: I initially thought this nursery was in Anne's house ready for the BIG arrival (and I could be forgiven for thinking that, considering it fits in perfectly with her aesthetic, but actually Anne created this lovely nursery for a client.  The über soothing palette is perfect for lulling a baby to sleep (and that armchair is ideal for exhausted parents!). 

Cot from Babyletto, art from Minted and lighting by Mitzi.

I think I could curl up in that armchair and have a snooze right now.  Doesn't it look inviting? 

Is there anything that stood out to you about Anne's home? 

You can see more snapshots over on Anne's instagram @citysage and blog

Shall we take at a few more LA homes? After all, we have come all this way....

Have a lovely day! 


Photography: Monica Wang shared with kind permission
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