A Lovely Pared-back & Contemporary Home In Bergen, Norway

Are you ready for a virtual trip to Bergen, Norway? Today, we're taking a tour of the beautiful home of Ole Anders Teslo - of real estate agent Eie and Catherine B√¶kken, a designer at Heem, a Norwegian studio focusing on subtle minimalism in the field of interior architecture and concept styling. Little wonder their home is a picture of Scandinavian modern perfection! The rooms have been painted in various earthy, calm tones - from a lighter blue-grey in the dining area to a dramatic deep shade in the bedroom - proving the background for an amazing selection of Scandi design pieces! The minimalist touch ensures a light and airy feel - and also allows each iconic piece to stand out. Look closely and you'll also see subtle textures which help to ensure a balanced feel. I think neatniks in particular are going to love this tour! Ready to take a peek? 

Eames wire chairs circle the table and a Penthella floor lamp can be seen in the corner. 

You often see lamps (like this Hay Cloche one) on the windowsills in Scandinavian homes. I've asked a few friends about this and they say that it helps to make your home look warm and inviting from the outside, making it nice to arrive home!

A pair of Jielde lamps are the only items on the wall in the kitchen (I love these lamps! I picked up a beautiful vintage one on Etsy a few years ago here). Try Icelandic brand Kalklitir for a similar chalk paint affect. 

A beautiful leather Tiki sofa pops against the dark wall and a mirror and Flos 265 light help to lighten up the space on darker days (it rains 239 days a year in Bergen - can you believe that? It's still one of my favourite cities though!).  

Wall mounted classic String shelves provide a perfect home for a collection of magazines, books and other treasures. 

I love this little home office space. Using a Ferm Living plant box* as storage for prints and frames is a great hack too (it could also be used in a children's bedroom for books!). 

I spy the iconic wishbone chair. Did you know these chairs take around three weeks to produce - including one hour for a skilled craftsman to weave the seat? They are so beautifully made! 

I love how a simple Thonet bentwood chair has been used as a bedside table. I also recognise the Noon print by Kristina Krogh (I have the same one in my bedroom!).

And just look at the storage system below! I can imagine this looking so different with a wardrobe like mine - but loving the idea, it turns the whole room into a walk-in-wardrobe! Could you imagine doing something like this?

I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did and have come away with some ideas for your own home. 

If you'd like to see more of Catherine's style, check out the Heem portfolio - it's full of beautiful minimalist spaces! 

I'm really excited that this has given me the opportunity to dip into the Norwegian archive to find a few more homes for you to enjoy today (there are so many incredible ones in there): 

Oh, how I miss Norway! Have you ever been? It's a magical country. 


Styling: Heem
Photography: Dag Randen

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Irina's White, Light-Filled Family Home

I love to share all kinds of homes on My Scandinavian Home - from the more relaxed, bohemian style to the clean and minimalist look. And today is a fine example of the latter. Irina's home in Munich caught my eye for several reasons: it's light and airy (which feels important right now), it's void of clutter (which is extremely intriguing since she and her husband have a little four year old son at home, so I wanted to hear more about how she achieves this, and hopefully pick up some ideas for my own home - yep, forever hopeful!). And finally, there's one piece of furniture that I've never seen before - but absolutely love. Read on to find out more and feel inspired!  

What is your home decorating philosophy? 
I really do believe that less is more. I feel better when I'm surrounded with less things and only items which I like and find useful. My favourite quote is "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

How do you keep your home so neat and tidy with a small child around?
Of course, it requires a bit more effort to keep the home looking like this, when you have children. I need to clean up a little bit more often, but it's my choice. And I have a rule to never get mad at my husband and son if they leave things / toys in the wrong place."

I love your wooden screen! 
The oak screen is from Hubsch and I use it all over our home - sometimes to soften light, sometimes as a room divider. 

Your home stood out to me in the 30 Day Home Love Challenge because of the way you play with shadow and light in your photography - is this conscious? 
Photos with beautiful light / shadow patterns are my favourites. Luckily, we have huge panoramic windows at home, so usually there is enough light to play with, but I sometimes think about adding some curtains to make the light softer. 

Do you have curtains in your bedroom?
We don't have curtains in our bedroom - but we do have electric blinds. If there's anything that wakes me up in the morning - it's my son! 

Children tend to have a lot of toys and other things, how do you keep your sons' room so neat?
I like to go by a less is more approach - buy less toys, but really good ones. We prefer classic toys and almost never buy on impulse. 

I see you focus on child-friendly home decor in your shop mysoulmateplace, how did this come about?
I started my shop in 2017 in Russia, while on maternity leave. I actually have a higher education in finance and worked as a marketing manager / specialist in various companies from the Forbes500 list, but always dreamed of working in the interior and product design sphere. When I first opened my studio, I was selling only my own designs and the shop quickly grew. After we relocated to Germany, I had to start all over. Now I focus on children-friendly home decor / decor you can play with. My goal is to help families keep their homes beautiful without worrying about decor pieces and child safety. All the pieces are very smooth, lightweight and made from natural wood. 

With everything going on right now, has your perception of 'being at home' changed?
It's a strange time now. Maybe it's time to slow down, rethink and be closer to family. Usually my husband has a lot of business trips and my son is at kindergarten, so I'm home alone (I work from home). And now, we are all together at home 24/7. It's a unique opportunity for us and we try to enjoy every minute, despite all our worries and concerns.  

Thank you so much for transporting us to your lovely, light filled home today Irina! 

If you'd like to see more snapshots of her lovely Munich living space, take a peek at her beautiful Instagram feed @mysoulmateplace. And don't forget to browse her online shop mysoulmatespace - so many beautiful things! 

Is there anything that stood out to you in particular about Irina's home? Do you also live by a 'less is more' philosophy? I'd love to hear your thoughts below! 


*affiliate links

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Dreaming of a White Christmas in Sandra's Serene Home

Some people love to go all out at Christmas, while others prefer a more pared-back approach. If you fall into the latter camp, I think you're going to enjoy the festive touches in Sandra's minimalist apartment in Hanover, Germany (remember this tour?!). Think subtle bunches of eucalyptus, olive and amaryllis, candles, and white paper stars and Christmas ornaments against a serene white and light wood backdrop. I had a brief chat with Sandra to find out more! 

What is important to you when it comes to decorating for the season?
As you may recognise, I appreciate simplicity and clear structures around me - and, although I really love to follow the seasons with my home decor, the basic feel of the home remains constant.

When do you start adding festive touches to your home?
I see more and more people getting festive in November. But, for me it makes it even more special to wait until the First Sunday of Advent - when the countdown officially begins! 

What's your philosophy when it comes to Christmas decorating?
I think simplicity is key - 'less is more'. I have an overall focus on natural elements like wood, flowers and of course a lot of greenery like fir, eucalyptus and olive. The result is a minimalist, natural but also refined look. 

Do you have anything new in your home this season?
This Christmas, I found a huge Scandinavian paper star, (more info here!) that will spread some Christmas cheer in our living room. 

Thank you for inviting us inside your beautiful, festive home Sandra! 

I think Pauline and Jo, Sandra's dogs are enjoying their Christmassy home, don't you? 

Is there anything that stood out to you?

I guess you know what's coming (you know I can never resist!) - yes, links to more Scandinavian Christmas decoration inspiration of course!! Here goes: 

Our Swedish Christmas from Per's perspective (don't miss the 20% discount off Skandinavisk seasonal candles with code nikijul20 - valid until 16th December). 

Altogether now, "deck the halls with boughs of um, eucalyptus...!"

Incidentally, I have one whole week of blogging left before Christmas - is there anything you'd love to see? Give me a shout in the comment section below and I'll do my best to cover it! 


Photography: Sandra / @Karlas_view shared with kind permission

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A Dreamy Holiday Oasis In The Heart of The City

The clocks go backward in Sweden on Saturday (for the very last time if I recall right - phew!). If I'm entirely honest, it does fills me with a little dread, the evenings are dark enough already. Yes, I can wax lyrical about candles (see what I did there?!) and the cosiness that comes with hot chocolates and cosy blankets, and I do have many moments where I love to embrace the chill (wait until you see tomorrow's post!) - but today, can I just indulge my longing for sunshine and warmth with this fine specimen of a house? Situated in Bellevue Hill, Sydney (we might have guessed it's on the other side of the world!), this secluded home has been transformed into a magnificent 'holiday oasis within the city' by the talented team at CM Studio. Think furniture and accessories with a beach vibe - made from wood, bamboo, and rattan against a backdrop of fresh white, and windows that let in large, luscious bites of nature. Thank you for the tip The Style Files - you've brought an exotic touch to my day! I hope you enjoy the tour too!  

All that sunlight! Guh!

.... you'd feel like you were living in year-round paradise here, don't you think?!

I love the simplicity of the interior too. The minimalist vibe works because of all the subtle textures and surfaces at play which are just enough to add depth and interest to each and every room. 

Is there anything you love in particular?

Tomorrow, I'll be tapping into my inner hygge once again and sharing some pictures from our weekend at a friend's cosy Swedish log cabin in the woods. Hope to see you then! 


Design: CM Studio
Photography: Anson Smart

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Grey and Greige in a Magnificent Berlin Home

Why, hello there! How was your weekend? Kind of whizzed by, like mine?! Don't worry, this is going to be a great week for us all, I can feel it in ma' bones! I'm back home in London today enjoying a little snuggle time with my one year old niece (she's adorable - I might just have to pack her into my case and take her back with me!). I did manage to tear myself away for just enough time to create today's post though. I thought, being a hectic Monday and all, I should opt for a home tour with an element of calm, what do you reckon? This beautiful home belongs to interior stylist Selina Lauck, her boyfriend Olli, a cutler (AKA knife maker - yes, I had to look that up!) and four year old dog Gordin (look closely and you might just spot him!) in Berlin Mitte. Selina studied fashion design before realising that this wasn't her passion, and after a year in Oslo, returned to Berlin to work for Danish brand Hay. Her love for Nordic design shines through every corner of her home, which she describes as 'minimalist with a Scandinavian influence'. Enjoy!

Photography: Selina Lauck

Wow! What an incredible home - don't you think?! Selina's minimalist style and subtle colour scheme allows the magnificent structure and period features of the space to shine through - so perfect!

Here's a little guide to where things are from:

Bedroom: Mantis table lamp (I've got the same in my office!), House of Baltic sells similar linen bedding. Wall colour by Farrow & Ball.

Kitchen: lamp from Kai Linke, Alessi kettle (love this!) faceless portrait from faroe island artist Gurilla Artstudio, wall colour by Farrow & Ball.

Hallway: this round mirror is similar, print from The Poster Club.

Sitting room: Knoll diamond chair, Begonia Maculata print by Coco Lapine, Menu dining chairs. Hay sofa.

If you don't already follow Selina on Instagram, it's an absolute must (she's so good at tagging too - something I need to be better at!!). A little birdie tells me she's also launching an interior blog any time soon - stay tuned! Oh and, the word on the street is that the wonderful Jules from Herz Und Blut paid Selina a visit recently and snapped a beautiful home tour (check it out here!).

More beautiful Berlin homes here too!

Have a fab start to the week!

PS Tonight I'm heading to Regent Street to celebrate the launch of the new limited edition Nespresso Variations Confetto collection in collaboration with artists Craig and Karl (candy inspired coffee blends - fika galore! Yay! More on Instagram stories later!

PPS The voting for the Domino Design Blog Awards finishes tomorrow - I'd be soooo grateful if you can take a mo to stop in and cast a vote one last time here (My Scandinavian Home can be found in the category 'Best International Design Blogs'). Thank you so much!

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